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Toronto-based Skrumble wants to provide a more productive alternative to Slack


Toronto-based startup Skrumble may have a quirky name and provide communications services to businesses just like Slack, but its ambition is nothing like that of the popular team messaging platform.

“Skrumble is so much more than its fragmented competitors. It is a unified tool that focuses on bringing all of your business communications onto one single platform. Which means that with Skrumble, everything is in one place and is always on, so your team stays on the same page and works better together.  With a tool like this, your team will only need one professional service to get everyone on the same page,” said Eric Lifson, vice-president marketing and strategy at Skrumble.

Instead, Skrumble aims to make small to mid-size businesses all about productivity. The platform includes instant messaging between individuals and assigned teams, remote presentation settings, live multi-person meetings, calendar invites, cloud storage and document sharing.

Additionally, on certain paid tiers it offers phone services by using VoIP and leasing bulk facilities from wireless carriers.

For $15 per month per individual, users can get 1,000 outbound minutes and for $30, they’re able to get unlimited inbound and outbound calling, in addition to unlimited messages, unlimited team calls, 1TB of storage and unlimited meetings. 

If that’s not of interest, users can bump down to $6 per month to get everything except the calling. Or, for those who want to avoid monthly fees altogether, the free tier has a limit of 10,000 messages per month, 500GB of storage, and 25 meetings.

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