SyrupCast 64: Apple revisits the past and looks to the future

On this week’s episode of the SyrupCast, we talk about everything Apple-related, including the new iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro and Apple’s Spring lineup of Watch bands. We also discuss Microsoft’s upcoming Build 2016 conference set to go down next week.

Hosts: Patrick O’Rourke, Igor Bonifacic, Ian Hardy
Duration: 24:05 mins

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  • danakin

    Cory in his usual spot and a disclaimer for the upcoming Apple-fest. Is the trio concerned with being labeled iSheep?

    Up first, Patrick’s report from Cupertino. Plenty on the experience of being at the campus, especially with this being the last event at that venue, and the Apple aura. Not much substance but a solid reverential tone.

    Next was a brief take on the Apple Watch and bands. Ian had the most insightful comment of the segment when he mused whether the price drop was motivation to clear inventory for the next Watch version. No counterpoint from Igor or Patrick on whether this could be an indicator of sub-par sales performance. Watch sales figures are lumped into the “other” category during earnings calls and a dose of (healthy) journalistic skepticism would have been good medicine. Patrick’s ebullience for the bands was thankfully tempered by Igor which moved the discussion on the iPhone SE.

    Good points by Patrick; larger phones have become his and most likely consumers’ default preference. A market for smaller device exists and the only true high-end Android comparable is the horribly under-marketed Z5 Compact.

    The trio agreed that the appeal of the design of the SE is, of course, subjective. Igor made an apt analogy to Mercedes-Benz’s gull-wing design; most recently used on the SLS. I shudder at the use of car analogies because they’re often a trap for false equivalencies. Igor managed to use it in a relevant and intelligent context.

    The discussion moved on to the SE’s display. It’s 2016 and the device doesn’t have an HD screen; a fair criticism.

    Patrick missed the mark when he noted the SE did not have a retina display. It has the same 326 ppi that came with the iPhone 4, which is where the “Retina Display” marketing term was born. When the iPhone 5 came out they stretched the Y axis to 1136 pixels (from 960) and maintained the X axis at 640. Remember some apps being letterboxed until being re-coded for the new aspect ratio? Considering Patrick attended the event, getting the display basics right should be the baseline for justifying the travel expense report he no doubt submitted.

    Closing the Apple event items was the iPad Pro discussion. The salient point of the discussion: “your use case will determine whether this is right for you” – not really hard hitting or groundbreaking opinion. The segment found some late life with the comparison of the iPad Pro line to machines with a full-blown OS.

    This week’s show gets a 7.1 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. I can’t help but feel this SyrupCast was “mailed in” echoing the opinion of many in the tech world who feel Apple did much of the same with their Monday event. Looking for a rebound next week – something Cory Joseph would no doubt approve of.