You can now share GIFs up to 15MB with the web version of Twitter

Ever felt constrained by the 5MB GIF-size limit on Twitter? Well, get ready to experience sweet freedom because the social media platform has quietly expanded the limit to 15MB on the web version of its platform.

Photo uploads and mobile GIF uploads, however, remain at 5MB. This change is in-line with Twitter’s recent move towards making it easier for users to share what they want without as many site-imposed constraints. For instance, its recent decision not to count URLs or handles against the 140-character limit, and its 2015 increase to the limit of in-stream videos. Or, of course, the ability to retweet yourself.

Amidst all the change, however, you can be sure one thing will stay the same: the site’s main conceit, its 140 character limit. At least for now.

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