Telus Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update now scheduled for April 18

Galaxy S6

Reminder: “All dates are approximate and subject to change.”

An update has arrived on Telus’ software update schedule that reveals several devices scheduled to receive either bug fixes or Marshmallow on April 18.

The majority of the devices below were slotted to be updated this week, but it seems the carrier is still working on some finishing touches. The most anticipated device to be upgraded to Android 6.0 is the Galaxy S6 on April 18. In addition, the recently launched GS7, GS7 edge and Galaxy J1 are set to be updated with unknown ‘bug fixes’ on the same date. Finally, the Nexus 6P will receive its monthly security update on May 2.

Earlier today, Telus pushed out Marshmallow to the GS6 edge so these dates are flexible and the update could drop at any point.

Telus Software Update Schedule

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