Philips releases new Hue smart lightbulb controller app


The new version of Philips’ official Hue smart lightbulb controller app completely revamps its mobile user interface, making a number of much-needed design improvements.

Bulbs are now organized by room, making it easier to create specific lighting setups. New “Routines” also act as a simple way to create timers that activate during specific times of the day.

Additionally, a “Home & Away” feature automatically turns Hue lights off when a user leaves their home, and then turns them on when they come back. The most useful addition to the app is support for home screen Android widgets, allowing Hue owners to quickly alter lighting settings without opening the Hue app.

Overall, the app features a new UI has a more intuitive interface that’s easier to navigate.

Download Philips Hue gen 2 for Android and iOS. Strangely, Hue gen 2 is not an update to the original Hue application. It’s a completely seperate app that needs to be downloaded individually.

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