Wind Mobile wireless service now live in 20 TTC subway stations


  • Jonavin

    Now if only there were coverage once you leave the station.

    • 魔鬼

      last time i post a comment like that
      mobilesyrup deleted my comment

    • jayzon12


  • Eric M.

    While this is a great news for Torontonians and Wind, where are the other carriers in this?
    It would be better in terms of customer experience if all the carriers were onboard much like here in Montreal where we have wireless service in almost all downtown stations and that all carriers offer the service to their customers.

    • mxmgodin

      If I remember correctly, the Big Three were approached, but didn’t want to leave the installation and maintenance of the network to a third party (BAI).

      Also, Montreal has cell service in the tunnels, and not just in the stations like Toronto, which is a lot more useful.

    • Eric M.

      That makes sense and yes indeed service is offered in the tunnel too, last time I went to Toronto there was Wi-Fi but it’s not useful when in transit since it’s only in the stations.

    • mxmgodin

      Exactly. And by the time your phone detects the wifi signal, connects to it, and has you accept the T&A’s, your train’s already there.

    • nicks100

      Though frequent trains is a pretty great problem to have.

  • Andrew

    Wind Mobile: Where you’ll only get coverage in an undergrown tunnel.

    • Tim

      not even in the tunnel, only on the platform.

    • acb87

      so wrong and not funny

  • WallsOfJericho316

    One more reason I’m glad I switched to Wind last month. Service in the tunnels would be better, and I’ll like to see the Sheppard line and the “end of the line” stations (where you wait the longest) get some love, but this is a great start. A few stations a month … Keep it coming…

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  • arahman21

    From my experience, Old Mill, High Park, Keele, Lansdowne and Main Street also has Tconnect now- is Wind not up in those stations yet?