Pokémon Go fun could soon be over at Toronto’s Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

The Jack Layton Ferry Terminal in Toronto has become a Pokémon Go hotspot because of the number of Pokéstops in the vicinity, allowing players to set Lures in order to catch ridiculous amounts of Pokémon in a short period of time

Toronto Bureaucrats in the city’s parks department, however, have flagged the popular location via Niantic’s reporting service in an effort to remove the area’s popular Pokéstops

“There’s a massive amount of congestion that is happening as a result,” said city spokesman Matthew Cutler in an interview with Postmedia. “The players are also congesting the areas in front of the ferries and we already have a significant challenge in terms of providing a clear and accessible ferry system for visitors.”

Despite many Pokémon Go players making an effort to keep the area clean, congestion and litter in the area have unfortunately caused issues for the ferry terminal.

It’s unclear exactly how long it will take Niantic to remove the ferry terminal hotspot from Pokémon Go’s database, but it will likely take weeks.