Telus Galaxy S6 and Note 5 Marshmallow updates delayed in Canada


  • slavitch

    Bell? Hello?

    • Howard Chu

      Bell is mostly playing safe with firmware releases. Not surprised to see if it would be the last in the group…

    • shogunmaster

      Not sure about the Samsungs, but I just got my Update from Bell today for my Xperia Z5 Premium.

    • Dennis Furlan

      i think Bell sent a tweet out recently saying it will come in March.

      Bell was very late coming out with Lollipop 5.1.1, but it didn’t run into the issues that other Canadian carriers had with earlier updates, and it also came with app optimization, which some carriers (at least in the US) didn’t provide with Lollipop. It has significantly improved battery life for my S6 edge.

      I think it’s all good.

  • jroc

    The joys of Samsung updates and the carrier certification (ie bloatware insertion) they go through. Delays like this are the sole reason I won’t ever buy a Samsung.

    • manpreet singh

      the international variants already received 6.0 update, blame the carriers

    • jroc

      If you read my post correctly, you would have seen that I did.

    • dmflash

      Also international variants reported much problems such as wifi dropping and battery drain, two features I don’t want!

  • Ogre

    This will be the last Samsung I buy because of this (second Samsung phone). Being it’s ‘flagship’ they should be updating these. Now have no interest in upgrading to s7. Likely will be nexus line next, or, gasp, apple. And telus holds some blame here too!

    • Scott

      was thinking the same thing. I bought a Samsung S6 last year but I’ll be hard pressed not to switch to a Nexus device for my next phone.

    • I have been Samsung for several years…many models…and I was thinking the same thing. Love the phone and how it works but the update timeline is terrible. My S6 is a great phone and I was looking forward to the update.

    • Roger

      What’s missing with Lollipop with Samsung’s flagship phones? It’s not really THAT much different IMO. The ‘doze’ feature would be neat if it works, but I don’t see it making a significant difference compared to now.

  • Mr Barkers

    Looks like I’ll be waiting a while for my Note 5 on Roger’s to receive this update. Heck, Android N will probably be released prior to Marshmallow on Roger’s.

    Pretty sad that carriers muck up an otherwise great experience I have with the phone. My next device will likely be a Nexus or – gasp – iPhone to ensure my expensive phone continues to receive updates without having to root it to do so.

  • canucks4life

    I have a factory unlocked Intl Galaxy S6 still no M update yet either 🙁

  • Striker67

    Yeah i have pretty much given up on the idea of updates on the Samsung phones. Tell Telus not to bother giving false hope anymore. When you buy an android phone unless it is a nexus phone dont bother thinking you will get a timely update. Just be happy with what you bought and you wont be disappointed. No expectations

    • John Mcarty

      LG / HTC have been amazing with their updates
      Funny cause they sold for $hit… really I mean they lost money being in this business but still their loyal users got the updates

      If LG G3 users in Canada get the update before S6 / Note 5…
      god I do not know what I will do lol

  • neo905

    This just about seals it for me as far as not getting the S7 Edge. I just have no patience for this anymore.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Great news for Samsung users. I am pretty sure you will get Marshmallow before Google releases Android N.

  • Claude Gohier

    Meanwhile, I updated my Moto X Play to 6.0.1 today…

    Had 6.0 since December. Not bad Moto…

  • Freddy Hajoong Jeong

    This is the reason why I use Nexus

    • thereasoner

      Nexus phones are often behind Samsung phones when it comes to new features. TouchWiz is responsible for a lot of new Android features over the years and Samsung delivers them well before Google decides they want said features for stock Android.

      So in reality it’s a 2 way street. That and Samsung, like Google, puts out monthly security patches now and that’s the most important part of the updating process with the other stuff being mostly fluff.

      As for this particular update to Marshmallow, I was mostly looking forward to the new Google Now on Tap feature as well as the new look UI. It turns out that the UI is already available to my GS6 on the theme store and the Now on Tap feature is a work in progress according to friends with Nexus devices so no big deal in waiting imo.

    • Scott

      I’ve had 3 Samsung devices, original S, S3 and now S6 … I honestly couldn’t tell you what if any of the TouchWiz features I use on a day to day basis.

      So, I’ll ask you, which ones do you use?

    • MBTechno

      Quick toggles in the notification bar. One of TouchWiz’s best feature to date. I use themes too, on my Note 5. I use the S-Pen a couple times a day, along with S-Note. I sometimes use multi-windows, and I sometimes use one-handed mode.

    • Scott

      interesting … I didn’t realize that the ‘quick toggles’ was TouchWiz since I’ve seen that feature on other manufacture’s phones.

  • Garbanzo16

    It wouldn’t bother me to wait for the big updates if the carriers would provide the monthly security updates. The last one I got on my Bell S6 was when it got updated to 5.1.1 in December.

    • thereasoner

      Good point, I didn’t realize that they weren’t being installed until I checked. As for the other stuff, it’s no big deal. The new look UI is already available in Samsungs theme store and the other stuff introduced is no big deal from my understanding. That said, security conscious users will need to go Nexus still if Samsungs monthly security patches aren’t getting through.

  • Abdullah

    Why the hell even announce the update if they can’t meet their deadline. Like seriously

    • thereasoner

      From what I’ve read Telus said from the start that the dates provided were approximate and subject to change .

  • jian jian

    I had already updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3 without delay !!

    • Mr Barkers

      Yup. Apple does a much better job than Samsung on the software update side, which is a shame because android is pretty sweet.

  • Marco Simone

    If carriers want to sell more phones other than Apple and make money, they need R&d and push out updates faster! People will buy the next version if they know its supported and updated frequently.

  • SuperDSpamalot

    Soo… Do we need to start asking the question about what the hell it is that they’re adding to these phone images to cause the delays? I mean, Telus only has 2 pieces of crapware these days, it can’t possibly be that… Starting to make me wonder.

    • MBTechno

      And I bet we won’t even be able to tell the new version apart. Samsung often removes all the new OS features.

    • thereasoner

      The UI does look different but you can get that now in the theme store if you want it. Other than that the only thing of significance that I was looking forward to was the new Google Now on Tap feature introduced in Marshmallow but friends of mine with Nexus devices say that I’m not missing much as it’s a work in progress so no big deal in waiting imo.

  • Stephen B Morris

    Geez! Even the Moto E is slated to get 6.0 before the S6. Talk about throwing salt in the wound, Telus!

  • robin

    The reason i sold my s6 edge plus and got nexus 6p. Samsung u have to buy new phone every 6 months its inly way u get latest android

  • John Mcarty

    Seriously this is BULL$HIT…
    I do not know who to blame at this point
    Is it SAMSUNG not releasing 6.0 to providers or these big 3 bastards are taking their sweet a$$ time?

    Pretty much every country got it, we better get this before Nexus gets their ‘N’

    • Mr Barkers

      Unlikely to be Samsung’s fault. The blame lies solely with the Canadian telecom carriers with their pathetic software releases.

      I guess I can’t blame them, as they likely do this to create demand for the newer high margin phones they want to sell. I admire Apple for keeping the carriers out of its software, and perhaps a Nexus or iOS device is next for me.

    • John Mcarty

      Samsung is big enough to make one single / clean OS to install on all their galaxies like what Apple does.
      Then tell those providers to f’off, list their bloatware on play store instead if they want and this will solve this lame problem.

    • thereasoner

      Carriers have lots of other Android phones to sell so it’s Samsung who will be told to f’off if they tried that most likely ! After all, it’s not like Apple where there are no other phones running iOS.

    • Striker67

      they may but samsung is the alrgeat maker of Android phones by far

    • Dennis Furlan

      Samsung has Tizen, which is an operating system they’ve developed in conjunction with others, and have used it on some of their devices.But if they ever launched it on their flagship devices, they’d hand over the Android space to their competitors, including app availability on Google Play.

    • thereasoner

      The final build of Android N won’t be available until the new Nexus devices launch this fall, usually mid October so no worries there.

    • SuperDSpamalot

      6.0 was officially released in October. This is 100% the carrier’s fault.

  • jeff the chef

    That’s why I stopped using Samsung/LG phones. No support.
    Just got 6.0.1 on my moto x play today.

    • thereasoner

      My wife has that phone and though it was a good price for what you get, plus we got a free Moto 360 watch with it, the performance however is seriously lacking when compared to my GS6.

      As for updates, Samsung flagships are usually ahead of the game with new features introduced in TouchWiz first before they make it to stock Android. That and Samsung puts out monthly security patches now so in reality they are seldom behind.

  • SmellyFingr

    So sick of OEM/Carrier lack of support for Android! It’s one thing to create a attractive device, but it’s another to offer support and clearly, they suck at the latter!

  • Brad Forbes

    Still no word on Bell eh ? Nice to see that 2/3 of the BIG three have time frames ! Maybe I will go Nexus next time !

    • Bryan Dery

      Rogers has an ETA?

  • jay

    Just don’t put your apps on it and sell it like the international version. No problem with updates

  • xStokeRx

    Just give me the the damn firmware ill fix it my self im use to that

  • LeTricolore

    I don’t get why people are so upset. I’ve been using my S6 since the first month it came out. There were some issues with previous firmware updates, obviously. I’d rather have the update tested thoroughly to make sure this doesn’t happen again. There isn’t even a huge difference from 5.1 to 6, anyway.

    What does it add? Doze? There’s already something similar built into TouchWiz. New emojis or whatever? Who cares…

    • dmflash

      A security update would be nice!

    • Dennis Furlan

      I believe Samsung does issue regular security updates separate from OS updates, which, to me, are more about icing on the cake than essential smartphone functionality.

  • Roymathieu

    Guys…calm down a bit! 😛 First: It aint Samsung the problem and you guys should know this by now! International version of the S6 is already on 6.0 so it’s our carriers. Second : It’s not a big issue…does the phone run well at the moment? Yes? Would you prefer a unstable version of 6.0? I’m not defending our carriers and would really like them to act faster but it’s not such a big deal! I’m on a Nexus 6p (that I love) and I can’t say that 6.0 and up is that different from lollipop ! It’s cool but I could live without if my phone runs well already!

    • Dennis Deveaux

      Telus even said on the software update page that this one was a bug Samsung found. Of course, who knows what the real truth is, since this update has been delayed 4 times now from their initial estimate.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Carriers should stop messing with OEM builds and that is the end of it. There is no need to even lock the phones, they can send you an SMS with links to their apps in the PlayStore for those that might want them upon activation of the phone. After all you are bind by the contract so what do they have to gain from it? Really nothing only alienating their customer even further.

    This is just bolony!

  • skeff

    Of course…

  • Dennis Furlan

    I don’t quite understand this obsession with getting quick OS updates. For example, until Windows 10, most PC users used the same OS until they got their next computer, or paid for an OS upgrade. To me, that we get mobile OS updates beyond what was on the devices to begin with is pretty much a bonus. And, the updates on Samsung and other updates will come. So, what’s the big deal?

  • Tronix666

    Bahahaha no surprise there…last samsung device I ever buy. Sadly most samsung users don’t even know how to update their devices, or could care less, so updates will never be a priority for samsung. I’ll be sure to drop my edge off of a very high edge when the new nexus devices are released.

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  • Brad Forbes

    I called Bell today and they have no idea when Bell would be releasing any kind of update for any phone !

    • Dennis Furlan

      They previously indicated March as the target time frame for Marshmallow upgrades to the S6, as well as the Note 5, I believe. So, I can only suspect that a major bug(s) has been found by all the carriers during testing and is being resolved.

      Frankly, I prefer they get it right, versus what happened with Lollipop 5.1.1 with Rogers (and others?) and what’s currently happening with iOS (as well as most iOS updates).

      I know quick updates are a selling point, but I’d prefer stability over rushed trendiness.