Windows 10 Mobile will reportedly launch on older Windows Phone devices on March 17


  • mxmgodin

    “However, the specific legacy and in-market Lumia and Microsoft-branded Windows Phone devices set to get the update won’t be revealed until* tomorrow.”

    I guess? 😛

    • Igor Bonifacic

      Right you are, sir! Thanks!

  • Raj Singh

    Fingers are cross that the Nokia 1520.3 will get it…

    • Ridge

      It will, I got my update, build .164!

    • MassDeduction

      Build .164 is a pretty decent. I’m on one of the new early Redstone builds and they’re more feature rich, but they’re buggier… as they should be since they’re development builds, not release builds. I’m kind of wishing I’d stayed on .164, honestly. Once I get on a good Redstone build I’ll probably hold off on “fast ring” builds after that. 🙂

  • St. Misery

    Is this going to have to sit in carrier-testing hell for the next 6 months or is Microsoft bypassing them?

    • Ken Hagen

      Just install Windows insider and get it now.

  • Gee whiz

    hope my nokia 710 gets it

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  • Mike Rogers

    Got the update on my Nokia 635 last night

  • Rick

    Waiting patiently, nothing yet for my Lumia 830.

    • MassDeduction

      Did you download the app? And I don’t mean the Windows Insider app, I mean the new app for Windows 8.1 devices to get Windows 10 with? It’s mentioned in the article, but not by name.

    • Rick

      I’ve downloaded the “Upgrade Advisor”, and still nothing. I keep manually checking for updates. The Upgrade Advisor says my phone IS eligible, but that’s it.


    • MassDeduction

      Then download the Windows Insider app instead. It’ll give you the exact same build as the Upgrade Advisor app eventually would. 🙂