Samsung app confirms company plans to release Galaxy S7 Active


  • KiwiBri

    Nice picture of the galaxy s7

  • thereasoner

    Actually, the S7 is IP68 certified already so it’s already better than IP67. That said, the S7 Active is supposed to offer better protection over all from things like water as its code name would suggest, also shock proof, thermal protection and possibly a shatter proof screen as per Motorola among other tough upgrades.

    • KiwiBri

      but it most likely will not have a fingerprint sensor like the S6 Active, but physical buttons. It *may* have the screen sensitivity setting as well like the S6 Active had but removed on the regular S6 devices.

      I think a lot of people will just get a Otterbox case and put a S7 inside that.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, I don’t think that the Active versions were ever big sellers but I do like the fact that a case is not required.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      If Samsung gave us this option upon launch, i too would be the one buying the active in place of a more sensitive front/back glass panel phone.

      But I decided on the S7 edge this year and I’m very happy that I did!

    • Nadefrenzy

      That’s cuz they weren’t available in Canada (least not the S6 active). It’s a far better device than the S6 itself. With the various protective measures, and almost a 50% increase in battery life to boot.

  • jeff the chef

    Did the s6 active ever make it to Canada?