Bell ups data overage rate, overhauls plan names

Update – April 5th: Bell has updated its website to note the name change of its rate plans, which are now called “Premium Smartphone,” “Smartphone,” and “BYOD.”

Effective tomorrow, Bell is changing its data overage rates from five cents per megabyte to six, as well as overhauling the names of its plans.

According to internal documents obtained by MobileSyrup, the title of Bell’s top tier plan for premium smartphones on a two-year contract is changing from Plus to Premium. Bell’s Lite plans, for mid-range smartphones on a two-year contract, changed to the simple but apt name Smartphone. Voice, for basic phones on a two-year contract became Basic Phone, and COAM (Customer-Owned And Maintained) plans became BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

These name changes are simpler for consumers to understand, and move closer to industry-standard titles.

Bell’s new overage rate, however, puts it out of step with Rogers and Telus, which both remain at five cents a megabyte for overage.

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