PokéVision ruins Pokémon Go’s magic, but shows you the live location of Pokémon

In light of Niantic and Nintendo’s silence regarding Pokémon Go’s bug fix strategy, particularity related to the “Nearby” system glitch that makes hunting rare Pokémon nearly impossible, utilizing platforms like PokéVision is a must right now.

The platform allows users to type in their address to view a map that shows the exact location of nearby Pokémon, as well as individual clocks that count down their specific timed availability. Alternatively, a red icon can be moved to a location of choice in order to view the Pokémon appearing in that area.


PokeVision utilizes the Python-based command line released earlier this week through a collaborative effort on Reddit, giving those interested in finding the exact location of Pocket Monsters a simple way to do so.

The previous method of getting this system up and running required a number of steps, as well as a minimal amount of technical know-how. While not exactly as organic as PokéMapper and in some ways cheating, given the current state of Pokémon Go’s Nearby system, PokéVision is a great alternative.

PokéVision is browser-based, so it’s available on iOS and Android as well as desktop.

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