Any Xbox one can now be turned into a developer console for universal Windows apps

Every Xbox One is now a universal Windows 10 app development kit.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of all things Xbox, after downloading a specific Xbox One development app, any Xbox One can now be turned into a development console for creating universal Windows 10 applications. A preview of the Xbox One’s new app “dev mode” is currently available, with a full release set to follow in an upcoming update.

During the company’s 2016 Build keynote today, Microsoft revealed that universal Windows 10 apps will make their way to the Xbox One this summer as part of the operating system’s anniversary update. Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated digital assistant, is also coming to Xbox One, as well as other features like background music playback.

“Windows is the best platform for the vast community of game developers,” said the head of Xbox Phil Spencer during the keynote. “Windows is and will continue to be an open development ecosystem where anyone can build, deploy, and service their games and applications.”

A preview build of the Xbox One’s developer mode is available today. Microsoft says that it also plans to launch a single unified app store later today that features software for the Xbox One, PC and mobile. Support for video game downloadable content season passes, pre-orders and bundles will also added to Microsoft’s digital Windows store front.