Anki’s robot toy Cozmo is a real-life Wall-E [Update]

Anki Cozmo

It’s been clear for quite a while now that the future of the human race will be assisted in a number of ways by robots powered by artificial intelligence. While there are plenty of dystopic examples of futures where robots cause the human race problems, most of us maintain a sunny outlook on what’s next in robotics.

You’re probably most familiar with Anki as the remote control/AI car company that ran a demo on Apple’s event stage in 2013. In the last three years, Anki hasn’t been resting, choosing instead to double down on intelligent robotics with a new product called Cozmo. The new robot is described as a mix of Wall-E and Eve, and features emotional design from a former Pixar animator.

Cozmo links with a mobile app to let users play games with or against it, and displays a range of emotions on animated eyes. The toy is extremely interactive, thanks to a camera on its face that allows it to detect and identify who is around it. Cozmo will get to know its owners, including names, and they will also be able to unlock new games and challenges over time.

Cozmo is available for pre-order now at $20 off its regular price tag, at $160 USD and will be released in October of this year.

Update: In a statement to MobileSyrup, Anki expects Cozmo will to come to Canada sometime during the Fall of 2017. Canadian pricing is to be set closer to launch in Canada