Apple is partnering with SAP to create a set of development tools for business

Since its early days as a company, Apple’s ethos has been to create products designed and built for creative individuals.

In the years since, the company has become more common in the business and enterprise space, though its brand still evokes a nostalgic, free-thinking feeling. SAP and Apple announced a partnership this week that solidifies the view that Apple has grown up and is ready to embrace the enterprise industry.

As part of the partnership, SAP will work with Apple to build iOS apps critical to business, with an emphasis on industrial and medical purposes. Apple also plans to create a development kit that allows businesses to developer their own enterprise applications. These tools can be built using Swift, Apple’s new programming language, and according to Apple, are secure, modern, and familiar to iOS users.

This collaboration also includes a training academy that allows businesses to tailor their applications to their particular needs, taking advantage of cloud infrastructure and specific mobile device capabilities such as fingerprint scanning for security.

No date for the delivery of these tools is set yet, but Apple may choose to discuss plans in more detail at next month’s WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco.