Galaxy S6 and Note 5 Marshmallow update coming early April, says Telus


  • neodoru

    Early April… 2019.

    • Do Do

      Not so far fetched. Samsung doesn’t actually update but they sure leak bull about upcoming releases.

  • El Capitan Morgan

    That’s TELUS’ April’s Fool Day for you! 🙂

  • Mo Dabbas

    I looked at “early april” and saw april 14th for the S6 and S6 Edge. lol. good one Telus

  • MoYeung

    YES! Moto E upgrade on April 7, Android M + security update.

  • darkman

    Well Telus is making dates meanwhile Fido has a blank update schedule there has not been a peep from them about the update.

    • Striker67

      No good to make dates if you aren’t going to honour them.

  • matus201

    It’s incredible how shitty the Canadian carriers are.

  • Nundo

    I’ve given up on this update. I’ve decided to unlock my Note 5 and sell it 🙂

  • Ernie

    What about the Note 4???

  • thereasoner

    So the S6 edge is no longer getting updated 2 weeks before the regular S6, which didn’t make any sense in the first place and now both are getting it April 14 instead of the original April 13 date given for the regular S6.

    Telus would have done well to say this when they announced that they were going to miss the April 13th update, 1 extra day is not a big deal for S6 owners. Those with the edge version might be put off with the extra 2 weeks though.

    • MBTechno

      Note 5 going from confirmed March 9th to April 7th is a ridiculous joke.

    • Striker67

      Couldn’t agree more. They should have left it delayed and just pushed the security update.

    • Alex

      Wtf is wrong with telus? There nit making fking os samsung already customized and all the fjing telus has to do upload not fking hold it. I will understand if they are making os but this is taking too long fk telus

    • thereasoner

      Yeah Telus is the worst for updates but let’s face it, none of them are that good. I got a Telus corperate account because of the great coverage in my area, especially over Rogers which was horrible. That and 3 GB of data for $60 is a great deal.

      People who prioritize updates should only buy the always first Nexus brand or near as good for updates Motorola brand. Other than that you have the tired old iPhone that releases one buggy update after another but at least they do it fast.

  • Striker67

    Read on other sites that many countries got the marshmallow update for the S6 and Note 4 March 24 so obviously this is a carrier issue not a Samsung issue.

  • Nick

    Bell said before the end of March and now they’re saying within three weeks. This is so f****d. How long does it take to install their bloat?

  • G Cooper

    Marshmallow dropped today for Telus Note 5. Finger print scanner seems to work much much better now!