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Pinterest releases new, significantly faster iOS app

Pinterest announced the availability of its new iOS app today with a blog post titled: “Our fastest, cleanest app yet.”

The post, authored by Pinterest Project Manager Adam Barton, stated that with over 100 million users it is important for the Pinterest app to work smoothly for everyone, “no matter where you live, what language you speak or how old your phone is.”

To this end, the app has debuted a sleek new minimalist look and improved load times to be up to three times faster. It is also now offered in 31 languages, including additional scripts like Cyrillic and Kanji.

This highlights Pinterest’s interest in gaining more international users outside of North America. Pinterest President Tim Kendall told WIRED recently that only 45 percent of its users are abroad, much less than Twitter or Facebook at the same stage of development.

The company needs a boost in international sales so that it can live up to its own projections of $2.8 billion in ad sales by 2018, an estimate revealed in funding documents leaked by TechCrunch from the Pinterest’s 2015 investment round.

Pinterest promises that these global-focused enhancements are also coming soon to Android and the company’s website.

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