Telus now offering ‘Premium Plus’ plans with lower upfront prices and higher monthly fees

As previously reported, Telus has just debuted a new tier of “Your Choice” plans called “Premium Plus,” which will allow costumers to pay less upfront for premium smartphones by increasing their monthly rate plan by $10.

For example, customers can now purchase a 64GB iPhone 6S for an upfront price of $360, rather than the Premium Plan price of $610. On the Android side, the price for a 32GB S7 would only be $50 in the store.

It appears, however, that customers must complete the activation or upgrade in the store, perhaps because Telus is not planning to widely advertise this new option, leaving it as an incentive for customers to buy from retail reps. As of now, there is no information about the new tier on the Telus website. 

telus rate plan

Telus has confirmed that these new plans now exist, however, stating to MobileSyrup“This is great for those of us who value lower upfront costs. Customers who are more rate plan conscious may find that our other Your Choice rate plans are a better fit for them.”

According to internal documents obtained by MobileSyrup, Premium Plus plans will run customers $65 for 300 local minutes, $70 for unlimited local calling and $75 for unlimited nationwide calling. Data is added on top of that price, starting at $25 for 1GB.

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