Winner announced in our LG G4 Spring Cleaning Contest!


  • PeanutButterJellyTime

    Dat selfie cam! <3

  • Mo Dabbas

    The camera on it is amazing.

  • Richard Persaud

    I love their UI!

  • Shushwap

    I am in dire need of a phone with a decent camera… Its to time to smash this old motorola

  • Abraham Isaac Ybanez

    senorabe thinks that screen is awesome!

  • The module concept seems promising.

  • Marco Mignacca

    The camera would be a massive improvement from the phone I currently own

  • cchicki

    I love this phone!

  • Koolbreeze


  • The camera

  • BriniaSona

    I liked the LG G4 for the screen. Also, my girlfreind busted her iPhone so that’s why I am entering this.

  • Jim D

    The OIS combined with laser autofocus and that awesome leather back are why I love this phone so much 🙂

  • SWong

    long battery life!

  • Matthew Polsky

    Sign me up!

  • Frankie Chan

    Removable battery for me!

  • Francois Roy

    Google + followers are left behind, now?

  • Olivia Green

    Removable battery!

  • Sean

    I am in the camera club. So close to DSLR with its manual features!

  • Justin

    The screen is one of it’s best features.

  • QHD Screen!!

  • Garren Cho

    The buttons-on-the-back solution is still super-innovative, even now.

  • Danny Burke

    Gotta be that camera ????

  • Dave Lee

    Camera raw support!

  • Senk

    My favorite feature of the G4 is the big removable battery.

  • Nytetyme

    I’m torn between the camera and the battery! My Nexus 5 is on it’s last legs, battery wise, so I’m easily impressed 🙂

  • Lemmy

    Big screen for big hands. 🙂

  • Darren H.

    The leather back…

  • Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore

    5.5″ QHD!!!!

  • Dicky Hung

    Da Camera!!

  • Simon

    Everything about it 🙂

  • Thuy Tran

    Definitely the camera!

  • injurypronearab

    I may be shallow but I just simply love the leather backs. Also can’t live without the IR blaster considering I am always losing for the remote.

  • Rethcork

    The Camera front and back!

  • Stevert

    The screen, anything not oled.

  • sh4un

    Gotta be there camera

  • Daniel Ondrovcik

    LG Camera app, all those manual controls…

  • Matt


  • Jason C.

    the camera’s manual controls!

  • aLai

    The screen!!

  • Willz Win

    The 5.5″ QHD SCREEN!!!

  • Clam Dee

    Great camera, love the rear buttons, replaceable battery, memory card slot, it blaster, and quad HD display.

  • evil-doer

    Don’t know where to start, its better in every way than my 3 year old phone. Ill go with its a cpu/gpu upgrade from what I have.

  • eszklar

    Removable battery and the camera.

  • WeirdG

    Snapdragon 808… maaaaan, if you baby that thing, it should be good for over three years, if not longer.

  • jk1m

    I would love to win this phone!

  • Gumbopudding

    The name.

  • n4rcotix

    I love the large screen size!

  • Mike Rana

    3000mah battery

  • Leon Zhu

    The camera. Love the manual controls!

  • Jerry Ryan

    Wham, BAM, 3GB RAM!

  • Tram Lam

    Love the camera!

  • Daniel Choi

    Design. Button on the back allows me a one handed use.

  • DB

    The camera is still stunning!

  • Tim Hunt

    Camera. Definitely the camera.

  • Donovan

    The speakers are actually really underrated in terms of loudness. The curved body also makes it so that when you lie the phone on a flat surface, the speaker actually gets amplified instead of muffled.

  • Marcanthony Nozza

    The camera on the G4 is epic!

  • konarkanuck

    I’d have to go with the removable battery

  • Manolo Romero Escobar

    3Gb RAM dayum.

  • Clelio Neto

    That camera! do want!

  • JFL

    The best feature is that your giving it away for free and I really need a new phone

  • Damon McIntosh

    Quantum IPS display with an exceptional camera

  • jellmoo

    Gotta go with the SD card and more traditional replaceable battery. I can appreciate the attempt they’re making with the G5, but a removable back is just a simpler solution.

  • Brian Eleven

    Great screen and camera!

  • Will

    Removable battery + camera = many awesome photos

  • weetigo

    favorite feature? excellent screen with tiny bezel

  • BBTylerXIII

    The 16MP rear facing camera with manual mode is my favorite feature! 🙂

  • Brian Komlance

    The screen and camera!

  • Daniel Ponziano

    MicroSD expansion for any phone is a MUST!

  • Samuel Jackson

    the 5.5 inch screen!

  • Kelvin

    The camera and the removable battery!

  • KBalaz

    the 5.5″ IPS Quantum display. Hate having to carry reading glasses everywhere now, be nice to have that display

  • Marc D

    Removal battery and the great camera!

  • Crazykiwi

    Definitely the camera!

  • Good design!

  • MO Massé

    The removable battery!


    I like the camera feature.

  • aznfobb19

    The removable battery

  • Lunch is Awwsummm

    all of the things!

  • mysteriousanon

    Removable battery definitely. And the Knock Code

  • Andrew P.

    Great camera, love the rear mounted buttons too! My G3 just died so this would be great!

  • Helene Keuker

    My eyes need a 5.5 inch display

  • Ian Jenner

    It’s got an amazing camera and a great battery life. I would love that phone! Lost my old one… 🙁

  • kunaalj

    Tap to wake

  • Wasted Mass

    that faux leather back

  • {JPM}

    The overall design, stands out from other phones

  • Justin Whyte

    Camera & screen size

  • Pete Bentley

    Love the hardware and UI!

  • Steven M

    Who wouldn’t want that screen!!

  • Mark Brown

    <3 the camera and screen size!!

  • duckian

    favourite feature: the cameras

  • Md Renesa Nizamee

    The camera and the display!

  • Dark4eons

    There’s 3 things I like about that phone: the IR port, the fm and THE REMOVABLE BATTERY. Ok mainly the battery but the rest is nice to have anyway.

  • jp03152

    The camera is absolutely incredible, as are the user features that accompany the application

  • Ryan McFarlane

    I’d love to have that extra RAM too!

  • Jacob Giesbrecht

    The camera for sure

  • Vexorify

    The camera and amazing battery life! Need to ditch this old Samsung.

  • Brandon Adams

    Definitely the 16 mp cam. Would be an upgrade over my tiny Motorola E :/

  • Matt Getty

    Count me in, still a great phone. Favorite feature the camera. Apparently one of the best

  • chalbe

    The big screen for old eyes!

  • Simon Fitzbay

    This phone sounds awesome.

  • Kevin Davidson

    Removable battery and expandable memory!

  • Michael Padua

    …would love to replace my wife’s Galaxy S III. as the G4 has a much better camera.

  • hedgehoggy

    The camera really got my attention, but I love that the battery is removable too.

  • glk1

    that biiiig removable battery

  • Swerve Brussee

    By far the leather backing is one of my favourite options on this phone

  • bunyan69

    The battery

  • Deebs Bruin

    Great screen and removable battery!

  • Owen Horn

    The amazing display!

  • The large removable battery is a great feature, as it can extend the useful life of the device.

  • d1985

    My favourite feature is the 16 MP rear camera .

  • BigTurk

    As someone who has always had a mediocre camera, I would love the G4 just for that alone!

  • JMD04TSX

    That QHD screen though!

  • jorvay

    That camera is amazing

  • Karl Dagenais

    Loving the camera awesomeness!

  • blueadept1

    My favourite feature is that it works. My HTC One M7 just bit the bullet today.

  • Iain Brennan

    For me it would be the camera.

  • bmaz

    I love the design.

  • Philip Au


  • MW

    The camera, for sure.

  • Simon T.


  • Elbert Lai

    back buttons

  • Ruchit Chopra

    Although the phone is around an year old, but still its 16MP main camera is at par with the competition. Also not to forget, the removable back cover, that lets the user swap batteries conveniently.

  • Anil Godhia

    Love the double tap feature. Especially since the power button is on the back

  • Emil Fernandes

    The LG G4 has a lot to like (ie screen, cpu, camera, battery, etc) but I would have to say the ability to access apps/clock with the original LG circle case is pretty sweet!

  • Justin K.

    I’d love to win one. My N5 just crapped out so the timing would be perfect!

  • Gregg Wilson

    The camera. Definitely that great camera!

  • rkdk

    the camera!

  • Andrew Chobaniuk

    Favourite feature, well I don’t the specifics of it, but one feature is that it’s different than what I use now (Lumia 928).

  • MJ Pinheiro

    Really good camera

  • Stephan pelletier

    I love the big screen

  • _ThaNerd_

    Is R2D2 included? 🙂

  • Yvan Théberge

    The battery and the camera!

  • Kyron John

    The buttons on the back of the phone were awesome and I’m not sure why they did away with it on the G5

  • Kaldrak

    My G3 just died on me so this would make the perfect upgrade. I looove the leather back and the nice UI.

  • stunna27

    the camera

  • Jon Duke

    Leather back, hands down!

  • Nate

    The camera

  • Tristan Leigh Storms

    Display and ram for the win!

  • Roger

    the leather back is my favourite feature. the impressive camera is a close second.

  • Ryan

    The camera is sweet

  • prasantrin

    The removable battery! I love the ease of being able to swap out a dead battery with a fully charged one!

  • jesse monroe

    Yep definitely that selfie cam. Takes insane pictures.

  • RS

    fingerprint sensor… go wing!

  • Joseph Smith

    So many I could mention, but if I had to pick just one, I’d go with the screen. Awesome resolution, bright and easy to see.

  • kickmetwice

    LG camera is pretty good!

  • Dion Kerfont

    Removable battery is definitely a plus.

  • Juan R

    I love the removable battery

  • Gary

    Life’s good

  • Justin K.

    The camera rocks!

  • GS

    The screen is great!!

  • James Fluri

    Definitely the camera and hi res screen

  • Cole545

    The camera’s laser focus

  • Mr.Impossible

    I really miss having that removable battery

  • alvin

    choose me

  • Shannon Dana

    Oh, my gosh! Besides all the G4’s high-end tech features, who couldn’t fall in love with the luxurious full-grain leather!!? Top-notch!

  • Jack Lervik

    Gotta go with the camera

  • halfpasthaggard

    That 16MP camera!

  • taimour

    Back buttons

  • Zudeo

    The B&O module! Finally a phone that takes audio seriously!

  • Jason Pelczynski

    Love the smooth leather!

  • Mike Newman

    I appreciate that it can make phone calls.

  • PC

    The camera!!!

  • Sap

    Looking forward to testing the embedded Wolfson DAC

  • debbie p

    The camera

  • EvilWalnuts

    The manual controls for the camera!

  • David La Pegna

    The camera and battery size.

  • spliffNwessun

    Camera by far #1!

  • Nicola Dompierre

    The clarity of the camera!

  • Dave Walker

    Besides the fact that it runs Android and I’m moving from BlackBerry soon it would be nice to have a phone with a good camera.

  • Joshua Westlake

    Quad display manual mode for cam build quality
    Also in desperate need of a new phone

  • Mike Neri

    Definitely the camera.

  • oj

    I love so much my g4 I`m sleeping with it

  • fk22

    The camera remains one of the G4’s best features.

  • Alim Visram

    The phone’s leather back is awesome!

  • FlamesFan89

    The sweet camera

  • Okay, nobody else enter the contest but me.

  • Zaptor99

    great camera

  • Mike Stich

    I’ve heard great things about the camera and would love to win this phone!

  • Gee whiz

    Great camera

  • nic kolas


  • Olivier Héroux

    I like the curved back.

  • Word

    This would be a great replacement for my wife who is currently putting up with a Nexus 5 with a non-functional earpiece, blown speaker and subpar battery – fave feature of the G4 is the screen! Gotta love the steady stream of contests from MS!

  • Derek B P Kapala

    Double tap to wake rocks. Still rocking a g3.

  • Ericp2011

    Camera for the win

  • Winnie Leung

    Camera for me! Love capturing what I see everyday 🙂

  • FakeBibic

    Not a bad phone.

  • Alain Belleville


  • DB

    Come on GGGGGGG4

  • blessedta

    The camera

  • Wilson Fung

    Removable battery.

  • ashmantrevor

    I like the skin…

  • mkvAndrew

    Camera. All the way!

  • sky417

    Removable battery!

  • dmerklinger

    The fact that it’s LG is my favorite feature.

  • victor aguilar

    Love the back leather! (L)

    This G4 stays in the 6ix!

  • Basem Chafik

    I love the screen and that leather back

  • gwennyk

    I love their quality camera!

  • Johnson

    removable battery!

  • Vince1983

    Bluetooth with aptx

  • Guamon

    Superb camera

  • oOBubbles21

    Definitely the removable battery!!! It’s a must for me.

  • wongkm81

    the Camera on the G4 is definitely my favourite feature. First time I don’t feel like I need to have a separate pocket camera!

  • Mel

    Front and back cameras, and knock code 🙂

  • g. leong

    MicroSD card slot

  • Simon Bonami

    Leather back ! Ahaha but also seriously that display is gorgeous

  • rF

    The camera

  • Winston


  • Robin H

    The camera for sure!

  • Alan Zisman

    The QHD (2560 x 1440, 538ppi) screen.

  • OMFCody

    My favorite feature of the G4 is the rear mounted buttons they’re partially ditching this year.. And the removable battery!

  • Adam Wright

    I like the camera!

  • canuck

    nice camera

  • Lyndon MacLeod

    I’d take it. 🙂 That big screen is sharp.

  • Elliott Quider

    The big 3000 mAh battery!

  • yerallnuts

    I just love that it’s a new phone for me and that it has a decent camera

  • Kristyn Melanie

    I would definitely be happy to get this phone for the amazing camera capabilities!

  • MrMission

    Would love an upgrade on my G3

  • Simon

    Love the camera!

  • John Alex Watson

    The laser autofocus and the screen make it for me.

  • Derek Chan

    The awesome 8MP selfie camera for me too!

  • Rick Chan

    The camera

  • Ronald Chow

    The laser focus optically stabilized awesome camera!

  • Aaron Dash

    Camera. Camera. Camera.

  • Vincent Cossette-Bertrand

    Great selfie cam, those button behind the cover that I love! Great look with the leather back cover and all that with good performance! ????????

  • Chestboy76

    I’d love this phone. The removable battery is an amazing feature.

  • hoozat

    removable battery

  • Robert Kernaghan

    Dat selfie cam! <3

  • Forlorn Hope

    Great camera hardware and camera UI. Feels compact (!) for a 5.5 inch phone.

  • Odie

    nice camera and my S4 is dying

  • RG

    Camera for sure

  • stevedion

    Definitely the camera. Fast laser focus.

  • David Gagné

    3GB of ram is nice!

  • Paul Ber

    Camera with laser focus.

  • Rich Hamilton

    The camera is great my wife owns one!

  • Aaron Phillips

    The removable battery the best part makes the phone last longer than a year cause you can always but in a new battery when the old one starts not holding its charge as long.

  • Nathan Burke

    that screen tho 🙂

  • Nick Bransford

    The fact that it can actually drive the 2k screen, unlike the G3.

  • ken badgley

    I love the awesome camera.

  • Dominic

    The screen is amazing !!

    Thanks for that contest 🙂

  • Dan_Ramble

    The stupid power button. I love it

  • StephenM

    I like that it has a removable battery

  • DaRazorback

    Honestly I love the idea of the volume rocker and power button on the back of the device.

  • Lali

    Battery size & life

  • Coelienke

    I love the camera!

  • Philippe Paquet

    The leather back !

  • Brian Walker

    Curved display no doubt

  • Greg Cooper

    Easily the fantastic battery life on that removable battery!

  • Eddie Perez

    16 mp camera

  • Rick Yu

    The ability to capture and save pictures in RAW format!!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    This will be a great spring time upgrade from an S3

  • Jeff

    The leather case of course

  • joetanium

    Micro SD slot and removable battery

  • Huy Pham

    SD slot!

  • Saad Amjad

    Back buttons

  • salutcemoi

    The replaceable battery 🙂

    Thanks Mobilesyrup and good luck everyone

  • AdamC284

    My favorite feature would have to be the camera

  • J_numbers

    Better camera on that phone than on mine!

  • John Cao

    Camera. No doubt

  • sharmstro

    Want. Awesome camera (I’m told), Plus love the voice notification. And need I mention the Quick Circle… pick me please!!

  • MrDPrize

    I like that it has a removeable battery for quick swaps

  • Solaris Emporium

    Favorite LG G4 feature: removable battery. Best of luck to everyone! 🙂

  • Andrea m

    My favourite feature is that sweet 16MP camera!

  • LeSaint


  • Adé win

    Camera Manual settings FTW

  • L Morrison

    Love the camera! Great pics!

  • Love that you can add anew SD card.

  • Brad Moriarity

    buttons on the back!

  • Nick T

    Amazing camera

  • knocknock

    LG makes best phones!!

  • Claudio Perez

    I love that Qhd screen its gorgeous 🙂

  • Johnson

    I like having the volume and lock buttons on the back. If anything makes for a smaller bezel, it’s a win for me.

  • smoraes

    would be nice to win

  • Kilauea

    The camera’s sensor is large!

  • Devin Harrison

    That’s the droid I’ve been looking for!!!

  • Tyler Anthony

    As a power user the replaceable battery is truly invaluable.

  • James Brown

    Camera! RAW imaging! BAM!

  • thekeemo

    The amazing screen

  • Elliott Hoban

    That interface. So smooth

  • softturbo

    The camera

  • It’s Me


  • Everett W. Chen

    I like the leather back cover.

  • Iron Sean

    Phone calling

  • Devin Lachapelle

    Upgrade to my G3. Love LG phones.

  • Matthew David

    One handed use with rear buttons!

  • Stas

    buttons on the back

  • James Huntley

    Form factor is the best! Comfy leather, mmmmmm……

  • Chris

    Love the curve!

  • Jolene

    Another vote for camera!

  • Nathan Herbert

    The back camera’s capacity to take beautiful pictures in varied light leaves my Oneplus One’s to absolute shame

  • Michael Wallbank

    Great looking screen!

  • Dom B

    Incredible camera

  • Lushka Smith

    The camera!

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Elky64

    Lovin the camera, display, awesome phone indeed.

  • Bar Shterenberg

    I love it’s screen and it’s great camera

  • alexandremorin

    The camera is pretty good, and the ability to make it work as a remote control for my TV is just a sweet bonus.

  • kevin k

    The laser auto focus!

  • BBMann

    The back bittons are cool

  • Allan S******s

    I like the screen and leather back

  • Colieo

    I love LG. The camera looks amazing.

  • Neil Osadchy

    Prolly that screen

  • MoreGthanGatorade

    The expandable storage is my favourite feature.

  • jpom18

    battery life

  • merryhanuka

    Great cam!

  • Daniel Atienza™


  • Diderot

    My favourite G4 feature is its monstrously big, clear screen.

  • Karyn


  • Jorge P.

    Replaceable battery and SD card!

  • Burkey1973

    Gonna have to say the camera and the fact that the back and front don’t separate like they do on my Nexus 6.

  • eeeeerak

    the camera is amazing!

  • Nicolas Bedard-Maltais

    The camera!

  • TiMXL73

    great camera!

  • p3h2o

    Favourite feature is the 5.5-inch QHD display.

  • shaker

    Laser auto focus.

  • Rawrrr

    Removable battery.. zomg!

  • noobista

    The nice curved back.

  • Lyne F

    For me, it’s the camera.

  • Kyle Tuck

    Big, removable battery.

  • Liz Bignell

    I have owned a G2, have G3 now and would love a G4, I think the camera is great and always appreciate the clear, bright screen resolution. Loyal LG fan here.

  • Patrick Li

    Removable battery and amazing camera!

  • Renaud Emond

    Laser autofocus

  • Carl Dumont

    Love the great camera!

  • Mulleteer

    Removable battery

  • Marc Yeung

    Love the screen and the amazing camera!

  • ShawnMerrikin

    Camera is the best part of the G4 hands down

  • Eric Lau

    screen is dope

  • The button placement on the back!

  • Neil Friesen

    Removable battery + SD slot

  • Mel


  • CanadianGuy37

    The screen!

  • Mark Griffin

    Unreal camera and that leather back

  • PygmySurfer

    I’m currently limping along with a Galaxy S3, so I’m sure I’d love everything about the G4, but, if I had to pick one feature it’d be that beautiful display.

  • Sadia Anjum

    The camera!

  • Jeremy

    Definitely the camera, the rear facing buttons are nice too.

  • Kulbir Grewal

    need a phone

  • George Saez

    Favorite thing about it is its beautiful screen

  • miker33

    Even better cameras…front and back!

  • Flibberty Gibbet

    The screen. Bold and crisp

  • jathor

    Hard to decide, either the camera or the screen. The UI is pretty nice also.

  • Lou Erdelyi

    Screen size. Camera. Finger print scanner. Need I say it? The whole phone is great.

  • Wizzy

    Removable battery FTW!

  • David Huynh

    Currently have a G2 and 2-year term is about up, so a G4 would totally be great!

  • Rico

    The quad HD screen is amazing. Plus there are so many other features to love.

  • Rick best

    The amazing camera!

  • number84_qcdy

    Big replaceable battery!

  • Julien Royal

    Back buttons !

  • Rick best

    Plus its an lg

  • Shezy Khan

    Better cam than most, and memory card slot.

  • Choudhry


  • Mutnat

    The big beautiful QHD screen!

  • Colin Young

    While not new to the G4, I’m a big fan of the rear power/volume controls.

  • Tabish Syed

    Good camera.

  • Eastvanfan

    Still a good smartphone regardless if it’s last year’s model.

  • Allan Lang

    The dual window looks amazing

  • Sam

    Love the camera

  • cwong5

    Camera and UI for the WIN

  • Ben K

    camera, camera, camera

  • Chris

    Best part is the camera for sure! Bonus points for the removable back too

  • Jordin

    The removable battery and that qhd screen!

  • Tubamabob

    I’m a sucker for removable batteries.

  • Brian Larsen

    I love my G3. The faster processor in the G4 would be icing to already amazing cake!

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    The UI!

  • Ken Chung

    My favourite feature is the ability to interchange the phone’s back cover; I’m liking the leather!

  • Brett Hughes

    Love being able to take awesome long distance pictures. The image stabilization is outstanding!

  • Jordan Parmelee

    New phone please?

  • I’d love to try a droid!

  • Jed Ryan

    Knock code is cool and I also like floating apps

  • jorge c

    That 5.5 inch qhd display is definitely my fave part. Wish me luck.

  • BobM

    My favorite feature is for sure the removable back and battery!!!

  • Olerius

    The 32GB to start (before adding in a memory card), the removable battery (just in case), and the selfie timer (just make an open-palm gesture, then close it into a fist).

  • Jordan Samaniego

    The camera

  • cmdrkeen01

    seems like a minor feature, but the almost non-existent bezels.
    That screen-to-body ratio…

  • stone fox

    Amazing camera. Crazy screen

  • Jefferson Won

    Camera would be my favorite part

  • DmW

    Battery life????

  • Greg Chan

    Big Battery!

  • RBuschyX

    Locked to the Bell Network!? Will it Work on Virgin Mobile? Also I like the 32GB of built in Storage! Current phone only has 16GB.

  • Shawn

    The screen and leather!

  • Jerid Elzinga

    I like the premium feel of the back of the device. I’m not sold on the G5’s simplistic design and modular direction. The G4 did a lot of things right

  • Emil

    It’ll have to be the camera! I’ve heard good things about it.

  • Jeremy Vautour

    I really like the removable battery feature! So handy 🙂

  • J S

    I would have to say the camera for sure!

  • Arjit Barua

    Laser auto-focus! I recently lost my G3 and that thing took beautiful pictures that were always in focus.

  • Anirudh Muralidhar

    The UI is different and very sleek.

  • mm299burner


  • Garrett Schultz

    Removable battery

  • sadhvialam

    the camera

  • Hartia

    For some reason I really like the double tap to turn on feature. It’s fun to go to coworkers and just double tap for the sake of doing so.

  • mackenzie bransford

    Fave feature would be that fantastic camera on it! would be so happy to win this 😀

  • Jesseiscanadian

    Camera and that perfect big but not Nexus 6 big screen

  • JLa30

    I would love to win this!!! Just check out that screen!!!

  • Jason Tom

    16mp camera

  • Removable battery rules @ericscorner

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    The camera of course!

  • Anna Ma

    Selfie camera, link feed, removable battery, expendable storage and screen size

  • Matt Badke

    I like the lazer focus

  • Thasean Pakee

    Hardware specs

  • Markus F

    Removable battery!

  • Marco Bairos

    A friend of mine has this phone and showed me the manual camera controls. They are some of the best on a mobile device. That’s my favorite thing

  • Brent G

    The camera is outstanding

  • Oscar

    QHD display! I like clarity.

  • Andre Rodrigues

    Gotta love that f/1.8 aperture camera, better than the S6! 🙂

  • Thomas James

    Hook me up with a LG G4

  • Pierre Alexandre

    The removable battery & microSD slot

  • Chris

    The camera

  • kam77

    Love the camera on this!! And the display as well!!!

  • Megatron

    16 MP camera

  • Hello Moto

    Awesome low light performance.

  • Isaac Gacura

    The stellar camera is definitely still the best part of this phone.

  • Regan Keil

    I love the removable battery.

  • SuperJello

    Removable battery for sure!

  • Davide Dallara

    I really like the leather back cover!

  • Brandon

    The camera is definitely the best feature!

  • Ali F.

    I simply want it.

  • zackvh

    The RAW capabilities built right into the camera is what helps the G4 stand out. Fav feature by far.

  • Moe

    Amazing phone, impressive display, buttons on back, knock code to unlock.

  • Doltz

    The leather back!

  • Moses


  • Mark Small

    Free, free free.

  • Jason Lum

    the camera has to be better than my ultrapixel..

  • Jp Baraly

    Definitely the great camera 🙂

  • Kevin Valencourt

    Great Camera!

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    gimme the removable battery!

  • Rev0lver

    The camera!

  • John Maddocks

    The screen. Great for games and movies!

  • Sherry Brown

    Love the G4. My friend has it and the camera is awesome. Seems like the best android on the market!

  • JamesHubbard

    Like most people here, the camera.

  • Richard S

    The replaceable battery has to be number one. Wish all the phones had it. Second the double tap to open or close the display. So simple, fast and effective. Should be part of Android.

  • Soobin Hyun

    I love the design! It would be very lovely to upgrade from LG G3 😀

  • Shawn Wilton

    Beautiful camera

  • Travis Vandevenne

    After the screen? That awesome camera.

  • Saad Sam

    My favorite feature of the G4 is it’s camera especially the manual mode! So many options to select from in order to make the picture perfect 😀

  • Fernando RR

    The camera and the manual mode on it… its just too cool.

  • Kim Harrison

    Oh yea the camera ????

  • Ken Nielsen

    Amazing UI and camera!

  • Aries

    Definitely the removable 3,000mAh cell. Will keep this puppy going for ages even if it needs replacing.

  • David A Hiltz

    Just dropped my S5 while in Europe and killed the screen…this would be a great replacement! Love the screen!

  • Earl James

    Most definitely the rear camera. Manual node baby!

  • donfano

    The camera

  • Patrice Berube

    Many features on that phone are intriguing. In a good way, not just trying to be different.

  • acedar

    Camera is one of the best.

  • Mathieu De Grandpré

    The camera!

  • Clayton Smith

    My favorite feature has to be the beautiful 16 MP camera. One of the best out there IMO.

  • Philip Bulsink

    The Camera! Granular control is awesome.

  • Sighmonsez

    Usually, I make a wise*ss crack comment when it comes to a free phone contests here on MS. However, I am really hot and bothered for this phone. I’ve had one LG phone all my life (way back when) and it was a terrible experience and never went back. However, I’ve read so many good reviews on the last few LG flagship models (and Nexus) that I’m really excited for this one. If I don’t win, I may still buy one on my next upgrade cycle.

  • Ugo Landry-Tolszczuk

    I would love this phone

  • Jason Nickerson

    The screen is amazing, but I think the best feature has to be the removable battery. Virtually no phones have this anymore. With the G4, you can have a spare back up battery.

  • Justin

    That camera!!!

  • Jermaine

    It’s dslr feature ar3 pretty cool!

  • Jack Lau

    LG had made the best phone to date with the LG G4, with the upcoming G5, it would be interesting to see how the two match up.

    Why is the LG G4 awesome? I’m not going to go into the usual stuff like Removable Battery, Expandable Memory, Absolutely top of the line and unique camera hardware and software, And to top of it off, the full grain leather back that everyone in Canada got for free. I’m going to go into the lesser known stuff.

    – Users that have used LG’s Knock On feature since the LG G2, when using other devices, simply could not let go of that feature, it is probably one of the things most missed, yet least valued feature of the LG G4.

    – LG phone’s ability to manipulate and add to the Home Touch Buttons is one of the craziest features that many users will sorely miss. Humans are creatures of habits, and whether the back button is on the left or right, (or centre for those that want to watch the world burn) is VERY important.

    Adding on the functional (& super important to older Android users) ability to use the Recent-Window button as a Menu button in any app (hold the square button)

    – LG Quick Remote is a GODSEND for when someone hides your remote, when you want to adjust volume at a bar, or play random jokes on strangers.

    I don’t have a phone at the moment, could use one, so I don’t have to buy one again.

    • Jack Lau

      And before anyone claims I work for LG and the above is a hype post from LG. I did work for LG.

      I was a huge fan of LG as a Rogers sales rep before joining LG.
      I recently left LG due to medical reasons.

      That’s also why I don’t have a phone, haven’t had to buy one in four years. Could use one.

  • Graham Davidson

    The screen is great!

  • JonPaul Amaral

    That camera!!!

  • scrichards101

    The camera is great, definitely better than my semi-broken S5!!

  • Craig B

    Camera and expandable storage

  • Raffi

    My favourite feature of the G4 is that it runs Android. Haha. As a BB10 user since launch I’m finally opening up to alternatives now.

  • Rémy Lévesque

    The style of the phone and the superb main camera.

  • Camera! The LG G4 looks like a great phone!

  • Barry

    I have a G2 and the G4 would be a great replacement

  • Roymathieu

    Cause it’s avl superbe phone with an excellent camera! Would make one incredible gift for my wife’s birthday !

  • That screen and removable battery are the winners for me

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    Do you guys ever post the winners of these contests? I wouldn’t mind seeing my name posted as the winner 😉

  • Dan Hirsch

    The camera is definitely my favorite feature

  • The awesome camera

  • Apoorv

    One word -> please.

  • Sébastien Foucher

    Nice phone kinda need a upgrade

  • Eric King

    One of the best displays in the market. Very crisp with good white balance.

  • Miles Harbord

    I love the ability to swap out the battery, so many flagships won’t let you do that these days.

  • JohnnyY

    I read about gesture shot/view and these are awesome features. It’ll make me feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie. 🙂

  • Got to be those volume buttons on the back of the device.

  • KoroushSensei

    i like the customizeable covers

  • LiLAzNNewB

    That camera…with all the manual settings by default. Lol been wanting one!

  • Gabriel Dionne

    Removable battery and the screen!

  • Nilson34

    Love it 🙂

  • Lap Ng


  • Krista

    Favourite feature has to be the ability to shoot raw and manual!

  • Jason Lo

    Love the camera!

  • Mike Glambeck

    I love the knock feature of the G series and its got the best front facing camera!

  • Etienne Lebeuf-Daigneault

    Everything would be a major improvement over my actual phono, but I think the camera would be the best improvement.

  • Derek Brown

    The removable battery is my favourite feature!

  • asmosteve

    I need a phone with a good camera!

  • Kallan Fitzgerald

    The camera and screen!

  • Warren Walker

    I want it!

  • Jesse Cass

    I enjoy the concept of an incredible camera on my phone, the removable long least battery is a great feature, the leather back is a nice touch, and I’m generally a fan of LG phones.

  • Robert Massarelli

    Leather back covers, and they’re removable! At least they are one of the manufacturers who provide options to their clients to personalize their device.

  • Fiona Mullins

    I love the 16 MP main camera

  • The camera is the best feature

  • Mad-elph

    The camera app is amazing

  • jaygss

    Laser Autofocus.

  • Juice Box

    Camera is amazing

  • Woody

    That camera would be a great improvement over the one my current Nexus 4 has. The extra speed wouldn’t be unwelcome either.

  • Louey

    Its a lot better than the S3 I am currently using. Anything new would be an improvement.

  • deepbluesea79

    Awesome Camera 🙂

  • Oem Dave

    Optical image stabilization with laser auto focus, that sound like heaven to me

  • Joe Mikhael

    LG is on a roll with their G series. Love everything about this phone, especially being able to take a picture by double pressing the volume button.

  • TT Nguyen

    Long battery life!

  • Removable battery.

  • BlackVoid

    The screen clarity and color. Definitely a quality phone.

  • Anas Ingar

    Removable battery

  • Allen Roach

    16MP camera!

  • Neil Lodenquai

    the camera!

  • ken c

    my favourite feature is the knock code!

  • simon

    the whole modular concept of the G5 is super cool.

  • Jul

    The great cameras on both sides of the device!

  • J_techie!

    The great rear camera.

  • Duncan

    Love the removable 3000 mAh battery

  • Ginny Sukhija

    the camera

  • Matt Guyatt


  • Matthew Rigby

    That improved camera with raw…

  • Sylvain

    Caméra of course!

  • Megalink

    It’s the camera function to change the ISO so that I do not have to take my DSLR every time that we take our three kids anywhere. I’ve seen a working model in the stores and was very impressed by the camera functions.

  • pinksuzanne

    My favourite feature is definitely the 5.5-inch QHD display (2560 x 1440, 538ppi). This would be a major upgrade from my old iPhone.

  • Ipse

    Has to be the camera…removable battery is a distant second.

    BTW: these last two contests were not posted in the Contest section.

  • Brent Rolfe

    I like the removable battery

  • Aaron Hoyland

    Laser autofocus on the camera. Fan-damn-tastic.

  • Farhat Saifula Jiwa

    Has to be the removable battery

  • Zaeem Siddiqui

    The 16MP camera!

  • Lucas Kitchen

    love a good camera

  • Ecliptical

    Love the camera… LG Design is awesome as well

  • Charles

    Daring to be different by keeping the replaceable battery, standing out from the crowd with the placement of the power and volume buttons. LG deserves the props for their bold strategy. My favourite feature would have to be the combination of the hardware and software of the highly regarded camera.

  • Stuart Cossar

    Screen and camera are awesome

  • Scribler

    I love the camera and the battery!!!

  • Mario L

    Let’s see if it can replace my iPhone!

  • Susan

    The removable battery and large screen in a nice form factor.

  • William Chow


  • Jerome Schnettler

    The LG finally brought in the finger print sensor

  • Melissa Gauvin

    I love the big 5.5-inch QHD display (2560 x 1440, 538ppi)

  • Anthony

    The camera.

  • Matt

    The phone is actually pretty damn quick. The camera takes amazing features and the leather backing makes it very stylish

  • Neu Y

    It’s an LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    the display, better than what I have on my laptop! 0=

  • Leatheresque backing is sexy!

  • Josh Ghostine

    The camera

  • slothmang

    LG has made their G lineup stand out, from the first one, but the main point for me is the 16 MP camera with a large aperture.

  • brandi gauvin

    love the camera!

  • love the g4

  • DoingItAllWrong

    The incredibly sharp screen!

  • Alex Benitez

    I love the 5.5-inch QHD display to display the images from the great camera

  • Jose Leduc

    Definitely the camera! I actually was supposed to get this phone on my last upgrade. But I had and underlying motive to get my wife over to Android from apple so it was S6 edge for both of us

  • Nathan

    Modular attachments obviously! Should be a great phone!

  • Philippe Chenier

    would love an upgrade of this caliber!

  • Jas Kamoh

    The camera and the camera

  • Bananapoopcicles


  • Stephen Hale

    I’d have to go with the QHd display

  • Jackie Y

    The camera as well as expandable storage!

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    Great overall phone, best phone of 2015!

  • G Nunchuk

    Phone is incredible. Cam is amazing

  • Keyan Kwan

    removable battery! *cough s6*

  • Sumit

    The rear camera.

  • Blake A. Stiller

    3,000 mAh removable battery

  • Cedar Sam

    Gyroscope, for VR. Wish my Moto had one.

  • Kevin McPhail

    Main camera!

  • David Rawlins

    The G4 has a pretty sweet camera! 😉 Thanks guys!

  • Wireless Gadget

    This would be a great replacement for my Nexus 4.

  • Kreegwaldo

    The primary/rear facing camera for sure!

  • Craig Borrowman

    I love the 5.5 inch screen size!

  • Ricky Cheung

    Leather back feels amazing

  • brianyyz

    The camera.

  • Ombra

    It not running iOS is probably the best feature on the phone 😛

  • David


  • Ron Sauve

    Best feature is it’s software. Android FTW!

  • _therealbry

    Definitely the leather backing!

  • Dalex

    That camera is awesome!

  • Mohit Punjabi

    The camera.. and the leather back!!

  • Carlos Orellana Esperanza

    it has to be the camera!

  • James Roberge

    Sweet screen!

  • Olja Kulic

    Love the camera and removable battery.

  • JusticeSadie

    Ohhh My Stars That phone would make me so Happy!!! Thanks for the chance. Mama needs to get with the now. Still rocking an old Blackberry 🙁

  • Ed Burgos

    Laser Auto Focus!!

  • Chris Donaghey

    Very pretty phone, would be nice to have one.

  • the camera

  • khungfu


  • Larry Scanlon

    Love the UI interface. LG does it right.

  • Stephen M. Williams

    Amen for removable batteries…extend the lifecyle and flexibility of a phone. Would replace our aging Galaxy S 2!

  • Stephen Rosinski

    The fantastic camera!

  • Excited about the camera! Especially how well the g4 performed!

  • Allan Chu

    The cameras are the best feature.

  • Eric Yeung

    The camera is the best

  • Yu Zhu

    I love the small tweaks such as being able to adjust the bottom bar for quick features.

  • Jon Strykes

    Definitely the camera!

  • henry lo

    removable battery! camera! and the one and almost only, LG’s rear button set 😀 (ASUS did copy it afterwards..)

  • bluerage

    Camera, removable battery, and leather backing.

  • Andrew

    I’d love to replace my 3 year old iPhone!

  • Sean-Paul

    IR blaster!!!!!

  • Afandy Ng

    The camera!

  • Matthew Hill

    Laser AutoFocus!! Love it! so fast!

  • Blueliner

    I think the LG G4’s most interest feature is the placement of the button in the middle of the back of the phone. Though I have to say that its camera is my favourite feature.

  • Peter

    the screen! great for Cardboard 🙂

  • Ken E

    I jist love the 16MP main camera, and the 3,000 mAh removable battery.

  • Ken E

    I just love the 16MP main camera, and the 3,000 mAh removable battery.

  • Tanson

    Hook me up mobilesyrup! Never did try a Life’s Great phone….other than the nexus.

  • Moddy

    The removable back, which enables flexibility for sdcard expansion and battery replacement.

  • prof gil

    Laser autofocus

  • j villa

    The camera’s manual controls!

  • Apocalypso

    I’m really liking the camera’s manual mode that enables capturing footage in RAW.

  • Chris Li

    That glorious 5.5 inch QHD display!

  • Richard West

    The camera for sure

  • The removable battery and expandable storage! Still the only flagship to offer it.

  • retrophiliac

    the fact it can do more then just calls (I’ve never had a smartphone)

  • Dennis Doroslovac

    Double tap to wake!

  • Dave

    Favourite feature is expandable memory!

  • Desi Jatt

    Pick me because the camera on this thing is Phenomenal

  • John W. Farris

    The screen is da bomb!

  • BringerOfRainFan

    I can’t name just one favourite feature, because everything on that phone is an upgrade over my Nokia Lumia 635!

  • Raidan Michaels

    Expandable memory and removable battery. Great options for a flagship phone!

  • backwardscelebrity

    Definitely love the camera on the G4!

  • Donny Kavanagh

    Wife would love to upgrade her optimus g!

  • Jean-Francois Laplante

    A removable battery is a rarity these days. Would love to get my hands on this phone

  • blzd

    I like the leather back option.

  • G.P.

    The leather back covers always put the G4 above others for feeling premium

  • cobot

    Count me in!

  • shakshak

    i neeed to upgrade from this iphone 4s!!!!

  • Steve Porter

    Camera is amazing

  • MrLemon

    My favorite feature is that it is new.

  • James Fleetwood

    The camera is great.

  • E.J

    Owned one – amazing phone. The only one out there you can use without a case!

  • d0d0n

    3GB of RAM is definitely needed these days!

  • Jord Lunn

    has to be the cam module!!

  • Kynnar

    The Camera and RAW Support are huge for me and with that of course having expandable storage. Having OIS truly does tie the entire package together for mobile photography

  • michael barnes

    The display

  • ToCo

    The color-rich display!

  • Duey

    The LG G4’s rounded design makes it look sleek.

  • opteron1983

    The Camera is fantastic

  • Gorgon

    The camera

  • SandyT

    The selfie cam is amazing!!!

  • Les KH

    Would love the improved camera!

  • docashhosale

    A 3,000 mAh removable battery is a feature.

  • Anil

    I like LG phones.

  • Chris Lee

    Great camera and screen res!


    The screen is amazing!!!

  • Korepab

    I want one for sure!

  • Erik Voghell

    The screen is great!

  • Richard Williams

    I like the camera.

  • Colin O’Brien

    I love the optical image stabilzation on the G4 and I NEED one.

  • wood11cr

    I really like the overall quality of the phone, but a good phone with a good camera would be a great upgrade.

  • Byron Mikituk

    I like the Camera

  • Wes VT

    It can make and receive phone calls, bluetooth will stay connected and won’t cut out on me all the time! please, need a new phone! lol

  • I love that it works on the 1700/2100 band so I can unlock it and use it on the network that’s a feature of the weather.

  • GordyDevice

    G4 is a very capable device, I want it

  • gmoney

    G4’s got a great camera

  • Samuel Faucher-Nadeau

    I would love to receive that phone. It is still a great all around phone.

  • Vinayak Dandavati

    I love the screen on it. In need of a phone, be cool if I win this.

  • Jaskarn Chana

    Great cameras on both back and front!

  • loginatnine

    double tap to wake!

  • Steve

    The camera definitely. Also, it’s most likely a better smartphone than my Z10.

  • kneeco

    Fav feature: Awesome design; dat curve.

  • Doitsir

    The camera is amazing

  • thereasoner

    For me, I just like the improved design. I found previous LG flagships awful looking personally.

  • Andrew Lazzarin

    The obvious answer is the magic slot. There’s so much potential if the right partners get on board.

  • Jason Wells

    The Camera!

  • J. W.


  • Taka_San

    Leather backplate

  • Mr Barkers

    The camera is my favorite feature.

  • Spencer Bramfitt

    The Camera For Sure 🙂

  • Dano B.

    Camera can’t be beat

  • Yi

    tap dat screen to wake is impossible to live without

  • Logan K

    I like the option for a leather backplate!

  • robinottawa

    Sign me up. I had one of these and loved the fantastic camera.

  • Lt_Dan

    The best feature is that its free!!!

  • Nikhil Shah

    the 3000mAh removable battery, so I can keep going with VR!

  • Robert K

    Screen resolution is awesome 🙂 as usual mobilesyrup has amazing giveaways! Cheers and good luck everyone.

  • Rick Hilsendeger

    Camera AND screen….. Cool.

  • Gurdeep Sohi

    Camera is amazing

  • The camera for sure.

  • nmrch

    The camera on the G4 would be a great improvement on my current S4

  • w.j. Rodrique

    I find the camera rather fetching! And the custom rear covers.

  • Sam

    The camera!

  • Trevor Mckenna

    The Camera!

  • ral613

    The camera, by a slight margin over the removable battery.

  • Ali Khadem

    Thier is multiple things I love about LG and thier products specially the G4, built quality is amazing I love how battery is removable and storage can be expanded.. you just don’t see that in new flagship phones these days and last but not least that that 16 megapixel sensor wow amazing the Lazer auto focus is quick and the software for the camera is great, love the manual mode!!! Love this phone!!! and hope I get it

  • Jo

    LG’s special UI makes Android even better!

  • Paul Gordash

    Love the manual camera!

  • g0pher

    Removable battery

  • Superawesomejay

    Camera is the best part, had the G3 and out of all the phones LG has the best camera on the market

  • Bradley Marlborough

    That camera is deadly !!!

  • mynameischris

    Better than my N5? Yes please!

  • Weeyins2

    Love the 2 cameras with descent specs that will actually be useful and the size

  • Phil Nguyen


  • Jonathan Mani

    i like the front facing camera on the g4

  • Sam Harb

    Definitely the screen!!

  • Tenson

    Great Screen!

  • Brandon

    The beautiful design, and the removable battery works well too.

  • Michael Stensby

    Removable battery!

  • andh_19

    Definitely the camera!

  • Grinfacked

    QuadHD display on these are easily it’s best feature.

  • Anthony B

    Replaceable battery.

  • Astro

    Who wouldn’t love that big crystal clear screen! I know I do!

  • stnflds

    Rear camera (too ugly for the selfies)

  • Yannick Ricard

    Removable battery!!!

  • @thekenwong

    i like their take on android. its really clean. Hopefully i can upgrade to this from an iphone 5s

  • RBuschyX

    I believe I mentioned this on another post, I am all about the Camera! And I have a fondness for LG, so owning one of their phones would be a Bonus!

  • Vince

    Like the cameras

  • jonaldrowards

    Camera is amazing and that screen.

  • Jason Mercier

    The leather back, the ridiculous front facing camera and dual windo w are fantastic

  • Eric


  • Ryan

    Definitely camera and display

  • Andrew Stevenson

    Love my G3 but could def go for an upgrade.. Hopefully it will be mine ???? @slimthecanuck

  • Matthew

    The feature I’m most interested in is the camera’s wide aperture.

  • jaylo

    Love the camera!

  • D. Ramnarine

    Its all about the camera for me.

  • Dave Lapsley

    I’m so sorry to be the guy to blather on about the Removable Battery but WOOHOO! Removable Battery!

  • Jim Kind

    replaceable battery.

  • Chris Knopff

    Having had LG as a product, some of their tools are actually quite useful in comparison to other manufacturers.

  • prybar

    Dunno. Haven’t owned one yet!

  • Greg

    The cameras.

  • Jo L.

    I enjoy the ability of being able to shoot in Raw format & with manual settings (SHutter, ISO, white Balance) and then edit it in PS.

  • Kush

    Great camera

  • Benjamin Lehto

    Removable battery, storage and the Camera.

  • vicw

    The laser autofocus!

  • Tyler Liu

    Micro sd and removable battery ftw!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    LG 4 removable battery. That will do.

  • Harvinder Singh

    The camera is super.

  • Stephanie

    The beautiful leather backs!

  • szinck

    the camera is my fave feature

  • Bruno Ribeiro

    The best phone I ever had was made by LG so I’d love the chance to try their flagship.

  • Sohil Naik

    Removable Battery for me! And tap to wake

  • Nicole

    the buttons on the back! I know they’re in the LG G3 but they seem more defined and easier to determine which is which.

  • Jani

    It has to be the camera! Cheers!

  • Mark Bailey

    Would love the G4! My current phone needs replacement 🙂

  • Phil

    Having the volume rocker/power button in the back!

  • pete_q

    The removable battery.

  • James Kato

    I love the camera on this phone.

  • vdonguyen

    Removable battery. Sometimes it’s so much easier just to swap a battery then wait for it to charge with the portables.

  • Luke Bender

    Definitely the camera and the fact it has a micro sd slot.

  • cellophane

    The removable battery

  • tonytraj17

    Great phone and love the front facing cam. Easily one of the best on the market right now!

  • Joseph

    The camera

  • villain

    Micro SD Slot. I also have no faith in mobilesyrup contests lol

  • Kim

    love 5.5-inch QHD display (2560 x 1440, 538ppi) on G4

  • Reckful

    The manual camera capabilities plus 4K video and the phone has style!

  • Laurie

    The camera!

  • Awesome

    the awesome camera!

  • immo

    Definitely love the LG because someone in r&d did really good with their UI.

  • Wilson

    Removable battery!

  • Jameson Stickle

    The removable battery is awesome

  • Grant Spychka

    Definitely the UI knock code and the camera!

  • Whin77

    I love taking pictures! Looking forward to manual options on this phone!

  • I forget if I commented or not but its the removable battery

  • Caleb

    Manual control on the camera and the changeable back cover!

  • Patrick Liu

    Really love manual control of the camera, the cameras on the G4 are amazing.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Camera looks good

  • Michael Atienza

    QHD screen!

  • andy c

    Removable battery and Sd card slot. Old school Android baby

  • John Cartmel


  • Jason N

    The camera’s optical image stabilization and the RAW format shooting are my favourite features.

  • Oliva Ning

    G4’s 3GB RAM and 16MP camera makes it a great smartphone to keep handy at my side!

  • Clifford Chen


  • David Jeffrey

    Removable battery! Miss that from my last phone!

  • Christian Artin

    My favourite part is the removable back cover and batteries. Especially the leather back, so classy!

  • yerallnuts

    The obvious question to ask is how you equate my following you with my posting name? But I need a new phone anyway.

  • Lekan

    The modular is my fav feature, gives me many options to try new features. Also love the dual camera feature, that allows one to take wide images.

  • Michael McLean

    Camera for sure.

  • Mdaf

    Favourite features are the expandable memory, removable battery and the user interface

  • Aitch

    For me it’s definitely the available leather backs.

  • Jean-Philippe Duval

    The two cams!!! Ok it’s almost the same screen as the G3 but I must add the screen to my favorite feature…WOW!!

  • Jérôme Bélanger

    With this camera, it’s a no brainer!

  • D M


  • MisterMo

    IR blaster! blast it my way

  • Nick

    Tie between the power/volume controls on the rear of the phone or the curved back.

  • Monsieur Real

    i like camera and the screen

  • JSA1

    It’s either the camera or the battery. Hard choice. Both are dope!

  • Jamie Olmsted

    The high-quality materials. Love me some leather back!

  • Mich Sturgeon

    Heard there’s a good camera!

  • Aly B

    removable battery

  • Norm Schwartzman

    Definitely the camera

  • Adrian Maendel

    Runs Marshmallow, and has slimmed down bloatware somewhat from previous versions.

  • GThor

    Amazing camera on the LG G4.

  • Kelly Tunney

    The camera is the best feature on this phone

  • freetrade

    dat camera + qHD screen! 😀

  • Patrick Rochon

    Camera is the best !!

  • Dan Nieuwland

    The camera is AMAZING

  • Abun Snome

    expandable storage!

  • 16MP main camera

  • ineptone

    For me, the best feature is the rear positioned buttons. And possibly the removable battery, which is always nice, too.

  • Car Lev

    The camera is my favorite feature of the LG G4. My wife has the G4 and I have the 2nd Gen Moto X and I find her pictures have truer colours than mine. I can’t live with myself knowing my wife has a better device than me. 🙂

  • Garrett Cooper

    That camera is awesome, me please!

  • enrai05

    I’ll take the G4! And I believe the droid behind it IS the one I’m looking for… 🙂

  • Xellerator2003

    Definitely the 16 mp camera. I love always having a great camera in my pocket for those amazing “I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA” moments. Cheers.

  • Evil Garden Gnome

    Love a removable battery. Gets me every time.

  • ian Valo

    detachable leather backs

  • Scott

    seems like that camera would make for some great Snapchat selfies for my wife.

  • Andrew Jelly

    Favourite feature of the LG G4 is removable backs that can be replaced with leather!

  • Tobias

    I miss the removable battery feature.

  • Crazy Legs™

    Enter me in please, I like the size of the phone. Looks perfect to me!

  • Wikky

    I’d like to try this camera, plus the replaceable battery & memory card slot. I’d like to move away from Samsung too.

  • mssmison

    The screen on these are amazing.

  • Brian Ung

    I love the camera

  • Nigel Da Costa

    I love the QHD Resolution Display and the improved quality of the phone

  • James

    cam cam

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Awesome, my lady Charlie Ching Ching just had her phone’s screen broken by our cat! Good luck everyone and thank you for the giveaway guys!

  • leak73

    Leather back!

  • Ambassador Tomalak

    Gotta love that 16MP camera with laser autofocus.

  • Jass Kaur

    I love the processor, camera and screen size features.

  • Zee

    Definitely, the screen resolution is the best thing about this phone!

  • Howard Chu

    The unique button placement on the back of the LG G4…

  • ps4rh

    It being one of the few remaining phones that you can get with expandable storage

  • Ken Chang

    My favourite feature will be the 3,000 mAh removable battery. Battery life FTW!

  • Mouad

    Camera is pretty good!!

  • MBTechno

    SD card! Very useful for music!

  • Dom M

    Great camera!

  • Aaron Sum

    removable battery
    i miss that so much

  • mgg_N4

    Had to try the Note4 … but I miss the back buttons too much.

  • Dshwet91

    The specs are a vast improvement from my current almost dying LG G2!

  • Krista Miller

    The 5.5″ QHD display is super cool!

  • My favourite feature of the LG G4 is the camera. Love the way you can go almost full manual.

  • Erik N

    gimme that camera!

  • Ringhawk

    The great camera.

  • Myles Dobson

    nfc, wireless charging, expandable storage, removable battery. Yes. YES

  • Audil Jaat

    The IPS Quantum display technology

  • theponyhalf~

    The Long Battery Life is my most favourite feature

  • brandon forsyth

    I like the beauty feature on the 8 mp selfie cam to help smooth out blemishes and wrinkles

  • Tamara Davidson

    I love the 16MP camera and the 3,000 mAh removable battery

  • manuelvizcaya

    My favourite feature of the LG G4 is that it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

  • rgruia

    Battery… removable & 3,000 mAh to boot… great feature!

  • wwrk

    Removable 3000 mAh battery

  • birdman_36

    The beautiful design.

  • pmkpmk

    5.5-inch IPS Quantum Quad HD display

  • The UI, camera and screen resolution look quite good. I could use a newish phone.

  • seeingisbelieving

    My favourite feature is the 6MP main camera and a 3,000 mAh removable battery


    I like The OIS combined with laser autofocus and my husband’s 8 year old phone has none of the great features of this LG G4

  • Jill

    My favourite feature is the camera!

  • Stefan K

    My Moto G 2014 had its screen smashed by a terribly vindictive 1 year old. Let me have this one!

  • Umar Afaq

    The Leather backing

  • I like the 5.5-inch QHD display

  • I really like the 5.5-inch QHD display

  • Al


  • Shari D

    I follow on twitter as 409cope. I love the 16MP camera.

  • Luminous Angel

    3GB of RAM!

  • Tammy Dalley

    I love the camera!!!

  • elizamatt

    I follow on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. I love the lightning-quick processor, big and bright display, and the 16-megapixel camera. Thanks so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  • Robyn B.

    The camera!

  • Rukhsana Siddique

    Removable battery and expandable storage

  • Marlene V

    I love the great camera on this phone. I follow on youtube (Marlene V.)

  • Yon Jailey

    Favourite feature would be the fact that it isn’t broken =), also, FM radio and SD card slot! It still looks like a great phone even now!

  • Immortal

    I like the camera

  • Eric T

    >500ppi display!

  • Sameer Shaikh

    I want it 🙂

  • WaterLover

    lg g4 looks much nicer than the g5… want it!!

  • Brandon Lounds

    Quick Memo!!!

  • jk05

    The 5.5” IPS Quantum display

  • Chida

    I like the screen size best

  • bbc12340

    The 5.5” IPS Quantum display

  • me

    I sure love that battery life – that would change MY life! Thanks for the chance to win it

  • Jean Yau

    Love the 5.5-inch QHD display (2560 x 1440, 538ppi) compared to my dinky 3.5″ screen

  • Tracey11

    My favourite feature is the 16MP camera!

  • Riley S

    I’d like to update my G3!

  • Stephen Low

    The camera omg!

  • Paul

    It’s sweet camera with manual controls. Plus its leather back is nice 🙂

  • Emily Turner-Davis

    The camera looks amazing, and I currently have a really old phone with an awful camera so I would love to win this. Followed on Twitter 🙂

  • Brian Lyons

    I need a new phone

  • kapoor

    Snapdragon 808,
    LG Optimus UX ,
    upgradable to v6.0 (Marshmallow) <3

  • Saif Ahmed

    Every feature is better than my 3 year old phone.

  • Eric Chan

    The large battery size!

  • Dan Varley

    Favourite feature of the G4 is the sharp Quad HD Display

  • Rukhsana Siddique

    The camera as well as the robust camera app

  • Tom the Agility Dog

    The size. It’s the Goldilocks phone for me. My Nexus 6 is just a little too big, while my One M8 is just a little too small. The LG G4 is jussstt right!

  • Always love it when a phone includes an FM Radio! :3

  • Ayesha Jaat

    The overall phone design

  • Ahsun Jaat

    The best camera in the industry

  • Debbie

    Like long battery and need new phone sign me up please pick me

  • Andrea Amy

    Definitely the camera! Following on all channels (FB Andrea Amy, twitter mommy2fiveboys, youtube Andrea Amy and instagram andrea_hockeygirl). Thanks!

  • Andy Jas

    The best in class 16MP main camera

  • S. Massy

    Great phone; love the leather backing on it. If only LG had a better track record with software and updates, that would have been a top choice phone for me. I still wouldn’t mind getting one for free, though. 🙂

  • Roymathieu

    I’ve never had a LG smartphone. I’ve seen the G4’s of some of my friends and I want one simply to experience the LG skin. I’ve had HTC, Nexus and Samsung so LG is next on the list!

  • cobakk1812

    The 16MP main camera!!!!!

  • i love contests

    battery life!

  • Chida

    I like the screen size

  • Nic

    love that camera!

  • Adrees Jaat

    Camera manual mode is robust


    I like the OIS combined with laser autofocus

  • Rehana Jaat

    I like that the LG G4 has a replaceable battery.

  • Ken E

    I would love to have this LG G4 just because of its 16MP main camera and the 3000 mAh removable battery. Fabulous phone!

  • Younis Jaat

    The textured back, so the phone is easier to hold.

  • Alex

    Definitely the camera.

  • Rachael Bhardwaj

    My favourite feature has to be the camera, its pretty increcible! I also really like that it has a removable battery!

  • Laurie W

    My favourite feature would have to be that 16MP camera.

  • What About Ivan

    removable battery

  • Shannon Dana

    I love the 16-megapixel camera that can shoot both JPEG and raw file formats!

  • Shirley

    The 16MP camera!

  • Kyle Zemel

    The camera!

  • Cody Gallant

    The camera is my favourite feature of the G4.

  • Lori

    The screen and battery life!

  • Robert Snache

    I love that the camera can shoot RAW.

  • Tiguak

    I’d like to experience the buttons on the back.

  • Kevin Vaughan

    Sounds like the camera’s great, and my old Note 3 needs a rest.

  • Anelele

    The camera 🙂

  • Jonathan Wong

    Battery life!

  • Bill Hickle

    I love the overall beauty of the phone!

  • Dan Croutch

    I love the G4 for the curved screen, and crazy expandable memory.

  • argos1961

    The camera

  • stevedion

    Love the camera

  • Nigel Bickford

    Removable Battery

  • David

    Favourite feature, is definitely the camera.

  • Philip


  • blimpkindly

    2560 x 1440

  • mamemame187

    I really like the camera, it’s fantastic.

  • Tyler Liu

    Removable battery and micro sd

  • Hohenheim Of Light

    I just wanna upgrade to this soooo bad!!1

  • niftytastic

    The removable battery. I think it will be better for the environment because it seems like we are stuck with these “disposable electronics” and a phone is tossed/recycled when it can barely hold a charge. A removable battery keeps it usable much longer!

  • danny wood

    The stock camera app is the best IMO. Easy to to use manual mode with shutter speeds down to 30sec.!

  • JustinChau

    Yes please! The camera for sure

  • ScottWong

    the camera

  • Sydney Roo

    nice screen!

  • Orange

    I liked the smart processor choice which combine with the decent sized battery gives good battery life.

  • Larker

    The display screen size, like the portability too.

  • Sean Chin

    I want to check out the camera. The display on this phone is amazing. Added bonus, the removable battery. I’d love to drive this phone.

  • Xy The Guy

    I love the speakers on it. It’s amazing. I like having a phone with amazing speakers. The speakers are really good quality and I think that’s what makes the music experience so much more immersive.

  • Sandeep Parhar

    Definitely could use that battery life compared to the phone I’m using
    now! #3000mAh

  • Jason Kaye

    I turn 50 this year so the big screen would make my life easier!

  • gixxer18

    the quality of that screen is insane!

  • james

    To me, it’s the overall package … I use a Lumia 830 but need more!

  • Shawn Fraser

    Camera and multitasking

  • Ryan McKelvie

    The big screen. Love the size.

  • theTS

    Display 😉

  • Dmitry


  • Asia

    I really like the leather back. However, I know that it can be damaged a little too easily. I just think the back is a nice little touch that adds a bit of class. I’m not really much for gold or silver ,but this is kind of plain and simple and I like it.

  • brad

    the removable battery

  • Ringhawk

    The camera’s on recent LG phones have been great..

  • Thompson L. Cuffy

    Don’t know much about LG devices. I’d like to see how they are different from Samsung.

  • Gabriel. Redhead

    yes pls

  • ELDO

    Camera raw support <3

  • Mike Mondoux

    I like the manual camera features

  • Max

    Love the removable battery

  • Lucas Secord

    The screen is huuuuggggeeeee

  • Daniel

    That manual mode of the camera

  • Matt

    I love the snapdragon processor and 3gb of ram! Sounds like a fast phone to me 😀

  • BlazingMan

    The camera.

  • Andreas Schwab

    The changeable backs.

  • Eduardo

    Best feature? Much better build quality than the G5!

  • Kerry Butt

    Removable battery!

  • Your Name


  • Mike

    The buttons on the back!

  • Prayas Kalani

    The 2TB expandable storage wins hands down. You always got the pictures from over the years on your hands.

  • Romeo Deala

    It’s not Samsung!

  • alvin


  • Rod Burley

    The specs are fantastic and LG is so underrated. Screen size and you can do so much with 3GB of RAM. I can really use an upgrade!!!

  • Jose Leduc

    Definitely the camera

  • Musab Mobashir

    The camera

  • I miss my LG G3, it got ruined on a night I nearly died. But it was still early in my contract so I couldn’t buy it out. I was given an iPhone 5 instead. I miss the knock to wake feature. I miss Google now launcher, being able to get help by saying “ok Google” on the home screen. Siri is just not the same! I would love a G4 to get back to Android!

  • Omer Ben Shushan

    That beautiful screen

  • RedMosquito

    The calculator is my favourite feature.

  • Tisa Knight

    Removable battery

  • Orjon Zaganjori

    Love the camera software.

  • mike s

    The awesome display.

  • cancron

    Great Camera

  • disqus_KsPxPVRIfe

    The camera.

  • Ryan

    Quantum Display

  • Jason Tobias

    The camera.

  • Wizzy

    Removable battery and curved screen.

  • Caleb

    The phone looks sweet!

  • Nascar Dog

    I like the camera and screen quality

  • L Morrison

    Love the tap on screen!

  • Christian Artin

    G4’s leather back option and removable battery!

  • Dan Petrus

    950 comments… I doubt I’ll win.

  • Maninderjit Singh


  • pistachoo

    3GB of RAM? That’s 50% more than my work computer, haha!

  • Lawrence L

    Love the QHD display

  • Angela

    The camera!

  • akao

    My favorite is F1.8 Camera, which can shoot stunning night photo

  • J S

    Definitely the Cam!

  • Atanas Nankov

    The all around features, that make it a good phone.

  • MarcR


  • JA

    The camera!

  • Hugo Campañoli

    I like so much that cam!

  • Gurdeep Sohi

    Back camera

  • Alexandre Pilon

    The removable battery.

  • James Huntley

    The smooth leather back

  • Jeannie

    I love their camera!

  • MarcusJ

    Camera! Camera! Camera!

  • Kyle Erickson

    Love that camera, close second is the display.

  • Aznkhmerso

    Camera and Removable Battery!

  • Jacob Wolf Ochoa

    The camera, and the fact that I would get a new phone.

  • Shezy Khan

    Great phone with a great camera.

  • taimour

    Rear buttons

  • Jayson Bronson

    The manual adjustments with the camera settings is incredible!

  • Steven Talunay

    The camera is the best I’ve ever used! Wish I didn’t upgrade off of it

  • Ryan Carlson

    Has to be the camera

  • Barry

    Power button on back