Wind Mobile teases its LTE network ‘is coming’

Wind Mobile, now owned by Shaw, has over 1 million wireless subscribers across Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. The carrier has been on a mission to build out its network and recently completed improvements in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

Since the release of Pokémon Go in Canada, Wind subscribers have taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain about the telecom’s slow speeds. “When will WIND MOBILE be getting LTE data? 4g is really slow and it’s slowing me down from becoming the very best,” says one Twitter follower Josh.

Public Mobile, owned by Telus, jumped on the opportunity to encourage the Wind subscriber to switch to its LTE network stating he could “become the best with our 4G LTE network,” but Josh declined the invitation.

Wind followed up and teased that the frustration will be mitigated soon for Pokémon Go players on its network, revealing that its LTE network “is coming.”

On its roadmap, Wind is preparing to launch its LTE network, which CEO Alek Krstajic previously stated should go live late this year or early 2017. Our sources within the company have indicated the telecom is leaning towards a late 2016 launch.