Canadian-developed Chameleon Run and Lara Croft Go win Apple Design Awards at WWDC 2016

At WWDC 2016 today Apple revealed the mobile apps it has selected to grace with its annual Design Awards, accolades that focus on highlighting iOS apps that exemplify what Apple deems as its core design ideals. A number of Canadian developers took home top honour for their work on Apple’s platform.

Noodlecake Studios, Saskatchewan’s only video game studio, won a Design Award for Chameleon Run, a simple endless runner game with intuitive controls and colour switching mechanics that’s hovered near the top of the iOS App Store’s charts for the last few months.


Lara Croft Go, developed by Square Enix Montreal, a game that successfully translated the action-oriented Tomb Raider series to mobile devices in a way that makes sense, also won a Design Award at WWDC. The game features a simplistic stylized visuals, intuitive user interface and turn-based mechanics that are perfect for the mobile platform.

Video collaboration platform Frame.io by Framio inc., a simple mobile iOS video editing app also took home one of Apple’s 10 design awards, as did simple music mixing software Auxey. Other award winners include Streaks, an app that helps users form better habits, Inks, developed by State of Play Games (the same developer behind Lumino City), Zova, a personal trainer fitness app. Distraction free writing app Ulysses, also won an award, along with a variety of other apps.