Winner announced in our Bell Samsung Galaxy S7 edge contest!


  • Sean-Paul

    Amazing phone. Would love to win and use an amazing device. Would donate my Nexus 5 if I won this. The edge just screams sexy. And the added SD card support is a great welcome back addition. As well as having a water and dust resistance device for every day life

  • loginatnine

    I’d think twice of my nexus 5x with the S7!

  • Achtius


  • Jesse

    Water resistant!!!

  • Darren Yung

    Looks like Samsung has a winner with this device! Only took them 8 iterations and then some.

    • Clint Hoffman

      And that means what? Apple is on going to be on # 10 in few months with an almost 3 year head start on the software/hardware and they still don’t have most of the features or capabilities. Btw…This is the Galaxy S7. The 7th generation. Where does the 8 iterations come in?

    • Darren Yung

      It means that they’ve decided to whittle and refine the device. They’ve cut the cruft and crud that some exec at Samsung Mobile was a good idea and listened to the users. The Edge interface – awesome idea. They’ve refined it too which is good. They’ve flipped-flopped between replaceable battery or fixed. Looks like they’re sticking with fixed, but they’re making the back flush so there’s no camera bump! They’re not playing the “thinness” game either. Waterproofing? Great feature for the end user. Sealed slots – even for microSD? nice touch.

      I could go on. I only mentioned Apple once.

    • Brad Fortin

      You’re forgetting the original Galaxy, before Samsung copied the iPhone 3GS naming scheme and added an “S” at the end of “Galaxy”.

    • Sighmonsez

      And Sony copied Blackberry naming scheme. Who really cares, though, right?

    • d3v14n7

      And yet, Apple copied/stole everything from everyone (including devs from its own app store), then claimed it was their own inventions… Which is why many of Apple’s patents are being invalidated, because others were using those ideas/technology long before Apple decided to patent them and use them, not to mention the sheer ridiculousness of some of Apple’s patents which shouldn’t have been granted in the first place…

    • Brad Fortin

      Yup, stole everything from everyone everywhere ever, and not a single valid patent remains.



      Yeah their entire business was first created from stolen ideas that Jobs stole from his collage roommate. Same thing happened with Facebook which is why you never show your friends / roommates anything until you patent it

  • ScottWong

    MicroSD card slot.

    • Charlie Edward

      mmm, MicroSD card slot.

  • Tim Dowker

    The waterproof feature is what I wanna try out the most!

  • Mithulaan Sriskantharajah

    Favourite feature is the improved camera.

  • Edmark Dalmacio

    Water resistance! Though Ive never dropped my phone in the toilet, it’s always been my top fear.

  • Just a beautiful looking phone, and a decent battery capacity

  • JC

    It can make phonecalls. Best featuer imo.

    • Your Name


  • Tiguak

    The microSD slot is the reason I’d go back to Samsung.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I love the curves looks sexy and that qhd screen is gorgeous to look at and above all its not running on iOS.

  • bdap

    The feature i like the best in this phone would be Water Resistance, especially the fact that when there is moisture in the USB port, the phone will not charge to prevent any damage, that’s really well thought out.

  • Mike Neri

    That curved screen!

  • At this present time feature wise has to be the ability to edit 1080P video on the flip and it’s ability to process and encode easily.

  • Susan

    MicroSD card slot, water and dust resistant, camera, large battery and large screen with a nice compact design compared to the other competitors.

  • KMart

    Having water resistance return is a huge win for me!

  • Sean Chin

    I love to try the camera for the light shots and love that they brought back the micro SD slot. It looks like a really good phone

  • I Love that they brought back the SD Card and that its now IP68 Certified!

  • Andres_Parada

    Honestly I know a lot of people would say this but that expandable storage is the best feature. Means a lot to people like me that like to wide range of music downloaded to listen to!

  • Adam Orlans

    Would like to see for myself how pictures look in low light and try those edge features.


    Fantastic devices. I’m actually excited about the little usb transfer tool, of all things, since I sell phones for a living.

  • Cedrik Jones

    I just want it

  • I’d love the super fast LTE speeds!

  • Saif Rehman

    I love the battery size of this phone. Like 3600 is perfect for a smart phone.

  • Odisho Gorgis

    waterproofing because summer is coming soon ????

  • FakeBibic

    Micro sds are great

  • PistolThePete

    Among the features of the S7 Edge would be battery capacity for me.

  • Astro

    Would be a great move from an s5!

  • Alim Visram

    I like this phone’s gorgeous screen!

  • Astro

    That SD card slot is great to have back!

  • Chris N.

    I’m looking forward to the MicroSD card slot coming back.

  • Nick T

    the camera

  • Riotmaker

    Waterproof is fantastic!

  • Jason

    the battery, screen and the sd card slot

  • Devran

    I’ve been Apple since the 3G I want to try something new for a change!

  • Kamaldeep Mudhar

    Best things about this phone; The Micro SD Card slot, the fact that it’s water proof, and the CAMERA!!! 😀 Wouldn’t mind if I won it 🙂

  • Theotherotherhealinggod

    It’s great to see an appropriately beefy battery accompany a flagship phone these days. Thanks for the contest, MobileSyrup!

  • Clay D

    Would love to win this device, wanna see how good the camera is and marshmallow

  • Sukrut Daga

    3600 mAH battery. Finally a battery that will last all day with heavy usage.

  • Grace s.

    I like the micro SD card slot and the ‘water resistant” feature.

  • kevin k

    I love the water resistant of the Galaxy S7 edge!

  • Sarah Grace

    Follow on Twitter, found out about a chance to win this amazing phone. Love the fact it has 4GB of RAM and camera options.

  • avikingdj

    Thanks for the chance at another great contest Mobilesyrup you guys rock.
    m/ m/

  • Darren Zak

    Beautifully designed and refined from the GS6 line. Favourite feature: the edge. Looks like Samsung added the extra functionality that the edge deserved from the start.

  • Koolbreeze

    Battery life.

  • Juan R

    I like the water proof ability

  • Rick Chan

    waterproof = awesome

  • XopherTaylor

    The performance! My M8 is crrrrrrrr …… awling.

  • James Huntley

    Fast charging is my favourite feature.

  • Lucys_ma_name

    Meeeee pleeeaaasse!! Lol. I’d love to win this baby. Water resistant, crazy battery, amazing camera, beautiful design, easy access tools and apps on edge!! It’s love at first sight!

  • Shirley

    I love that it’s water resistant and that they brought back the expandable memory SD card option!

  • PC

    nice looking device

  • Riley S

    The camera and VR capabilities are interesting! 🙂

  • Shmuel Pressman

    Water resistant and expandable storage! What else do you need?!?

  • Ryan Carlson

    I would love to win this device. I’m all about the return of the SD card.

  • FlamesFan89

    Looks like a great device. microSD support is one of the best features.

  • Xavier Langevin

    Look amazing !

  • Chris

    I would love to win this because I love the expandable memory with the return of the micro SD card.
    Good luck to all

  • James Molnar

    Waterproof for sure

  • brad

    The bigger battery for sure . Love the videos

  • Hussam Eldib

    I would love to give this phone as a gift to my wife who broke her LG g3 a few months ago. She would really appreciate this Amazing phone.

  • Jon Duke

    Micro SD for the win!

  • Brian Walker

    Throw er in the pool

  • ToniK

    Amazing phone! Features that I like the most are the Water Resistant, MicroSD Card, The Edge Screen itself, and that low-light Camera!

  • Tyler McQuaker

    My favourite feature is the big battery.

  • Sopheap Pich

    I’m a big fan of the MicroSD card slot.

  • Shawn Wilton

    The waterproofing, for sure

  • Raphaël Seul

    MicroSD card slot!!

  • Liam Boland

    Would love this phone, love the screen on my S6 Edge so it’d be nice to keep the Edge, plus this phone would run on my Gear VR a lot better with a bigger CPU and battery.

  • Sergey Wain-Fellowes (My Zest

    Camera upgrades for sure

  • Matthew Polsky

    This looks so good–I might give up my BlackBerry…Who am I kidding–I definitely will

  • Mathieu Paquin

    The best feature I like is the huge 3600 mAh battery. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Odie

    edge and micro sd

  • alantsay

    Thank you mobilesyrup! Water proofing is nice!

  • Byron Mikituk

    Wireless fast charge

  • Ricardo Monroy

    Oh I can definitely use that phone! Great phone give away!

  • Patrick A Hughes

    Water and dust resistant. I could switch back to Android!

  • chalbe

    I think it’s time for an upgrade and the Galaxy S7 edge could be the one! I do love that it’s certified water and dust resistant, my dust bunnies aren’t leaving the nest any time soon.

  • Eric Kung

    Expandable memory!

  • Sia

    I like the camera on this. I’m still using a Nexus 4.

  • Kelly

    Water resistance. Perfect for a girl from rainy vancouver! Especially helps during #bcstorms! Cheers!

  • Copolii

    I really like the fact that they decided to support both Samsung and Marshmallow fingerprint APIs.

  • Peking Duck

    Water resistance

  • Nate Friedman

    Motion panorama shots are super cool!

  • Yan Blais

    Waterproof and having the sd back ! AMAZING

  • Jason Gaudreau

    I want!! 😛 WATERPROOF all the way

  • AdamC284

    I love the fact they brought back the water resistant feature from the s5 without compromising build quality. Could care less for the SD card slot, but it’s a bonus. Looks beautiful

  • Mike


  • Kevin Vaughan

    Would love to upgrade to this, but my Note 3 is still going strong….

  • gragib

    Nice phone. I like the 12MP camera with good low-light performance. Also it is water-resistant.

  • Nodnerb

    The screen plain and simple. I’ve never has a galaxy phone but they have the best screens in the business. So yeah, that wonderful vibrant curved screen!!!

  • Michael Bae


  • Olivier Héroux

    Love the curved 5.5 inch screen.

  • noobista

    Would be nice to win. never had a smart phone other than a company BB….

  • Ronald Chow

    Kind of hard to pick a single feature as phones are mostly a package deal. Waterproofing would probably be one of the most lovable parts.

  • Jasen_H

    I like that you can expand the memory via microSD

  • Craig B

    Screen, camera and expandable storage

  • Jo

    Asus Zenfone 2 is the best “mid-range” phone, and I love it… but this would be totally amazing!

  • hfxgirl

    Wow, love that camera! Definitely my favorite feature!

  • debbie p

    The waterproof feature is the best feature that I like the most.

  • richard park

    microsd FTW

  • Roland Lewis


  • Brian Komlance

    The fact it is expandable with micro SD and water resistance.

  • Mauricio Araujo

    #1 Camera, #2 Waterproof, #3 5.5 screen.

  • Tricia Cooper

    I like that the phone is certified water and dust resistant!

  • Steven C

    Liquid resistant and expandable memory(that you can store apps on)

  • Simon T.

    The larger battery!

  • Imtisal Rana

    Would love the expandable storage

  • Comrade Yeti

    Love the new edge features!

  • Nodoginthefight

    Without a doubt, the waterproofing. The peace of mind is just sublime.

  • samteevee

    Love the fact that it’s waterproof!

  • darkman

    I welcome back the SD card.

  • nickworldorder

    Curved Display and Battery

  • sky417

    My wife’s S4 is dying, this one would be great for her!

  • Ahsan Shere

    Battery life seems insane. Thank God someone ended the race to be the thinnest phone.

  • Lekan Adio

    I love the 3600amh battery, fact that it can last over a day with standard usage. My Nexus 5 barely last half a day.
    I also love the fact that it’s water resistant and also supports SD.
    Never wanted a phone as much as I want this.

  • roy

    SD Card Slot and Sexy Design!!

  • Johnson

    The battery life, 3600mah is killer!

  • Jerome

    I want it please!!!

  • Mel

    Love the IP68 certification and the 3600 mah battery! Would love to win this bad boy!!

  • Tyler Anthony

    My favorite feature is that the SD slot is back as someone who takes tons of food pictures it’s great to be able to put in a 200 GB microSD in and shoot as much as I want without having to worry.

  • Ho Ming Li

    It now has Micro SD <3

  • g. leong

    water proof

  • B-ri

    That it’s an Android device, tried two different iPhone and each time came back to droid.

  • Eric

    SD Card

  • Jason

    The camera…. No wait, waterproof….. No, definitely the camera…. Noooo, waterproof….

  • rob

    The snappy camera, it looks good enough to replace anything while on the go even as a pro photographer

  • Scribler

    The best phone with great features like MicroSD card slot, water and dust resistant, camera, large battery and large screen with a nice compact design.

  • RBuschyX

    I am all about the Camera! From what I have seen, the Camera on these things are amazing!

  • disqus_6CmXxpnzy9

    Yes, please! I really dig the curved display.

  • Pierre-Luc Henry

    Samsung is the best!!!

  • Caleb

    I’m a big fan of the large battery and water resistance.

  • Simon

    The big b (battery).

  • mula jutt

    I love the front and back curves on the phone.

  • dmuhamma

    Close between expandable storage and water resistance

  • Curtis Euler

    Curved Screen!

  • Dean Powell

    That energizer bunny battery life!… Just keeps going and going and going………..

  • Michael Myuran Nathan

    Water resistant and the sd card being brought back!

  • Julien Royal

    I wanna test that improved low-light camera ! 🙂

  • Pavel

    Camera and memory card slot back

  • Marco Bairos

    The size and the cooling system inside

  • mackenzie bransford

    My favourite feature of the S7 edge is, besides the great improvement in battery size, is the new uses of the edge screen. It used to feel like a gimmick but now it seems to be getting closer to being a useful feature on the phone.

  • 1messager

    I like the waterproof.

  • Tony Hogan

    The return of SD card support….. finally!

  • Matt Getty

    Love the new bigger battery. Sign me up

  • Tom

    The microSD,for me.

  • Dino

    Bigger battery, IP68, SD card slot, improved camera autofocus

  • Sal C

    I’ve always been a fan of Samsung mobile products. I currently own the Note 4 and loved it, this was my next device i was hoping on getting. Then i could hand down my note 4 to my son.
    The s7 edge would be a great benefit for me starting off in my IT career I just graduated from in college.
    The power and amazing specifications would help me with my daily tasks with a breeze especially with that 4gb of ram. Thanks mobilesyrup for allowing one of your fans a chance to win this beauty of a phone. ????

  • Daniel Atienza™

    the Edge!!

  • ashmantrevor

    My fave feature would be it is free! And of course the sd card for extra media storage.

  • stnflds

    The display!
    And the price!! =(

  • Cindy Maksymick

    I love the sleek design. I had the S6 for 21 days before it dove into water (for 2 seconds) and fried,so I’d have to say my favourite feature is that it is water resistant ☺

  • BR

    Vulkan API takes the icing on the cake for me, in conjunction with the 3600mAh battery as well! Gaming Powerhouse.

  • Mark Logan

    Water proof!!

  • Kareem Rahaman

    After testing the s6 edge through their program the increased battery size is what I would look forward to if I finally made the switch.

  • Charles Wang

    great phone

  • N2Fracture

    big battery and it’s gorgeous

  • Kvn lang

    Definitely the curved screen and the camera !! Thanks

  • Ron Par

    Waterproof for me is the best feature of this phone. No need to worry about dropping the phone in the toilet I

  • Aaron Grover

    To many features to mention but, one thing I love is the new battery. Another would be the time clock on screen when it is not on.

  • Will

    SD Card + Water Resistance = Winner

  • zahra premji

    I love that it is water resistant

  • Dion Kerfont

    I’ll have to let you know what my favorite feature is once you select my name and I have the device in my hands. Until then, it’s a secret.

  • velvetk

    The curve screen. Big fat battery.

  • Elaine

    This looks like an awesome phone! Water Resistant, fast charge and 4GB RAM!!!

  • Anthony Javate

    Large battery capacity

  • Clamdigger63

    Beautiful curved screen, waterproof and the return of the SD card.

  • intrepidblue

    I love the IP68 certified water and dust resistant and battery.

  • Jack Derek Jackson

    Waterproof and expandable memory!

  • vince hu

    I like it because it brought back the sd card

  • {JPM}

    The new camera tech sounds really exciting

  • Raidan Michaels

    I really like the spec sheet of the S7 as well as the added micro sd expansion. Great phone for sure!

  • jay

    microSD and water and dust resistant.

  • Many99

    Looks like my next phone so let me win

  • audit13

    It has great curves, an excellent huge and high-rez screen, and it’s a Samsung! Love the look of the box too:)

  • Colieo

    Sweet deal. Nice phone. Drum roll please.

  • Nouri chelebi

    MicroSD slot is why I would consider going back to Samsung devices.

  • M.Desmarais

    The screen!

  • Durae McFarlane

    I like the increase in the screen and increase in the battery!

  • Cole545

    The waterproofing is what I look forward to the most. It’s not like I dunk my phone in the river but it’s an extra layer of protection.

  • Bob

    I saw some drop & abuse test videos… I like how durable it is without a case… Stick that sucker in a good case and it should be indestructible!

  • Dany Gravel

    Exynos 8890 processor with 4GB of RAM are the best arguments to switch from my Note 4 !

  • Jeffery Scholl

    This phone is so sexy. Cant wait to get my hands on those slender curves!

  • Charbel Saade

    I love most the new camera! That focus speed is out of this world. Would love to win this! 😀

  • Shushwap

    Waterproof along with expandable storage and the biggest thing would be the battery !!!!!!!!!

  • Taka_San


  • projectdrell

    The new edge features

  • Griz

    I like that removable storage has returned, and the always-on time/notification centre intrigues me. I know other phone makers have played with it, but I’m curious to see how Samsung presents it.

  • slayerizer

    I like the camera and curved screen. I really need one.

  • Kevin Grant

    Love that they brought back expandable storage, and the beautiful screen! Would be a fitting replacement for my s4 🙂

  • DB

    Love the waterproofing!

  • Manolo Romero Escobar


  • Trevor Foley

    Love this phone, been awhile since I have been excited about a samsung phone

  • Charles L

    Waterproof and microsd slot!

  • Khainer

    Waterproof is cool imo

  • KBH1

    Love all the specs, but I NEED that battery! Great contest, thanks!

  • Tomas

    I love the fact that it’s waterproof and that they put the SD card option back!

  • Lowell Harding

    SD slot!

  • Shaun Headdon


  • Fernando RR

    Welcome back SD card!

  • Mark Turner

    I like the waterproofing.

  • jesse monroe

    Definitely like the low light camera performance. Will be great when I’m inside with the kids all day cause we don’t get much light in our house.

  • Daryle Henry

    I like the waterproof feature. I use my phone for work and if it gets damaged I’m screwed so water is terrifying to me. I’m also excited to see the sort of games that can be played on it with the more powerful GPU and CPU combined with Vulcan API.

  • Tara0089

    Bringing back the micro SD slot and water resistance!

  • Pengy Lin

    Water resistant!!!!!

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    3,600mAh non-removable battery with wireless fast charging capabilities.

  • mayhem128

    Micro SD card slot

  • Matt White

    Water resistant would be very cool!

  • Jake Carman

    Waterproofing and camera – spend a ton of time fishing in the summer and love to have a phone with an excellent camera and waterproofing so I don’t have to worry about it!

  • Gniewko Strozyk

    The water resistance is best feature.

  • Steven

    I’m intrigued by the always on display.

  • Guillaume Bessette

    It looks like a solid phone. I’d be very happy to win it!

  • vicw

    That huge battery!

  • bembol

    Love the WATER RESISTANT feature.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • mcneilljamesc

    water resistant!

  • rize

    Expandable memory!!!

  • Aaron Dash

    Water resistant!! Better camera!

  • Mking

    Awesome device and specs. Would love to give it a spin.

  • wasique wadood

    I love the camera of the s7.. Close to a dslr

  • Chad Young

    I love my Nexus 6P ….but i also love me some sd card slot

  • Patrick Graham

    Dat camera and silver option though

  • jeneral

    Larger battery, expandable storage, water resistance, etc… This phone sounds like an excellent upgrade.

  • Jason Situ

    Micro SD is a major improvement

  • Tom Dam

    The camera would have to be the biggest draw for me.

  • Shannon Dana

    Smart and beautiful! A winning combination! Thanks for the chance!

  • Ken E

    I like the large battery, as well as the phone being water and dust resistant. I wish Samsung would bring back the removable battery, as they did with the sd card. Hopefully they will in the future. I love this phone!

  • D P

    nice camera!!

  • André McHenry

    I just got a Galaxy Note 5 a few months 5 but I’m always up for new tech. I also love syrup, so this is a great website name

  • Will Maitner

    Sign me up…

  • Rick Dombrowski

    For me, the water proofing

  • Allan Mcadam

    Liquid cooled!!! Gonna run those games all night!!! And the micro to USB connector in box?! Mouse, keyboard right to my phone?! Sweet . Chromecast cast that and you’ve got a decent PC !

  • Mathieu Joanisse

    battery life , IP 67, amazing cameras

  • Waqqas Khokhar

    Love the low-light picture capabilities!

  • D P

    the thing I like best in this device is the camera!

  • Phil

    Definitely water resistance, won’t have to worry about it getting wet

  • Syed Idris

    Just looks so beautiful.

  • WeebSurfer

    Other than the new phone smell, I’d have to say the large capacity battery. Gives us time to enjoy the rest of the features. ????

  • Verlin

    Waterproof… 🙂

  • Rob Heistad

    I would love to win this. I am with bell and I really need a new phone. Currently I have a 16 gb galaxy s4. Can’t upgrade till October. I am really looking forward to the always on display I think it will be nice for simply checking the time . I hope to win

  • Ben Omaga

    Love the batter size, size overall and camera capabilities in low light

  • bunyan69

    Would love to win this.

  • Joe Scott

    Being IP68 certified water and dust resistant is a must when you spend as much time as I do outside.

  • Sterling Somers

    The battery.

  • Darcy Eidt

    It’s got to be that gorgeous AMOLED curved display!

  • Waterproofing. Love

  • scubed

    Has to be the waterproof ability of this phone. Finally don’t have to worry about the rain while biking or any other activities!

  • Gaetan Poulin

    Water resistant :), glad it’s back.

  • Alain Lafond

    Please Samsung… I need a new phone. Give me a proof that this phone worth the bang!
    Waterproof… They should be all watrerproof!

  • AceInTO

    Micro sd. Don’t know why they ever got rid of it.

  • Jermaine

    The SD slot!!!!!!!

  • Gort911

    Gear VR with this phone would be a real winner!

  • h2oflyer

    It’s amazing how all of a sudden, a waterproof phone is the hottest demand. I’ve got a waterproof phone, but what the hell I’ll take another.

  • Tmem

    Waterproof phone

  • It’s Me

    liking the water resistance.

  • Scotiaman1

    Love the advanced LTE speeds

  • Michael Lock

    It’s an android. What’s not to love!
    Have an S6 Edge right now. Love it. I’m sure I’d love the S7 edge too.

  • David

    Water résistant and gear vr

  • Matt

    I’m a student who would love a phone that doesn’t crash on me whenever I try to open an app! Plus the water and dust resistance will be super helpful for my summer landscaping job 🙂

  • Jean-Denis Pelletier

    I’d like to try the “edge” feature.

  • Matthieu Turmel

    Microsd is a big plus!

  • thecarloman


  • Jean-Simon

    The battery! :O

  • Robbie

    Would love to have some curves in my life to handle!

  • Sk Kim

    Awesome phone
    It has almost all the features that I want!

  • Marton Petenyi

    I like that they added the micro SD card slot and made it a little thicker for a bigger battery

  • Yannick Ricard

    For me the best feature is the micro sd slot! The best phone! ???????? thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Modestos Gikizas

    Time to make the jump from iOS to Android, and the G7 gets me there with comparable camera, and the nice bonus of wireless charging. I’d have to go out and buy the VR headset stat too!

  • Caro Campbell-Harris

    I am a huge fan of samsung and love that they put the sd card back in 🙂

  • Tanson

    The “edge” screen features.

  • deepseadinko

    I really like the camera on the Galaxy S7 Edge & curved screen is really neat too!

  • eszklar

    Build quality.

  • Tim Reynolds

    Water resistance, expandable storage, premium design. Samsungs Greatest hits!

  • KBalaz

    its a great looking device, love the clarity of the display for these tired old eyes.

  • Adil Butt

    Love these contests!! I absolutely love their take on liquid cooling! such an underrated feature!

  • Devin Lachapelle

    The water resistance and dust protection is what i like about it.

  • Trevor Mckenna

    I would love this phone because of the battery life compared to my older s4.


  • Thomas Milne

    This phone is wonderful!
    IP68 is a good rating for fitness activities.

  • Tom


  • jk1m

    Love the water resistant, microsd slot and super large battery! 😉

  • Pat

    Love it 🙂 waterproof is the main features I love about this baby 🙂

  • Guillaume10

    Great phone. The fact that it’s waterproof is good news.

  • eszklar

    Build quality.

  • Philosoraptor

    My favourite feature is the bloatware.

  • david li

    Personally, i feel like the s7’s screen is just amazing, it sort of pops out a bit like an iphone screen does but with much better resolution, clarity, and more vivid and sharp colours. Also, i just love the ram and processor, it’s better than some computers people are using today

  • PeanutButterJellyTime

    Totally into the waterproof and SD card <3

  • Carlo Sgro

    Dat battery

  • David Bacon

    sweet camera!


    Im in love with the camera feature. 4GB Ram is pretty impressive. I also like how the edge is dust resistant along with water proof. Wonderful to have just in case of certain mishaps.
    I wouldnt mid winning this. Truly though if I did win this I would give it to my husband who is a YouTuber. He doesnt get the newest phones to customize so if I won this would be a welcomed change.

  • Zaptor99

    Water resistance and the return of the microSD

  • Mike Stich

    The IP67 rating sounds great as does the camera. Would love to get my hands on this phone!

  • Luis

    So glad they brought back the micro SD card capabilities back.

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Curved front and back, best looking phone in the market.

  • David Baril

    Fast, free, formidable…

  • George

    I love how small the device is despite that awesome screen!

  • Chestboy76

    Water proof and dust proof! I’m sold!

  • Josh

    The sheer battery size is pretty nifty. It would be nice to replace an old and aging HTC One X :/

  • Winnie Leung

    MicroSD card slot is a must (at least for me who likes taking photos of everything)!

  • Nick Beaver

    All the water resistance!!!

  • James Fleetwood

    Water resistance and SD card.

  • Yunier

    Large battery.

  • Brennan Rogers

    Hands down my favourite feature is the fact that they made the phone a bit thicker in order to accommodate for a bigger battery. Take note manufactures, this is what we want!

  • Sighmonsez

    It’s not an iPhone. ‘Nuff said.

  • Jon Shopping

    Well, its either this of the Xiaomi Mi 5 (if I can find one). Both seems extremely capable – and as much as I love my S5, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

  • Fshumayrqan

    Water proof

  • Andrew Kolarič

    The SD card slot, and that always on screen are pretty nifty! I’d love this phone. Those curves are sexy AF haha

  • Frank

    Love the improvements to the camera and ram. Samsung has another winner here.

  • Jesse Laurin

    Waterproof ftw and the sexy SD slot back

  • George Saez

    The return of the SD slot is very welcome indeed. A removable battery would have been nice, but their battery life and quick recharge make up for it. Overall, favorite new feature is its water/dust resistance… making its build quality something to be reckoned with!

  • Vince

    I like how it’s IP68 certified

  • brian

    Microsd and bigger battery. Only reasons I gave up my s6 edge

  • Grant Stolk

    I’m most excited about using this phone with the Samsung Gear VR. The camera looks amazing and I love the return of the SD card slot. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • stevedion

    Amazing looking phone, best feature is the camera. Second is waterproofing.

  • Karen

    Ready to upgrade my galaxy S5 and since Samsung put the microSD slot back the S7 is what I want to upgrade to. Also love the look of the edge ☺

  • Marius

    I like the performance, the screen and the battery. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lali

    The return of the microSD expansion slot!

  • Sean

    Gotta love what it’s named after. That funky curved screen!

  • Taher Hitawala

    The feature that makes the most sense is the Edge display getting some more functionality, its not the best, but its definitely a step up from the S6 and I can see a lot of Custom ROMS making better use of it, making the S7 a really great device. The liquid cooling, waterproofing, and water detection to stop charging are all also great background additions, you won’t notice the convenience and benefit it provides, but it’ll definitely make people’s mobile usage a heck of a lot more convenient

  • Jessie

    Battery life

  • Brandon Dal Bello

    the waterproof feature

  • empathyvirus

    My top 3 favourite features in order micro SD card slot, water resistance, wireless charging.

  • norsem4n

    One of the best features is the waterproofing! It will be great for my wife to mount to her bike to listen to music or track her ride without having to worry about water damage, attach to the stroller for music and do hands free calling.

    I’ve already ordered mine through Rogers and know how much she would love one too. She works with sick children and is having my kid… She deserves it! 🙂

    <3 Mobilesyrup

  • Ming

    I love the camera

  • georgejia

    SD card slot!

  • Mike

    The return of the sd card and waterproofing are the killer features for me.

  • Sean Case

    Best feature has to be the curved AMOLED screen…. most unique feature for a phone and can’t wait to own this bad boy. Samsung going back to its roots for microSD card support and water resistance is icing on the cake.

  • Nicolas Trudel

    Finally a flagship from Samsung with a good f-stop!

  • Joel Fortune

    The edged screen and new camera. Soon great

  • Hail Eff

    My favourite feature is wireless charging capabilities. I have yet to own a phone with that feature, and it sounds really convenient. Not to mention it just looks gorgeous to begin with,

  • jorvay

    The return of the sd card!


    On the Edge of greatness #bestof2016

  • haesslich

    I’d like to see how that S7 outdoes its predecessor. Especially with splashproofing.

  • Glenn Lind

    I want the removable storage. Nothing annoys me more than having to limit my apps and music so I have enough space to shoot some video.

  • rockeronium

    Love the ability to add extra storage!!!

  • Michael Thomas

    I really like the fact that it’s a phone and you can call people with it! 🙂 oh yeah – and it’s got a great screen, waterproof, expandable memory are good options as well!

  • Norm Schwartzman

    Would love this phone for the camera

  • Thomas Abraham


  • pspurba

    Would love to win it…a perfect machine…lots of RAM, Water and dust resistent, excellent camera…what not to like

  • Allan

    Edge display!

  • Graham

    The design, Micro SD Slot, Display and camera might just make this the best android phone ever… INCLUDING Nexus.

  • Corey Larson

    Definitely the water resistance

  • Adam

    IP68 certification is my favourite. It would be nice to have the peace of mind that a little water won’t ruin my phone.

  • Tyler Edmonds

    Gotta say, I’m most impressed with the camera upgrades!

  • Heather Elliott

    Bigger battery……and it just looks so cool

  • Creaulx

    Waterproofing saved my bacon more than once on my S5, and the micro SD is great to have back. Big battery, great screen, fast processor – what’s not to like?

  • Guillaume Prieur-Laurin

    Would love to get a gear vr!

  • Simran Kamboj

    It’s waterproof . . well mostly.

  • Ryan McKelvie

    Waterproof! That’s the best feature by far.

  • myke_ac

    I’d jump to Bell for S7 Edge. Luv those edges.

  • ASH

    Great aesthetics, SD card slot, water resistant, latest tech, what’s not to love!

  • Roger

    Love this phone’s microSD and waterproof features that it got back from S5. Now the improvements are complete for this design language.. what’s next?

  • Jonathan Potson

    I like the camera on this phone.

  • Keyan Kwan

    the water resistance and sd card! Samsung actually listened what?

  • Andrew Phillips

    The ability to add removable memory

  • fiopofiopo

    I like the curved screen!!!

  • Anil Godhia

    Loving the fact that it has expandable memory

  • Varun Shah

    Best feature is that it has Android OS and probably is the best device with it.. Been using Blackberry for years, now bored.

  • Phiyo

    Mirco sd slot. It’s bizarre how most new phones doesn’t come with this basic features.

  • Peter Nguyen

    Expandable memory!

  • departingyyz

    The design!

  • Tom Beaney

    4GB of ram…wooooo!

  • mike

    all around good smart phone with a decent camera…well done sammy

  • samsungfan

    Free….and the screen size…micro SD slot

  • Kyle Tuck

    Dust and water resistant.

  • alvin

    Let me win please

  • Joe patriquin

    Waterproof is an amazing feature and my favorite by far. Wish my Note 5 was..

  • Jeff

    I am down for the camera and battery life.

  • KiwiBri

    Oh wow! Nice prize – best feature is the camera for sure. 🙂

  • Gillian Mann

    Water resistance!!!!

  • Pavlo Kuzhel

    The edge looks slick and water resistance is a must!

  • Kouji Kamisori

    Happy to see SD support… definitely a plus ! The wireless fast charging capability along with nice sized battery is beautiful for people like me that have aged phones and too many replacement charging cables

  • Sabino D’Alessio

    Definitely the waterproofing

  • Justin Beltrano

    Expandable memory, thanks for bringing that back! Water and dust resistant – hello convenience(in the washroom playing music while I shower) . I would love to get me one of these 🙂

  • gmd

    One word: SPEED

  • Kynnar

    The fact it has a SD Card Slot now and being IP68 are two features I’m most excited about…having an active lifestyle and always away from the house for long periods of time, it’ll be nice to not worry about the elements or storage

  • Emil Fernandes

    Nice battery! 🙂

  • xrevolution

    fave feature would be the bigger battery and water resistance!

  • J_techie!

    Micro SD card slot is back!

  • Robert Massarelli

    Waterproofing. Makes it stand out!

  • Max Fireman


  • jenn

    Always on display and huge battery ????!

  • softturbo

    micro SD card and water resistant.

  • Kelly

    MicroSD. Definite upgrade over my old n5

  • the camera

  • BriniaSona

    This would be for my girlfriend, whose iPhone is broken beyond repair. She always liked the edge screen on the s6, so the s7 would be better.

  • sadhvialam

    Performance and design!

  • FredTrue

    You want me to name ONE feature? Can’t do it: Waterproof, expandable memory, swappable battery . . . . .

  • Amber

    Water resistance would be a nice feature, sadly my last phone was ruined by a spilt drink:)

  • Howard Chu

    The external memory expansion with the microSD card is back!!!

  • clee666

    SD card!!!!! I’m so jealous

  • Bizzarosid

    I’m torn between two features, the water resistance and the fast wireless charging. but if i were to choose one, i would say i’m more intrigued by the Water Resistance. Other phones, you need to buy a clunky case that muffles sound to get water resistance/proof.

  • Steven Karamath

    Great phone, amazing specs!

  • Thomas

    Water resistance

  • Baron Of Daricus

    Im liking these improved camera capabilities 🙂

  • stunna27


  • Donny Beveridge

    Waterproof + camera would be great for some poolside shots!
    Also just love the design

  • redheadednomad

    Great edges!

  • trucanadian

    Amazing phones. ???????? please tell me Samsung will potentially build their “waterproof” Galaxy tablet series this year. ????

  • Ameer Almusawi

    Expandable memory is awesome, love the fast speeds on the best Bell LTE network.

  • mistermystery

    I like the improved camera the most. I’d sure love to win this beauty

  • lycao syncrymm

    Favorite feature? Toss up between the waterproofing, and the cascading screen on the edges.

  • Marc-André Provost

    Very nice phone. Its great that they put the SD card slot on this one. I’ve got the chance to feel it in my hand and its very nice. I hope to win this one. Thanks to Mobilesyrup and Bell to make a chance to win one


  • Te Tsang

    Eco mode & water resistance!

  • Danny Cheung

    no more water damage!

  • Gumbopudding

    Where to begin…size, screen, SD, water resistance, speed…everything! But best is water resistance

  • Kevin Cheung

    Liquid Cooling will keep Gear VR from overheating, that’s gotta be one of the best things about this.

  • TiMXL73

    Water resistance compared to what’s around and everything when compared to my current phone (Galaxy S2X)!!

  • Paul Picaso Sterling

    I would love to win this! I was holding out on the S6 for this!
    Not sure if its classified as a feature but the gorgeous screen(the display) is what I think I love about it the most. The new additions to the edge feature is what I go with. Cheers.

  • David

    Probably the best looking phone out right now and remainder of 2016

  • matus201

    The camera. I love the idea of always being able to take a great pic.

  • docashhosale

    Best feature is the improved battery life.

  • Spencer Guitard

    I love the camera! The f/1.7 aperture, dual pixel for snappy AF and the larger 1.4µm pixels on the image sensor make for one if the best camera experiences you’ve ever seen in a smartphone!

  • Kevin Vaughn Pringle

    Water resistant and SD card. I’m back in.

  • Ming kwan

    micro sd slot!

    I can store my photos !!

  • Paul

    I think it has a number of great features but the edge section of the screen will be even more useful with Marshmallow.

  • Svennen

    I absolutely love the screen!

  • spliffNwessun

    Haven’t used a Samsung since the s3, but this is definitely something worth considering.. Very nice device! I’d love to win one of these!

  • Jimmy Soriano

    The longer battery life!

  • Patrick Chiasson

    The new camera looks incredible and the new UI with the edge might finally make sense on a thinned down phablet phone. Must have. My phone is a 5 🙁

  • Collin_Bantin

    I’m super excited about the 3600 mAh battery featured in S7 edge as I can now watch more hd movies online without worrying about the battery life. Fingers crossed that I’d be the lucky one to win the precious gem and hand my S4 over to my mom.

  • cdotr

    Wow, I would love to win such an amazing phone. I think the water resistance and Micro SD options are some of the best features of this interation. The smaller camera buldge is great as I like a phone that sits flat, not one that can pivot back and forth like a see-saw.


  • Djskead

    Liquid proof. I’m clumsy. Don’t judge.

  • Swerve Brussee

    Love the addition of a bigger battery.

  • Water resistant!

  • Mark W

    Glad they brought back water resistance!

  • haroonazeem638

    What I like the most about this device is that it now has a larger 3600mAh battery!

  • Ginny Sukhija


  • leisure018

    Bigger battery

  • Eric Lau

    Low light camera

  • Tram Lam

    Love the larger battery.

  • Mathieu

    One really great feature is being Waterproof

  • Adam Schrader

    I love the waterproof, and expandable storage. And I never thought the edge would be useful but after trying out a friends 6 edge, I actually really like it.

  • Megatron

    Expandable memory is back!!!!

  • TechyCanuck2


  • Mutasif Gondal

    Absolutely amazing phone! Liquid cooling, water resistant, and SD card, how awesome! If only our Canadian dollar didn’t tank! It’s way too much ! I hope I win this beauty it would be awesome.

  • Andrew Lazzarin

    The best feature without a doubt is that sexy 3600mAh battery. Mmm… So much juice.

  • Vincentd120

    It’s not an IPhone… That’s a great feature.

  • Charles Mouris

    Samsung has done awesome before and with improvements to the camera for one which is just fun and stunning! Ya, I’d love to upgrade to the S7

    • Charles Mouris

      Man, the MicroSD and IP68 too for sure

  • knize10

    I would be thrilled and honored to win and use this great phone. Thank you.

  • Oscar

    Love the water and dust resistance…. Fingers crossed.

  • Mutasif Gondal

    Shout out to mobilesyrup! You guys are always on top of your stuff I work for bestbuy Mobile. I knew the pricing for S7 before my manager did! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Cottonswab

    I need a new phone still using a S3, I need a new S7edge, I like the size, design, battery, SD, waterproofing, camera, fast new Exynos. Need one badly!

  • Alexandre Harvey

    I like the ip68 certification! Gg Samsung

  • KoroushSensei

    quad hd screen. so so hot

  • David H

    The phone looks gorgeous!

  • S Bahia

    Love the exynos processor!

  • Garbanzo16

    Like that they brought back the sd card and the waterproofing

  • Brad Moriarity


  • Obaid Ansari

    Water resistance!

  • Jonathan Mani

    the screen is awesome!

  • Krista

    Of all of the features that the S7 Edge has I’m most excited to see 4GB of RAM be out to good use. I work my phone hard with multiple apps running at all times, WiFi and Bluetooth includes. It sounds like it can keep up!

  • Marc-Antoine Potvin

    Would love to win it, I want it because of the dual edge screen and the awsome camera

  • Charles Ivan Berdin

    both the micro sd card slot and the waterproofing!

  • Douglas Carney

    the camera is my favourite.

  • Jason

    The 5.0 mega pixel front camera will make it so much easier to take quick selfies without blurriness

  • ronald

    I like that it has the microsd slot, large battery, water resistant, and especially the edges. I never win these contests, hope it can be my first.

  • Dan L

    Micro SD!!!

  • Johnson

    Gosh darn I would like an S7 edge. I think VR capability is the feature that excites me most. I tried the roller coast demo and felt excited and nauseous after the fact.

  • Thomas Belway

    I never win these things, but I’d still love to share my appreciation for a larger battery and water resistance!

  • Improved battery life and 4GB of Ram,Looks like a great phone

  • White Roben

    The feature I like best on the Galaxy S7 edge is the fact that it is water and dust resistant. I have heard of way to too many phones getting killed by water just splashing on them.

  • Mike Schmidt

    I need one of these so bad, I need a waterproof phone for work!!

  • Earl James

    Alright! I’m loving the slick design of the S7 Edge. Right from the release of the edge line I fell in love with the concept. Of course a winner for me is the return of the SD card slot as well! I’m also a fan of a larger battery! Mucho Love for the give away and all the best for the winner!

  • MobileRoamer

    Design, Big Battery, Camera, Water Proof, Dust Proof, 2K Amoled Screen, each and everyone of those features are exactly why I want this device. Good Luck to everyone.

  • Vugar Aliyev

    Dual pixel sensor, next milestone in mobile photography

  • Musab Mobashir

    The Micro SD Cards 🙂

  • Gurdeep Sohi

    Battery capacity 3600 mah

  • Jerome Schnettler

    I love the Game Launcher the ability to lock the back button and turn off notifications is amazing. Plus the IP68 is essential!!

  • Chase Slater

    Love the curved display! Need to upgrade from my S5!

  • Craig Cooper

    I’m very interested in this phone because it’s basically a Note without the stylus. I’ve always been a fan of the Note series simply for the size as I’m a large man with big hands, but I just never used the stylus. This would be perfect for me!

  • Thomas Wong

    Finally MicroSD is back….

  • Malikari

    Expandable storage returns!

  • Kaitlin Sarkijarvi

    Definitely the water-resistant feature.

  • Gord

    i love the waterproofing 🙂

  • Derek Brown

    The best thing about this phone is the expandable memory/water resistant design combo! There aren’t a lot of phones on the market with these specs, and the S7 Edge is hands-down the best looking phone around.

  • Heart

    As Igor, states “The Galaxy S7 edge is Samsung’s most refined and accomplished smartphone
    to date. It takes the already significant strengths of the Galaxy S7
    and adds to them in ways that make sense”

  • shaker

    Yes in deed!

  • Jacob Giesbrecht

    Definitely the edge screen

  • shaker

    Yes in deed! Like the screen size.

  • Mo Dabbas

    The best feature? I love the beast battery (hopefully it delivers what we expect it to).
    But the sexy eye-catching design, the one of the best (if not the best) camera and waterproof are close to that.

  • Paul Herceg

    Micro SD, water proofing and large battery!

  • fk22

    The edge screen is nice, but I appreciate the bigger battery the most!

  • S Bahia

    Love the exynos processor!

  • Äshish Ṁathür

    Camera functionality under low light condition…
    that’s what we are facing problem with in real world

  • Sulaman Shah

    Bigger battery and SD card slot makes the s7 edge the best! Hope I win????

  • Goran Mihajlović

    Edge screen

  • Richie.c2

    The support for SD card is essential for this phone…

  • Yunier

    large battery

  • Olivia

    It’s the sum of its parts really make it stand out above the rest.. but my favourite feature would be the screen. It’s really gorgeous!

  • bigbear

    The SD Card is back!

  • max_l

    The fast LTE speeds and the nice cameras are certainly the features I like the most!

  • Jordache Amistad

    I like the fact that it sports a big screen and is somehow easy to use one-handed. Probably will be the most appreciated unofficial spec this phone can boast!

  • Albert Thai

    Edge design, Micro sd card and water proof are my favs

  • Gary Jim

    dust and water resistance. Now i can actually clean my phone without worries when i get home

  • Jo Sinjin


  • patagato

    Water resistant has got to be one of the most attractive features

  • Rex Chiang


  • Sunny Lalli

    This phone is pretty sweet. I can’t really think of one think I like over anything else. If anything, it would have to be the battery life being better optimized for the no longer named touch wiz UI.

  • Golucky

    Larger battery and waterproof

  • DJ Roman J

    Water resistant !

  • mizkitty

    Butter me Up!
    The Best of the Best…and a decent battery too…

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Awesome, my GF is on Bell and she loves you guys and would love this! her name is CharlieChingChing!

  • Greasy_Taco_Aficionado

    I know that once I have 3600mAh everything is going to be alright.

  • Aufa

    Best feature? Cheaper $$$ and better hardware than Iphone, anytime!!!

  • Ray Chu

    Love the fact it’s not an iPhone! SD card ability had redeemed it from the s6 travesty.

  • Starr D Hm

    Micro SD

  • Michael Russell

    love the big battery and the waterproof feature, also cant wait for samsung pay to be available to download

  • Arlon Calub

    Wireless fast charging battery!

  • Andrew Osbourne

    I’m glad it’s water resistant.. Cause I’m clumsy with my phones sometimes and it’s only a matter of time before a fatal dunk in some nearby body of water! Looks amazing! Good luck to all!

  • Mitchell Cripps

    The water resistance and low light camera. Oh. And most important is I no longer have to root my phone to record game play. Maybe the SD and the fact that the edge display has way more functionality than the s6 edges did. And damn it’s sexy

  • Marnel Rodriguez

    Gorgeous screen and camera!

  • DmW

    Between micro sd or upgraded camera

  • JT

    That edge to edge display is too die for!

  • rho1

    I like the QHD display and the camera.

  • Ehab Al Sibakhi

    Water proof, expandable memory and water cooling system

  • Kevin Valencourt

    This would be perfect. I am looking at dropping Telus and going to Bell. I need reliability and Bell has the best network. So being that I have to pay over 500.00 to buy out my Telus contract, a free phone would be nice to start fresh with on Bell’s Network!

  • Renault Cartier

    It’s size

  • Louisa New


  • cose

    was always a fan of the edge to edge screen

    now if only we can get a scrolling ticker on it

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    It’s sheer performance, MicroSD expandability and IP68, of course!

  • Daniel Weng

    Battery life!

  • Frankie Wu

    Battery Life is a must

  • blueadept1

    I like the bottom facing speaker. It is good because my ear is on my chest.

  • Senk

    In my experience with Galaxy flagship phones the best thing about them are the cameras. I’m sure this one is no different.

  • Justin Gray

    The dust and water resistant feature intrigues me.

  • John Kato

    I love the entire Samsung Galaxy series! The operating system and visuals are so easy to navigate! I’d love to win a Galaxy 7! 🙂

  • Shawn

    SD card slot

  • I want to win this!! great display is the best feature!

  • Umer Mushtaq

    I really wanna win this. I have never owned a Samsung phone. Pretty please.

  • Etebom Ekuere

    Love the long battery life and the amazing camera! Would love to own this phone!

  • Dexter Brando Lime

    Call me old fashioned but, My favorite features are all the ones I had stolen by my Galaxy S6! I miss the water proofing and the many many movies I would house in a MicroSD card!

  • jaysim

    Favorite feature = new camera, bigger pixels, fast focus

  • J S

    Definitely the body, screen, and camera. Looks like an all-around great phone.

  • Anthony

    Water resistant.

  • Jack

    This is the phone that I have been waiting for!!! I am expecting a lot from its dual pixel of the new camera. The focus on my Note 4 is wayyyy too slow comparing to S7 Edge. I have missed a lot of good moment just because of that.

  • hmm…Camera obviously!

  • Nadefrenzy

    S6 Edge+ was already a good phone, this adds to it with the microSD card and waterproof capabilities.

  • Nebula

    While the new processor is nice, its the IP68 certification that does it for me.

  • I never knew how much a despised camera bumps until the S6. That’s my favourite “feature” of the s7 edge!

  • Eddy Javier Pineda

    S7 Water resistant and SD card support yes!!!!

  • Sajib Saha

    Expandable memory!!!!!!

  • Erwin_Ign

    The Edge UX, love the new way of creating calendar appointments and instant access to apps. As a mobilesyrup fan for ages, this is the phone I want to win the most ????

  • littledover

    Had a Note 1 then Note 2. Then made the mistake of getting an LG G3. I want back into the Samsung Eco-system.

  • Phat Kat

    I love the curved screen with the fast processor. This phone is a beast and I’m the only one who can tame it. Please let me win this as I also love Bell, one of the best Service Providers out there! I’ll keep my fingers AND toes crossed for this one.

  • TJ Neal

    I’m a teacher who is doing a lot of VR work in my classroom. We are looking at ways to incorporate VR into a variety of high school programs. I would love the chance to use the S7 and GearVR to show students powerful and more affordable solutions to VR. Most of my students are super excited about VR (Rift and Vive) and I bet if they saw the S7 Edge and GearVR they’d more to Samsung as soon as they had a phone upgrade available.

  • Eastvanfan

    water resistance would be mine.

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  • Robert Hrobelsky

    Sd card is back

  • Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabidu

    I have young kids. Water resistance would be great to have around my spillypants children.

  • Michael Head

    Bigger screen is nice.

  • Adam Kilner

    The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a brilliant new 12MP f/1.7 camera. The move from the previous edition’s 16MP camera proves that MP aren’t everything when it comes to taking pictures as one can tell simply by the fact that the aperture alone lets in about 25% more light. Brilliant move on Samsung’s part!

  • Caligari

    SD slot.

  • John Ford

    One feature? Thats tough. I like the waterproof, SD slot and bonus battery life.

  • itsyaboyjp

    The always on display is incredibly useful.

  • Ionel Maier

    The waterproofing and the new camera are making the new s7 a desirable phone.

  • Andrew P.

    Would be a nice upgrade from my LG G3

  • Pierre

    It beats my Nexus 5 in pretty much every way but I must say that the design is what really wins me over. The build, features and structure of the phone are simple the best on the market. Can’t wait to show this baby off

  • Ivia Relle

    Gotta love that water and dust resistance. No more worrying about taking your phone out of your pocket on a rainy day! (And we get a LOT of rainy days.)

  • Hakamisu

    Battery size.

  • Kalen G

    I intend to win this for my beautiful wife! She needs a new phone and this is the best of the best! Thanks mobile syrup!

  • Pete Pardoe

    They brought back the Micro SD slot!

  • walt

    Free phone!!

  • Michael Farrell

    this phone is amazing looking. love the SD card slot coming back and samsung new pro series micro cards to make sure you don’t lose the speed

  • manpreet singh

    that edge screen

  • Sharlene Hennigar


  • ukefromtheyukon

    I’d say my favourite phones are definitely Samsungs. With the new flagship s7 and s7 edge, I LOVE that they’re waterproof (which saved me countless times on the s5) and especially that they give the opportunity to go beyond our world using the gear vr.

  • DaRazorback

    I currently have the Moto X Play. My wife has the Xperia Z 3 and if she grabs my phone to do something, such a grab a contacts phone number she always talks about how laggy it is compared to her phone, so much less lag would be great.

    However, the feature in looking forward to most is the curved side bezels. In person, they just look so gorgeous. If love to watch videos on it.

  • Fady Mansour


  • Benoit Bourdua

    There’s no one feature I love most, it has everything! But camera sure looks like it’s pretty awesome.

  • Darren MacGregor

    Sweet ride. Love those edges

  • Brandon

    The S7 is a beautiful device. Love the less bulky camera and the water proofing. I’m thinking about getting the device and giving my older phone to my mother.

  • Bryan Dery

    Bring it here baby!!!!

    Been down with the Galaxy line since the i9000!!!

    Micro SD son!

  • Jimmy Pang

    Yay free!

  • Matthew H

    Many things to love about it. Water resistant for one, so glad they got that feature back because it seems they almost went in the wrong direction with removing it from S5 to S6. Also the subtle design changes; the phone looks so much more sleek and high end than it ever has. Loving the specs as usual too. Should be a killer phone!

  • A. Bilal Aslam

    For me it’s the wireless charging, micro SD card slot, and quick charging. Those are the features I must have in a smartphone.

  • Hotrod

    I love the idea of a waterproof phone!

  • Matthew David

    Rounded edges? I don’t know, in the picture it looks kind of boxy. J/k give me wireless charging! It’s amazing my phone has the power for me to write this right now!

  • Eric

    Cannot wait to try out the advanced LTE speeds

  • Derek Vipond

    How do you list one feature? The dust and waterproof feature, the resolution, the processor, the SD card support, fast wireless charging feature, and the list goes on. I would love to give my S5 to my son and upgrade to the S7.

  • bluerage

    Oh man do I want to win this. Love what I’ve been reading about the camera, especially it’s performance under low light. Love that samsung also brought back the sd card slot and made it waterproof. Thanks mobilesyrup!

  • kyle brodie

    Waterproofing followed by better camera.

  • David MacInnis

    The Exynos 8890 processor, yeah baby

  • alexandremorin

    My old phone is starting to give up on me. It’s getting slower each day. A Galaxy S7 Edge would be an awesome replacement and my favourite feature is the water resistance. All phones should have that.

  • Dan

    The camera makes me think that this will be the device to beat this year. (Too bad that Canada gets the Exynos version though.)

  • Sylvain

    Its amazing display!

  • willy

    Would be nice to own the best phone on the fastest network…..
    With the fastest camera launch

  • Rob Hooper

    SD support or the usb plug are both HUGE new features!!!!

  • Helio4k

    Awesome looking phone my Lg G3 would benefit of a early retirement.

  • Paulex

    Nice and sweet round edges that follow the curves of your hand. Sleek touch with great dust and water resisting feature that will come handy as I am an active indoor and outdoor user. Great technical specifications, especially the added microSD slot and high end camera and screen. I would be delighted to be the owner of such a fine device

  • Geoff McLelland

    Finally, a phone I can drop in the toilet!

  • Jérémie Ouellet

    Sd card finally!! Samsung is back

  • StephR

    The VR capabilities and the 1.7f aperture for low light photos.

  • MBen

    Great HD screen, would love to see it in my hand 🙂

  • Brendan Riddell

    I love the way the edge looks even more if I won one!

  • Shahid Ibraheem

    I love the water resistivity n the edges. It’s so much fUn :^)

  • Richard Persaud

    I would stay waterproof and sd card, but those are old features from the S5 days. The camera is what Im looking forward too. Finally, a phone that can truly take low light picture without overexposing it with a flash or with a lot of noise day to non effective auto settings that bump the iso too high.

  • GDC1982

    Water and dust resistant.

  • SmellyFingr

    Would be a nice upgrade!

  • Mike D

    I’m really happy they brought back the water resistance, the memory card slot and a bigger battery.

  • Would love to win! My favourite feature is that it is both dust and water resistant!!! How cool is that?

  • Dell Um

    Well well well….. the camera stands out to be the best feature plus the welcome addition of the memory card slot ………… lovin it

  • Twonald

    Want. So. Bad.

  • Zoli

    Love that display!

  • Nauman.Choudhry

    It has to be the battery size, should keep me going all day.

  • Jeff

    Waterproof, SD card, and it’seems not an iPhone 🙂

  • Fodder0f4

    Best feature, hands down is the waterproofing!

  • Major Suave

    Would love to win I have been switching between LG and Samsung for my 5 previous phones (including my aging G3) would like to see the might of Exynos.

    Can’t wait to play with edge too

  • It’s all around pretty good, but coming from a early 2013 phone I’d have to say the increased performance + better battery life seem like the best features.

  • Edgar

    The best feature is the upgrade from S3 to S7 edge 🙂

  • HiKsFiles

    This one’s mine! 😀

  • Dan Balansiak

    the 3,600mAh battery is whats got me interested seems like a good bit better then my current phone. cheers

  • Charly

    Waterproof for sure! Hands down!

  • R M

    Sweet phone, would be a nice and welcome replacement for an older nexus 🙂

  • Dan Cooper

    Simple! That is the cleanest, best looking, powerhouse phone to date. I would love to win this beauty!

  • Louis Foy

    I like the bigger battery !

  • BB71

    Looks to be a top notch release from Samsung. I think the two things I like the most are the battery size and the reports on the camera quality.
    Would absolutely love to have this phone.
    Share some of the love with Ottawa!

  • Matt Gagnon

    Just dropped my lg g4, smashed the screen, would really help to win this. Good luck everyone.

  • Dillon Kelloway

    improved low light camera capabilities and of course expandable memory. Would be a decent upgrade from my S6

  • scrichards101

    The delicious screen quality/size…

  • Jonah Gingras

    Time to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. Couldn’t think of a better phone to do it with.

  • Javier Lopez

    Its extraordinary!Those Edges give it a unic feel and look only this phone can get!Looks amazing with strong specs too!

  • jack

    Best Phone out right now, would love to win and give Android another chance, and my old Note 3 is getting tired

  • Philippe Pouliot

    The Edge Screen… 🙂

  • Moosen

    Great looking phone

  • Vinnie Mac

    I love the footprint and design language of the Galaxy s7 edge also an SD card slot! would be stoked to win this to replace my htc m8

  • Phil Nguyen


  • Paul Brinson

    Amazing Smartphone! Samsung’s best ever! Edge screen, great camera, huge battery, what’s not to like?


    Hands down its the Display and battery Samsung really nailed it this time.

  • Lekan

    I love the fact that it has such a huge battery and supports SD card. Those are my fave features. I need a new phone badly

  • I’m excited for the microSD, big battery, and 4gb of RAM!

  • KJ Roth

    Waterproof 🙂

  • Byron J. Bricker

    Love that they added the microSD back! A welcome addition.

  • Spence

    The waterproofing and big battery make this phone miles better than last years model

  • Corey Larson

    Wireless charging and water resistant! Awesome phone

  • Darlene Oprey

    My favorite feature on the S7 would be the water resistance. It has many of great features as well but this would be my choice. Would love to be the proud owner of this beauty

  • Jason van de Laar

    Fast Charging!

  • I like the design of it.

  • Matthieu Durbesson

    Excellent battery, it’s just the perfect cell phone !

  • The Sarge

    MicroSD card

  • TP

    Samsung Pay!


    The fact that it is an all around decent device based on Android is good enough for me to put in the effort to win it. Nice give away MSyrup.

  • Waterproof and nice looking phone.

  • Avgvstvs

    It’s a sweet device. Hand it over.

  • MicroSD card bro!

  • Mr_Smoosh

    The return of the SD card is my favourite if I had to pick only one.

  • Darryl Wheeler

    What What like best about the phone is the amazing battery life that stands heads and tails above the competition. No matter where you are the phone will be there for you when you need it the most

  • moovyguy

    Ohhh drool ……
    Damn that is a sexy, sexy phone ……
    5.5 inches is the perfect size ….. FOR A PHONE ………. 🙂
    So yeah … gimmie gimmie gimmie !!!!!!

  • bytemybits

    SD card support, water resistant, edge HD screen. What’s not to like?

  • Andrew

    That awesome battery life!

  • Neil Lodenquai

    3,600mAh non-removable battery with wireless fast charging capabilities!

  • JLS

    Awesome looking phone…screen and RAM are very attractive

  • chuff puff

    i <3 the waterproof feature.

  • Jim

    I could use an upgrade from my s4, and this would be perfect. Im a big fan of the water resistance added this year.

  • fred

    This is an actual first Samsung Phone that I would love to use!

  • Mich Sturgeon

    The camera, again. Looks like a winner. Oh and all the other great features.

  • seanandros

    Big fan of the always on display

  • Oliver C.

    There is a lot of features that makes this phones the best one in the market, but waterproofing is definitely whatmakes this phone the one I want!!

  • Elizabeth V

    I love that it is water resistant and good battery life. Would be amazing to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  • Mike Stolarchuk

    I am SO glad that Samsung had added a larger battery, an SD card slot next to the sim and water resistancy, just about everything that the S6 was lacking. That camera seems absolutely unreal for night shooting also! Prettymuch a perfect phone!

  • abudnick

    Beautiful screen

  • Vigilantee

    3600 mah phone with 4gb’s of ram – yumm!

  • Ali F.

    Water proof and design.

  • Matt Goldberg

    My phones tend to go through a lot before I’m done with them… Water resistance would probably be useful.

  • Nathan

    They brought expandable memory back AND its water resistant? good on ya samsung!

  • monsterduc1000

    YES PLEASE 🙂 Return of the SD card is my fave feature.

  • Oliver C.

    The water resistance got me that’s for sure! Amazing phone all in all

  • Stuart Cossar

    Awesome phone, the screen is exceptional. And I love the fact it’s water resistant

  • Kaza Maza

    Best feature if this phone is the 3,600mah battery. My current Moto X play has the same and it has made a huge difference when it come to full day use. really looking forward for this phone.

  • Tom W

    I’d have to say style!

  • techÄnalogy

    Favorite feature has to be the huge battery.

  • AP

    I love that microSD and water resistance are back! Plus that battery!

  • Alex Benitez

    IP68 Certified with a great screen

  • Mdaf

    There are so many features to choose from! Waterproof, expandable memory, best camera on market, beautiful design, fits better on your hand than OJ’s glove, beautiful 4K display that you want to look at until the battery drains, which it won’t since it has a 3600 mAh battery) faster processors, more ram than any other phone, you can game with it, you can do VR, and to top it off you are giving it away to the best network in Canada, Bell!… what else do you need in this phone? IT DOES EVERYTHING plain and simple. I just hope I win this so I can enjoy all those great features.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Fantastic looking device…intrigued by the improved edge interface.

  • I like the late advanced. So fast. 80+ mbps in AB.

  • Dive4Ever

    Sign me up

  • Drew Bigelow

    MicroSD card slot and water proofing. Great camera too

  • asimsin .

    Waterproof, camera, battery, screen.

  • Robert Hillier

    Water resistant

  • berkly

    Water resistance is a feature I like.

  • andrew konken

    I’m really interested to see what Samsung did with Touchwiz. It’s been a long time since I had a Galaxy S2, and I think they have come a long way. I also keep reading that the camera is amazing. Would love to try this.

  • Andrew Hutton

    Gotta love that waterproofing!

  • bjtheone

    Would be a nice update to my note 4

  • Franklin

    hmm update from note 3 ?

  • Yannick Bournival

    The faster speed on LTE advanced!

  • The wallpapers!

  • Jeff

    Would be nice.

  • Hassan Irtaza

    I’ve had Apple iphones since 3GS when it launched in Canada, and now its getting annoying to see the storage error with them offering 16gb. I love the BELOVED return of the SD card and I would love to try android for once as my daily driver phone (instead of using a friends phone for a bit)

  • said akl

    I like the waterproof feature.

  • Rawrrr

    The return of the SD card slot and resistance to the elements.. Awesome! Missed that in the S6..

  • Marcel Bouzane

    Oh hells yes! Wireless charging. I need this!!

  • Syaz

    Waterproofing and Wireless Charging are both my favourite features!

  • satdan


  • mxmgodin


  • G Nunchuk

    Screen size, and battery

  • Pat

    The amazing curved screen!

  • 1two1

    I think the wireless fast charge is a great feature.

  • Ben Apperly

    Water resistant without loosing the sleek look of S6!

  • Mohit Punjabi

    Waterproofing and the one of a kind curved screen!

  • Sébastien Ducharme

    Waterproof + VR !

  • pnoid

    Waterproof ftw

  • The best feature is the return of the MicroSD slot

  • Robert T. Desjardins

    I like that it is IP68 resistant!!!

  • Ipse

    The camera…I am SO tired of my Note3 performance in this area…otherwise it would still hold for another year. But I’ll get the Edge for similar size screen and the fabulous cam.

  • LeTricolore

    I love the big screen on the S7 Edge. I definitely want my next phone to be around 5.5″

  • Jason Hale

    Looking forward to holding my prrrecious…

  • jppetines

    The waterproof and dust resistant features appeal to me. As an outdoorsman, I am prone to tough and wet conditions. The S7 edge will definitely give me the edge and durability I need in these harsh environments.

  • Nordwing Sanchez

    I’ve used the S4 & S5 but hesitated when they came out with the S6. I immediately fell in love when I read the reviews on the S7. It would be amazing to win this phone. Hooray for expandable memory.

  • Marc Ray

    Thank you Bell and my favorite feature I can’t wait to play with is the camera.

  • GaDgEtMoN

    I will have to say the best feature is the waterproofing and second, the battery size..

  • fireburst

    Love the edged screen 🙂

  • james

    Amazing specs and some old features are back. I am more interested in the return of the SD card support. 32gb on the phone allows people to pay less. You can easily find micro SD card of 32gb for like $15. you would be paying an extra $100 to $150 to have that option on the phone! Would love to win one!

  • Scott Smith

    Very pretty phones! With the SD card slot back in, I might go back to Samsung for this!

  • Sameer Shaikh

    Love S7 edge bigger screen,water proof and SD card capability what’s next ?? Next is NOW !! Good job Samsung you have a refined S7. love the camera in low light.Cant wait to get one

  • Gabriel Dionne

    The IP68 Water & Dust resistance return!

  • AndroidMan416

    Would love to win this to take great pictures of my son’s 1st birthday APRIL 21.. You guys are my go to tech source of info on phones every morning so PLEASE PICK ME!!!
    Features I LOVE and WILL LOVE is the CAMERA and expandable storage.. PERFECT for taking pics and videos and you’ll never run out of storage since its EXPANDABLE!

  • Shaoyin Guo


  • Tristan Leigh Storms

    Definitely water resistance

  • Jackson

    Water resistant! Still using a S5 and this is one good reason to upgrade to S7 edge!

  • SPH17

    Fingerprint reader

  • Saif Ansari


  • I would love to win this phone because 1) it’s brand new 2) it runs Android 6.0 and 3) it has a large 5.5″ display

  • Mitchell Palmater

    Would absolutely die for a chance at this device!!!
    Count me in

  • mapper99

    Love the curves!

  • Myk Jemetz

    Water resistance is awesome.

  • Cole Hayes

    Awesome phone!!! Please please please!

  • Andrew

    Having used iPhone for the past few years, it’ll be nice to be able to expand the phone’s storage with the Micro SD slot!

  • M. Agus

    All perfect on this one. But one thing that will take the phone to the next level, will be the eye scan. Love yaa <3

  • James

    Amazing! Water proof definitely the coolest thing! Goodluck everyone!

  • Wei Cui

    Awesome phone finally returns with a SD card slot.

  • Issam

    I like the fact it has SD card.

  • Neha Lad

    The feature I like the best in S7 edge is the Vulkan API.

  • Tommy Chan


  • Mohamed Elmosaly

    Love the waterproof feature and the fact they brought expandable storage back!

  • WR

    Great phone. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Huy Pham

    Glad to see mocro SD back !

  • Andrew

    This would be amazing. Samsung bringing back the waterproofing was a great move!

  • Emma

    I am super impressed that it’s liquid cooled, and my favourite feature is the improved battery life over the S6

  • prof gil

    I like the improved camera, water and dust resistant feature, and the SD card slot is back!

  • Michael S

    Best feature I like is the comeback of the expansion SD card and the introduction of the IP68 Water & Dust Resistance. 🙂

  • Patrycja Trotter

    I’d love to upgrade. The one thing I am missing on the s6 is the SD card expandable memory feature.

  • Alexandre Beloin

    The fact that it’s water and dust resistant.

  • Steve

    Water resistance is a must on phones now – glad this is a feature. LTE speed is nice too.

  • Garrett Cooper

    This would be awesome, I have to win eventually, right? That battery size for sure, the camera sounds interesting as well!

  • BovineTipper

    Big fan of the overall combination of features. Slim, big battery, waterproof and great camera!

  • Eluder

    The screen on this device is pretty much unrivaled and my favourite feature.

  • kaladdin


  • RG

    The water resistance is probably its best feature.

  • lemawe

    Love the curved back, it makes the phone easier to handle than the previous generation. I’ll not need a case anymore.

  • Chris G

    how good is this camera in low light. thats what im most interested in

  • Mutnat

    I think the screen the main draw and my favourite feature. Thanks for the contest!

  • camera

  • Samuel Jackson

    I like how the camera performs in low light condition

  • Nidal Islam

    The S6 edge is the first Android phone I’ve owned after a decade of iPhone use and it was liberating. While a lot of people voiced their unhappiness for Samsung’s choices with the s6/s6 edge, I knew when I had it that it was the best phone of 2015. With a smooth and lightning fast user experience, and a powerful TouchWiz platform to boot, it was unbeatable by the somewhat gimmicky lineup of phones available at the time. Now, the S7 takes an already amazing, holistic phone experience and improves it? Astounding. My favorite feature in the S7 edge is its snappy and very useful TouchWiz interface.

  • Shan

    Curved screen and the design is the best!! + mSD support

  • Frederic Davidson

    Improved camera is what I prefer. Hopefully Samsung provides updates for the next 2 years

  • Nicola Dompierre

    The waterproofing is a must!

  • Anirudh Muralidhar

    The camera on this device is impressive.

  • DaPower

    Would love to have one of those! …. My N6 is starting to get laggy and the new GS7s are really really tempting right now!

  • sai

    I love that is it waterproof and I like how they improve the camera auto focus speed and the low light. and also the micro sd which gives me extra storage.

  • Stephanie

    This thing looks so amazing! I love the return of expandable storage and water resistance. Good job Samsung :3

  • Sevael

    I love the idea of a Samsung phone with a huge battery.

  • Tony Tao

    Faster LTE and Water Resistance has draw my attention to this beautiful device!

  • Brian Ung

    That 3,600 mAh battery! *drools*

  • AJKahn

    What can I like about this? I never win, so who cares. T-T

  • David

    expandable memory via microSD!

    thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • WP

    my favourite feature is the edge… because i live my life on it.

  • Patrick

    I love the fact that it’s more compact than Samsung 6 edge plus but still has a large screen…

  • mrplough86

    SD card and being waterproof again…Boo Yeah! Here’s hoping

  • Jas Kamoh

    The camera, yes.

  • Isaac Gacura

    Water resistance makes this phone perfect apart from all the other great features it has, I hate having to worry about my phone getting wet when it rains.

  • Dr. Savage

    I love thats its completely waterproof!

    • Stephen Miranda

      Water resistant**

  • Hai Karate

    The SD card slot has to be the feature that puts this phone over the top for me. So hard to choose my favourite feature, though.

  • ashkan namiranian

    Great phone. Love the battery and camera

  • mssmison

    Water resistance for sure!

  • Ekcol

    I’m down for the IP68. You never know when you’ll need to answer your phone in the middle of a hurricane, and with IP68, you won’t care!

  • Daniel Craig

    Water resistance

  • JHead82

    I can’t pick just one. The screen is incredible, the expandable storage is great to have back, one of the best – if not the best – cameras on a smart phone, and the water resistance is amazing! Hope to be selected as the winner. Thank you, MobileSyrup!

  • Justin

    Return of the SD card function!!!

  • Daryl Majul

    Screen size and 4GB ram

  • Kevin Lafontaine


  • Roymathieu

    I’d love to get my hands on this phone cause it seems Samsung has finally nailed it. I’ve been a Samsung fan but have always been sad to see the software problems…so yeah, I want this phone!

  • Winnie Leung

    That MicroSD cart slot is great for those of us who take lots of photos and videos 🙂

  • rajmohan pailithodi madathil

    i like its design and waterproof feature , i am going to get it today

  • Vic

    This would be amazing to win! Definitely worth switching networks!

  • michelle matta

    the wireless charging is my favourite

  • MisterMark1

    Its all about the waterproof! FTW.

  • Auto_Esc

    The Edge feature! loving it, now let me win that phone so I can use it on a daily basis 🙂

  • opteron1983

    Looks like a winner. The camera will definetly be useful for capturing evolving family life.

  • I love the fact that it’s so resistant to water. That takes one big concern for phone breaking off the table.

  • Andrew Jelly

    Love the 30minute waterproof 5 feet feature. its Gold Jerry!

  • Shawn

    The camera, the one thing I really like on my Wifes S6 edge, and its even better on the S7

  • Paul Gallant

    I am very pro the microSD slot.

  • Yossi Ronnen

    Great phone and design. I love the “edge” functionality.

  • David Lee

    Bringing back the micro SD card!

  • Egorrich

    SD Card and waterproof. No ITUNES!

  • The IP68 Water Resistant is what really interests me. Plus the design is pretty slick!

  • Elaine

    I love that it’s water resistant !

  • Gabe E

    The Waterproof feature and the doze mode.

  • ken

    I like the solid feel. beautiful design

  • Logan Rogers

    The battery. So glad they beefed up the battery.

  • Andrew Hannaford

    I’m just happy that battery life has improved

  • Dan Hirsch

    It’d be killer to win this baby!

  • Elizabeth

    I love the SD card cupport. Also, the fact that the camera is greatly improved! So awesome! Thanks for the chance

  • Juice Box

    this is a great device. I’ve been holding out for a phone with expandable storage for the last ~year, sadly so few on offer (don’t like the G4, couldn’t get the Z5 on Rogers). The fact that they have it in a powerful, waterproof, pleasing design is even better! Can’t wait to win!

  • Lushka Smith

    My favourite feature is that it is water resistant. Following you around, one day l’ll win.

  • John Max

    I like the waterproof as well as the camera, seems like it got better. 🙂

  • shirley chen

    It is has external storage! plus it is slim

  • supergrover

    Love the bright screen and water-resistance! The camera and battery life are great improvements as well…all around, a solid device!

  • joegibroni

    Living in Canada… Water resistant FTW!!!

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Bringing back the microSD! I would love to upgrade from my s5 🙂

  • Sunny Dhanoa

    Water resistant!!

  • AmarCheema

    the phone itself makes the name…. samsung the best!!!!

  • Geoff Dean

    The camera is my favourite feature

  • Topher Andrew Graham

    Love that they brought back expandable memory and water resistance!

  • Brent Chin

    Waterproof, shower binge watching here i come!!

  • carswell

    The bezelless sides! Would be a great device to have as my first cellphone (I know, I know…).

  • Crossed

    Bigger battery is my fav feature!!!

  • Niklsun

    I’ve been a huge supporter of Samsung ever since the launch of the original Galaxy S back in 2010. The liquid cooling and enhanced camera features make this one of the most desirable phones on the market. Samsung has outdone themselves with this one

  • Rob Jay

    The waterproofing coming back is pretty cool.

  • ledan

    Curved display

  • Deli

    It’ll be a great gift for my mom!

  • Jerry

    Goodluck to all. Best feature is the waterproof! I would love to watch youtube videos in the shower!!!

  • Evan Hauser

    The bigger battery is the most welcome feature, and a trend that I hope continues.

  • Qwindsor

    Waterproofing is cool

  • Derek Chan

    I would love to have a spin with the camera on the Galaxy S7! Hook me up please! My Galaxy Note II just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • Angela Stewart LeBlanc

    Waterproof! Fast charging! BEAUTIFUL

  • Darren Pasay

    Looking forward to Android 6.0 the most. Also, a phone with 4G of RAM!

  • Zee

    I would like to hook them up! Mr. S7 Edge, meet Ms. Rain-Storm from Vancouver! 😀

  • Jake

    Edge feature.

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    Water and dust resistance (without flaps!)

  • Kevin

    Beautiful shiny and chrome phone.

  • Clifford D

    Favourite feature is that they were smart and actually disabled adoptable storage. So many people complaining about it but don’t realize that option was designed for 8GB phones and would cause more problems than it would solve with this beauty.

  • Ash H

    Unreal! Got to play with one in store today. The phone is extremely fast and the screen in direct sunlight is truly one of the best. Would love to get in depth with one of these in my hands.
    Also a major issue I found with s5 was the echo sound when on a call due to the water resistance feature, and it isn’t present on s7.

    Very impressed

  • rgruia

    The removable battery at 3,600 mAh is quite impressive, as are the display and the water resistance. But Exynos 8890 processor??? I thought Canada would be one of the countries in which the S7 would have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip instead of Samsung’s own silicon… a bit of a let down there to be 100% honest 🙂

  • Mitchell House

    Definitely love the gorgeous screen and the fantastic camera. Now that they’ve figured out how to use the extra edge of the phone, it would a unique and awesome phone to have!


    As I travel the entire country on business, the Advanced LTE & Built-in Fast Charging are what attracts me most to the Galaxy S7 Edge. It would also be beneficial to have a decent Front Facing Camera so I can Skype with my 4 year old when away on business. My little one can barely make out Daddy’s face when Skyping on my current device.

  • SL

    Micro sd slot is my fave.

  • The edge.

  • Sebastien Dicaire

    Edge screen and water resistance

  • Coelienke

    I want this phone so much!

  • Justin K.

    The return of the SD slot!

  • Noah

    6-8h SoT is the best part.

  • derek daigle

    that display though! Would love to win this.

  • Leong Wenyi

    Waterproof,microSD card,fast recharging,large battery capacity,beautiful edge and Andriod M

  • mobilesugar

    Gimme Gimme! nice device for work and play!

  • ShocWave

    The return of the microSD card!

  • Jacqueline Man

    The Camera and battery is my favourite! I also love the waterproof feature!

  • Elaine

    I love that it’s water resistant!

  • Michael H

    That curved screen!

  • ıllıDominicVaz

    waterproof, MicroSD card and low light camera

  • Gurtej Singh

    The curved glass is my favourite feature on the edge

  • drew

    The new edge features mixed with marshmallow, that’s what i’m most excited about.

  • jian jian

    The most important attribute of this phones is the low light capabilities considering we spend half our time in the dark.

  • jndvrk

    SD Card & Camera. Those night time shots are looking very impressive.

    Also, as a Nexus 5 user with a broken power button, I cannot stress how important it is to have more than one way at least two ways to wake the phone from sleep. (using the proximity sensor now, but it’s a Reg Green fix at best.)

  • Dee

    I will convert back to Samsung with an S7… and I just got the iPhone 6S! That camera is superbbbb.. I need it in my life.

  • Shawn McLeod

    I sure am keen to take good pictures with my very new prize won S7 edge!!

  • Tieann W-West

    I love the new edge display settings. It differentiates itself from the other devices. I love that they combined basically the S6 Edge+ with the S5 options (water resistant and Expandable Memory)

  • mmdma

    love the comeback of the micro sd

  • Aaron Sum

    battery improvement?
    sign me up
    but pretty hype to try out the edge

  • Claudiu Corbea

    I like the camera the best

  • David Rawlins

    The screen looks amazing (of course) but I think the camera and it’s low light capabilities are the best. As with most people these days I use my phone for most of my family shots so that alone makes it the most important feature. Thanks and good luck all!

  • Jose M. Vazquez

    This is a mean device!

  • Bradley Marlborough

    I am looking forward to the amazing camera from what I hear 🙂

  • umnikke8

    Water resistance looks like a nice feature.

  • DaSmuggla

    Water resistant

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Welcome back my dear microSD

  • charleco

    Incredible phone added SD Card slot is amazing but the waterproof sells it

  • thereasoner

    I like the curved screen the best, it’s definitely a beautiful design. The high quality cameras are a client second !

  • Christian Ovalle

    The IP68 water resistance on the new Samsung S7 is my favorite feature.

  • Crazy Legs™

    Would love to win one of these!

  • That dual pixel phase detection and ip68 is very tempting

  • charles00

    curved screen looks awesome!

  • J. D.

    that it’s waterproof!

  • Jordan Kenney

    I like the ip68 rating. Dealing with a water damaged note 5 now and it’s not a lot of fun.

  • steph sarah

    Other than the design I really want to try out the camera it looks great.

  • michael barnes

    Fancy edge screen. Oooo

  • acedar

    Waterproof and wireless charging…

  • Expandable storage! 🙂

  • Bobby Aves

    IP68 certified

  • Steven M

    The edge making it a large phone that’s actually usable with one hand!

  • Craig Faubert

    Style is outstanding… Looking for a great camera!

  • melzzzzzzzzz

    I am extremely clumsy, somehow all my phones end up in water. I love the water resistant feature!!!!!

  • James Arsenault

    I like longer battery life is the real key I wanted to have G7 edge

  • Justin Tulsiram

    What Samsung has done with SD card storage. While some people say what marshmallow does with SD cards to allow them to become part of the internal storage is nice, but offloading certain apps to the SD card and only having them when you want them seems more convenient to me. Thanks for running the contest! Hope I win!

  • Benjamin Gronberg

    It’s design

  • Tyrone Daniels

    I love that curved display with a bigger battery for a longer time for me to gaze at it….AMAZING

  • George

    Want that extra battery life and water proofing, only downsides that the s6 had!

  • todd

    Being in construction the feature that I love the best is the fact that it is dust and water resistant. Thank you mobilesyrup for an amazing contest.

  • ArberBeq

    The best part of this phone is that its waterproof!

  • honesty


  • Daniel

    Better battery

  • penumbra

    I hope I win,but i’m buying that phone even if I don’t

  • Blueliner

    My Nexus 4 just bricked so I’m in desperate need to get a new phone.. the S7 edge seems to be the perfect fit with upgrades across the board compared to the N4. The feature I like best would have to be the camera since the N4 has given so much trouble all these years.

  • salutcemoi

    Water resistance.

  • Justin

    Water resistance!

  • Yanis Sauvé

    Water resistance, for sure!

    Good luck everybody!

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    The curved screen, man… The curved screen. Oh and I am winning this, sorry to everyone else ahead of time. 🙂

  • Adil

    always on display and the tech specs in general

  • Sap

    mmm…love me some water resistancy.

  • Gord Azzoparde


  • Harvinder Singh

    Camera and screen

  • Velikost

    Honestly the feature I like best is the microSD card slot. I was so disappointed when they removed it from the S6. Also love the curved Edge screen!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • happystweets

    The larger battery with a longer life sounds great…especially to someone who still has an S3 that has a dead battery before the end of the day. The many other improvements are fantastic; would love to get my hands on it!

  • My favorite feature would have to be the great camera. I’ve had a Lumia Icon for the last couple years and I always look for a highly reviewed camera.

  • Rameez Sehgal

    Its look! pretty sleek and sexy !!

  • Hmm. Which feature do I like best? I like the water/dust resistance. I think that is it’s best feature. That and the micro SD card slot.

  • Metroyyc

    Dual Curve Screen.. nuff said

  • Stephen Miranda

    Bigger battery, always on display, water resistant capabilities & microSD 😀

  • RogerStrong

    I like the expandable storage.

  • MBTechno

    I’ll have to say the SD card slot is the feature I like best on this phone. It’s THE feature I miss the most since I updated my phone. I now constantly feel the need to transfer my photos and videos to an OTG USB drive now. I used to just offload all of this on SD cards and I do miss that.

  • tony1982801

    Love the edge feature of the phone and the huge battery

  • Yes sir I’d like to own this amazing and truely innovative Android smartphone.

  • Jorge P.

    I would love to with this phone! specialy because of its Amazing display, camara, and a massive battery!

  • dmcd

    I love the LTE Advance, I can’t wait to use my entire monthly quota in minutes.

  • Alex


  • Markus F

    I really like the big 3,600 mAh battery!

  • I really love that Curved Screen….but that SDCARD SLOT !!!!

  • Shovon Gias

    Great looking phone. I love how samsung went with refinements over design revolution. Would love to win an S7 Edge

  • Sophia

    Those camera specs have me very excited about the Galaxy S7 edge!

  • Chris

    That massive battery!!!

  • Apocalypso

    Defintely liking the camera upgrade.

  • Angelo Joseph Vargas Vibal IV

    Let Me Win Please

  • Racquel N

    My favourite features are the screen and the waterproofing. It’s time to trade in my Z3 with its cracked screen which makes it no longer waterproof. I’m ready to go back to Samsung where my android journey began!

  • Victor Goguen

    A very impressive phone! While there are lots of exciting features, the one I like best is the wireless fast charging capability. No longer will I have to wiggle the charge wire to make the connection when the port becomes damaged after a few tugs on the wire.

  • JD

    DAT wrap around screen and SD820

  • Adam Freeman

    Best thing about these phones is always the beauty screen

  • MW

    Curved screen!! …I want this awesome phone! ????

  • Darren Toews

    Love the gorgeous curved screen. Wish they’d have brought back the removable battery but I’m glad they brought back the microSD slot.

  • Lauren

    I held a Samsung S7 Edge. I just love the way the phone molds to my hand and the camera, the 1.7/f is absolutely amazing in low light!

  • jasonklatt

    I so wish I could afford this phone! The fact that it’s waterproof is most enticing to me.

  • Justin Kelly

    The one feature am happy to see is making it water resistant without the need for flaps covering the charging port. The added plus of the larger battery that can make it through a whole day is just icing on the cake, great device.

  • Scott

    love all the hardware specs

  • Wade Keslering

    Improved edge screen…way better functionality

  • Jonathan Cutner

    Love trying out new tech!

  • AH

    Like the feelof the s7 better than the s6, its better form fitting to the hand.

  • William Wobil Pappus


  • Toronto Sassy

    I still use the s4 with a crack on the screen, will be a massive upgrade for me.
    love the edge feature of the phone, makes the screen bigger without making the phone bigger.

  • D G

    Lost my phone, hopefully I can pull through

  • donfano

    Water resistance

  • Habib Rahman

    Back to expandable storage and being water resistant…Great Job Samsung !!

  • ben john

    great phone. looking forward to upgrade from my lg g3

  • Reckful

    The edge interface

  • Stuart Martin

    Favorite feature is probably the IP68 rating or the screen. The screen is just gorgeous.

  • Adrian Garcia

    WATER RESISTANT!!!????????????????

  • ClimaClub

    Bright and big screen is its best feature.

  • Water resistant. Now that’s a feature!

  • Kafil

    the 3600 amp battery is a great feature, what use of the amazing specs if you keep on turning down the settings to save power.

  • Steve

    MicroSD and waterproof are the best feature for me!

  • SycloneRob

    Thank god the SD card slot is back.. Its a great way to store photos since I love to keep a lot of photos with me.

  • jasmine

    I love every feature of this phone. Its hard to just pick one. Every samsung phone ive had has been amazing. If i had to choose one thing it would probably be that it is waterproof. I have dropped my phone in water many times, or gotten it wet in the rain which has resulted in damage. Id love to be able to have this stunning phone without worrying ill damage it with water. :))) i also just love how aesthetically beautiful it is to look at, i love the curved screen and all the colours!!

  • Juan Pellat

    I’m following, can i haz phone plz!!! ^_^

  • Jose Regalado

    Micro SD card and water resistant are what makes this phone the best galaxy yet

  • Chris Riddle

    Love that the phone is water/dust resistant.

  • Talha Shakeel

    I would love to win this phone please let it be me. I like every Single feature of this amazing phone.Features like the cool of feature it saves your s7’s battery and prevents it from overheating when you are playing high end graphic games. I also love the new and improved Edge feature it has more options like apps and widgets which makes the edge feature more awesome and fun. Also the huge screen and the awesome improved camera

  • ∞SpaceShip∞

    Water and dust resistant, perfect for my needs!

  • Jimz

    It’s more current than my BlackBerry Z10

  • Raphael Del Castillo

    Just one feature? Why not a couple! 😉 This phone really apeaks to custmer satisfaction. Samsung heard the pleas for expandable memory, longer battery life, waterproof and a camera that exceeds most, if not all phone flagships in the current market. If i had to choose one, it would be THE CAMERA. They did well by using a 1.7 great quality of picture at low light. Would love to get my hands on one!

  • nate1280

    to many to choose from, but i think it’s gotta be the new camera

  • Aside from it being waterproof, the best feature has to be the return of the SD card slot.

  • won_for_all

    Sd card is back!

  • James Notman

    Return of the SD card!

  • Nate Liao

    SD card ????

  • Matthew Polsky

    This looks amazing!!!

  • Max Babin

    Looks like a cool phone!!

  • weetigo

    I think that design is the best feature.

  • Robert Kernaghan


  • FakeBibic

    SD cards are cool.

  • Morgan Donaldson

    I love the 3600mAh battery and the Vulcan API!

  • rkdk

    water resistance!

  • Fate_tw

    That’s an awesome screen.

  • H.C.Sprung

    I love the water and dust resistance. Great phone!

  • Jeffery Paul

    Bigger battery is definitely the key feature for me. I feel that smartphones nowadays are trying to focus too much on over-elaborate innovation instead of fixing the things people actually need for everyday use (i.e., storage options, better camera, longer battery life). Don’t get me wrong, innovation is important to an extent, but I think taking a step back from time to time and perfecting what you currently have is fundamental. I’m glad Samsung went down this route and actually listened to the consumers.

  • Gotta love that water resistance! If I do win, it’s going right to my wife. 😉

  • Kranis

    Good looking phone

  • TooSmooth93

    Curved screen!

  • Jason Hampel

    Would love that awesome battery on the S7

  • Tc♋

    I would like to say everything but I do love the camera cause I love pics!

  • rho1

    I have the S6 Edge and I would love to win the newest flagship from Samsung, the S7 Edge with its waterproof and dustproof feature.

  • Erik Voghell

    I would LOVE to get that phone! I switched to Sony because I can’t live without an SD card, ready to come back to Samsung now that the SD card is back!

    Waterproof is a must too in my work environment.

  • Michael Gardner

    Would love to try out the camera on this phone taking pictures of my daughter!

  • Musab Mobashir

    the Micro SD card

  • slayerizer

    love the camera on that puppy! 🙂

  • Dave

    I need an upgrade from my S3 and water + dust resistance would be awesome.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Would love to win an S7 especially because it’s water proof! Please let it be me!!

  • Hasan Khan

    I’d like to win and gift this to my sister birthday. Absolutely stunning phone I’ve ever seen.

  • Some Guy

    I love this device because its a sign that android phones have made the big leap in quality software and killer hardware.

  • Lucys_ma_name

    Everything about this phone screams to me. The design and edge feature, the battery life, camera, water and dust resistance, SD card storage again, fast, clear screen! It’s love and I’d LOVE to win this beauty! (Lucy Medeiros)

  • MissFit

    I’m so glad the SD slot is back. But best of all, waterproof. I regret not waiting.

  • Tubamabob

    Definitely the water-resistance.

  • NWTEli

    Best feature is the camera, those photos are so crisp. But the thing I want to know is how it handles in Canada’s Northwest Territories? The iPhone lasts 15 seconds at -40, how long does the S7 last?

  • Peter Vogel

    Waterproof, sort of; SD card.

  • Caleb

    Love the look of this phone plus the extra battery life is a real draw.

  • andy c

    Waterproofing without the flaps. Underrated feature until you void your warranty because of water damage

  • Jeff Soohoon Yu

    doesn’t the edge just look sexy as hell?

  • Brock David Metcalfe

    The water resistance. That’s what I like.

  • Jim D

    My favourite feature of this device is that removable storage option. Best decision on Samsung’s behalf to reintroduce it.

  • SSB

    The water resistance.

  • Md Renesa Nizamee

    Water resistant and the display

  • Philippe Paquet

    The IP68 mention.

  • canuck

    nice screen

  • Razorblade Computing

    I would love to have this instead of nexus 4! Time for an upgrade for me hopefully 🙂

  • Kira Alexandra Berger

    Battery life sounds incredible!

  • Josef Dclxvi

    the battery and the wireless fast charging

  • Andy T

    Curved display and sd card

  • Dru

    Love thay Samsung brought back expandable storage but best part for me is the waterproofing.

    Love having peace of mind when I’m out and about in Raincouver and want to pull my phone out in pouring rain.

  • JM

    I looove the curved screen!

  • G.P.

    Water resistance for when I go fishing.

  • Mike Rana

    Want, willing to trade note 5 for s7edge.

  • Miz flow

    Easy! Water resistant! ????

  • Craig Borrowman

    Expandable memory is back! This device looks epic!!!

  • Clay D

    Would love to win this s7 edge. Definitely the water proofing

  • Garbanzo16

    Great to see the sd card and the waterproofing being brought back

  • Mark I.

    Water resistance ftw!

  • Pat Mayo

    Water resistant would be an awesome reason to have this phone.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Camera looks awesome. Plus it has Qi charging.

  • Cory Scheuer

    I love the wireless charging. In my opinion all phones should have it by now. I would love to have this to get that feature back.

  • What I like most about this phone is the fact that it has an SD card slot. I’ve reached my 32GB storage limit on my note 5 and am really missing this feature.

  • samteevee

    The waterproof feature is my fav! Been wanting to try a Samsung phone for way too long.

  • Kevymac

    Love the battery life

  • Water resistance – I’m a klutz. Good luck to everyone!

  • Coldfire

    Bigger screen and water resistance!

  • cellophane

    The 3,600mAh non-removable battery! This phone is calling my name. It’s so beautiful

  • Kevin Ventura

    I need this phone

  • @Richard_Hansen

    So far, I think that the battery life of an S7 Edge will be the thing for me. I have an S6 and the battery does not last the day.

  • Kyall Semeniuk

    5.5 inch curved screen and water/dust resistant. Can has plz?

  • Rick Yu

    4k recording on the front facing camera? Unbelievable!

  • Karina Hildebrandt

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this model! I like the curved screen concept and I’m happy Samsung chose to try it out again with the S7 edge. Going on adventures and getting wet and wild, this waterproof phone won’t hold me back from snapping all the photos I want! I’m so excited for it to be released!

  • Josh Osborne

    Sweet sweet waterproofing

  • I can’t remember if I signed up for this or the s6. Love the water resistance

  • GS

    I like the water resistance and the camera!

  • Jody Charlton

    Micro sd of course!

  • Angela

    I like the large amount of RAM and battery.

  • Richard Williams

    Would love to get my hands on this!

  • Anthony Morgan

    This could quite possibly be the phone of the year.

  • Charles Kung

    Woot! I love the water proof-ness. Allows me to use the phone in the kitchen and bathroom without fear and caution!

  • steeephh

    Camera! And extremal SD finally is back and water resistant 🙂

  • Darkmacko

    Beautiful device. Processor, battery size, oled display, camera performance, Waterproof. What more could you ask for?

  • Zul Rizvi

    Always On feature

  • Keith Smith

    Sd card – only thing I wanted with my S6 edge

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    I think it’s the best smartphone in the world right now! Loves the beautiful screen, great feel and super camera! Perfect specs!

  • LeSaint

    The look!

  • Rick Loucks

    I am in love that they brought back waterproof!

  • Your Name

    I would love if I could win! The phone looks beautiful and it is water resistant, fast, and so much more!

  • Kyle Cross

    Waterproof and amazing camera!
    Also, I’m on a GALAXY S3!

  • Shawn Hishon

    I’m excited about the camera! It’s low light performance and auto zoom capabilities sound like Samsung has accomplished what I have been trying to find in a mobile device and allowed me to snap quality photos in an instant, no matter what the conditions.

  • Greg


  • An

    New edge features, waterproofing, Exynos 8890 and more…

  • Tyler Paulin

    Bigger battery and a great display along with underwater photos

  • formulaphone

    Want! The minimized camera bump, dual pixel camera, SD card support and water resistance are my favorite features! Oh, and Samsung Pay when it launches! 😀

  • Karyn

    Water resistant!!!

  • Anton Fuline

    Curved screen for sure

  • Renaud Emond

    The camera… I’m currently on an HTC One M8 and the camera is less than average.

  • Jerome Samuel

    The battery is probably my favorite aspect of this device!

  • Matthew Cheung

    SD card slot!!

  • Matthew Power

    The design of the phone with the edge screen. The battery life, expandable storage, water resistant.

  • Caleb

    If I had S7 edge I look forward to making the most of Bell’s advanced lte with the improved s7 edge speeds! My favourite feature is the always on screen and my favourite accessory for it is the Gear VR and the new samsung accessory I’m the most excited for is the gear 360! #GalaxyLife

  • Stan Litvin

    This is perfect smartphone. Glade to win Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Chris Donaghey

    About time i got a new phone.

  • Matt

    The HD Super AMOLED Display

  • Alex Binette

    Expendable memory

  • Rick Hilsendeger

    Sweet! 4 gig of RAM, and micro sd card, waterproofing, excellent camera, etc. Yeah, I think I could bring myself to use it.

  • John

    I’d say water resistance is my top feature here. I’ve dropped my phone one too many times in the can at the bar while trying to multitask. Drunk one handed texting is a recipe for disaster.

  • James McMahom

    The battery would be my favourite bit. It would be a big step up from my S4 mini

  • Kreegwaldo

    Battery and SD card for sure

  • downhilldude

    Love the camera, the battery, the Gear VR, the SD card slot, the always-on display, the Vulkan api, etc., etc., etc.

  • JF

    Bringing back the expandable storage is huge! This device is a rockstar!!!

  • shoaib ali

    I think it’s great that they brought back the waterproof without ugly covers for the charging nd audio ports and stuff.

  • Gurpreet Virdi

    The return of the SD card!

  • Rick best

    I love the expandable memory!!!! amazing phone

  • Lucys_ma_name

    I LOVE everything about this device, design, edge feature, battery life, SD card, water and dust resistance, camera, screen clarity, everything!!! I hope I win.

  • Toronto310

    love that it has sd card support this itteration

  • Rex Chiang


  • TheMelonOfWater

    The feature I like the best is the low light camera performance.

  • Spot Star

    battery life and it beingwaterproof, i can now multi task while taking a shower 😛

  • Cody Hansen

    The always on display. Great feature.

  • G Nunchuk

    Battery, screen, and SD slot…exce3llent

  • bucks14

    The new camera looks great!

  • Eric C

    I would say the camera is the feature that I think should be highlighted. From a photography perspective, even an incremental improvement to the iris (f-stops) can make a dramatic difference in how much light can make it onto the sensor. Pixels notwithstanding, the reduction in the camera’s protrusion from the back is much appreciated to reduce vulnerability.

    Honourable mention to the improved battery life so we can actually use this feature all day.

  • Kit

    Awesome phone!

  • Michael Hafemann

    Kudos for the camera upgrade, looks snappy! Low light is tough, focus is everything.

  • gominosensei

    expandable sdcard is back…

  • Keith Savage

    I think the IP68 aspect is something that a lot of manufacturers overlook. For someone who lives an active lifestyle, this is a huge plus.

  • simon

    I keep hearing great things about that beautiful AMOLED screen and I’d love to see it with my own eyes!

  • Heather

    The SD card ????

  • Revolver Leconte-Chevalie

    Water Proof ????

  • Melissa McKenna

    Finally a water resistant feature! Much needed for all the times I spill my coffee, wash dishes and forget my phone is on the counter, need to check my phone while running in the rain (I live on the east coast), and on and on.

  • Donny Beveridge

    As an amateur Dev, I’d love to get a chance to mess around with the Gear VR SDK.

  • Sharon Choo

    I love that they brought back the expandable storage and water resistance. Just a beautiful phone!

  • Franklin

    Id love to win this device I always loved samsung devices and will be a perfect upgrade… also its finally got sd card support back

  • Mel Seguin

    Love the low light performance on the S7. Winning this phone would make me so happy!

  • localhost

    Definitely the waterproof-ness. Larger battery is a plus too.

  • Handheld Addict

    Large battery.

  • Mark Justice

    Camera features and the SD slot make this phone amazing.

  • Kurtis Live

    Great phone with better picture quality and the return of the SD slot, glad to see Samsung listened to those who complained about their previous models.

  • Donmustard

    the waterproof and sd card!

  • Simon

    Love the great battery life and camera!

  • tomputer

    My favourite feature is the 4GB of RAM. Very exciting. My current android device can barely run 2 apps at a time.

  • Natalie

    I love the water resistant qualities of this phone and the battery life! So great for busy, on-the-go life.

  • g0pher

    Micro SD card

  • todd

    Being in construction I love the fact that both S7 models are both dust and water resistant. I am also glad that they brought back the micro SD card and its ability to up your storage limit.

  • Lor

    IMO the best feature is return of the microSD card slot.

  • Michael Wang

    Water Resistant

  • Maz

    Still on my s4. I would love to upgrade to this and try the features on the edge of the screen

  • Michael Barnett

    Highly considering leaving my Oneplus one behind, and returning back to the galaxy family with the new S7. Excited about the sd card return!

  • Clelio Neto

    This phone is just gorgeous. Its design is unparalleled

  • Tre Clark

    The new camera on the S7 has to be my favourite feature. As an avid photographer the new lowlight camera will be so helpful when taking pictures in darker environments.

  • Jorge Miguel “DarthVader”

    Waterproof. This is the dream feature I was looking forward to. And the coming back of the sd card definitely make this phone a must have.

  • t cathcart

    I have the S7. The camera is so good
    at movement and low light my wife refuses to take pictures with her LG G3. I need to win this so I can stop filling my gallery with endless shots of our pug. Please.

  • d3v14n7

    Love the water and dust resistance, but mostly, I absolutely love the curved display, you don’t realize how useful it is until you don’t have it anymore…

  • Paul86

    Because upgrades are always nice. Rocking a Moto X Play right now

  • VanLee

    water proof is nice~

  • Scruffy J Nerfherder

    Samsung has officially bested Apple on every front. Apple is now chasing Samsung.

  • Manny

    micro sd

  • cobot

    Would love to upgrade my phone!

  • Donovan

    Love the fact that they brought back the SD card slot. Definitely my favourite feature right now.

  • Carl Dumont

    Nice phone and waterproof 🙂

  • BritishGuy94

    The curves and the waterproofing

  • Warren Walker

    I’d definitely would love to win this contest.
    It looks like an awesome phone

  • Martin Couture

    MicroSD slot!!!

  • Chris Knopff

    The display by far. Getting to the “edge” of the display looks amazing. Let alone that it has much more to offer, that’s just a starting point. The camera would be next on the list. I need to capture my daughter.

  • Carl Therrien

    Amazing phone!

  • Guamon

    smooth design

  • James

    All about he screen

  • R Paradise

    Being water resistant is very good

  • Vanessa Delorme

    The Waterproof design has to be the winner for me. The fact that I don’t have to worry about it when I’m in the shower and want to switch songs would be a HUGE help 😛

  • S. Massy

    I love pretty much everything about this phone and would be especially curious to find out for myself whether that edge is really useful or not. But, unless I win, I will never find out because the phone is waaaaay out of my price range.

  • Tanner James

    It’s a tough call between the renewal of the SD card or the waterproofing, But I’d have to say, by a slight percentage, the waterproofing takes the cake for me.

  • Eskay

    200 GB of expandable storage! This is the best ever!

  • oOBubbles21

    Water and dust proof!!! Yes please!!!

  • William Dyer

    Waterproof and the Camera

  • David Richard

    Great to have the micro SD back, wouldn’the be without one. Time to upgrade, have the Samsung S4. Live up north need more coverage area.

  • JLa30

    Battery life and fast charging!

  • Ryan

    Still rocking an iPhone 5S so I would love to upgrade to this great device!

  • Great phone and overall look

  • Matt Guyatt

    Probably the camera

  • Jared Bedi

    I’ve never been a huge Samsung fan but this is easily the best device they’ve produced and would happy convert me over to Samsung should I be able to win this device! Can’t wait to see full reviews of the camera and that water resistance really opens the door to more photo opportunities!

  • yae

    Expandable storage!

  • Dom M

    Yes please!

  • Rabi Anwar

    I would definitely like this phone. It is awesome!! It’s finally waterproof. That’s why I would want it.

  • Sam

    its waterproof and champagne proof according to that commercial

  • Sam Makhani

    I love the expandable memory with SD Card Slot in S

  • Cameron Bower

    The edge screen!!

  • Dave Brown

    Water resistant for sure

  • Dean Powell

    The edge screen options……. #edgeofthefuture

  • Mike C

    i love how they finally added a microsd slot again!

  • grouchy_one

    What’s not to love about this phone? It is a beauty!

  • Constance Cuthrell

    I like the screen size and the 4 GB of RAM. Plenty of space and processing power. I also like the fact that it’s water resistant.. I wouldn’t have to worry about using it in the rain etc.I would REALLY love to win this phone

  • Coneng

    The curved edges and s health application is my fav.

  • Tornado15550

    I’d say this is the perfect Galaxy device from Samsung. It brings everything we loved about the S6 – such as that beautiful metal design, and a bigger battery and SD card functionality. I’d love to win one!

  • Carl Kipps

    That camera, man this phone is nice.

  • Coryn Loewen

    Phone feels high quality. Great everything, and the customers love it! So I do too!!

  • Justin B

    So much good stuff, that camera is amazing!

  • МΛЯдʞ

    love the seamless edge 🙂

  • NuclearMayhem

    I would love to have this phone, it looks amazing.

  • WiZZLa


  • birdman_36

    The dual pixel camera is most intriguing.

  • Jaime Martin

    Expandable storage!

  • Elred Naxela

    It’s water resistent!

  • Linus

    such a beautiful phone

  • Christian Verreault

    The feature I like best is the return of the SD cardport and also the larger screen display of the new S7 Edge compared to the GS4.

  • Samshiro

    My favorite thing about this phone is that it’s free. : )

  • CanadianGuy37

    I really want to try the new processor in this phone.

  • Caleb Tinge


  • Ambassador Tomalak

    I love that they brought back the microsd card slot. Best feature by far!

  • Wade

    I are really liking sexy curves. :》

  • Hritvik Patel

    I would love to win this beast as a contest prize and gift it to my mother as a surprise

  • K Ennis

    I love the look of this phone! By far I’m most impressed by the waterproof feature – very useful for people lat love bubble baths

  • Ayush Singh

    I love this phone n i want it sooooo bad. Theres alot of good things about this phone first of all its so beautiful n flawless. And the edge feature of this phone just makes it stand seperate from others. I would love to win this phone as my dad doesn’t buy it for me he promised me on my birthday that he will buy it when it releases but now he says i will think about it its been 3 months and he did the same thing last year he doesn’t buy me anything i have a blackberry q 5 that too its screen is cracked. pls im so desperate for this phone

  • asimsin .

    Great phone.

  • ahho

    Bigger screen and SD card support. I just got an s6 and kind of missed the SD card support. Too bad there is no removable battery. would definitely give one of the 2 phone to my parent since they are in a dire need of a upgrade

  • Natalie Amador

    One thing I like best is the 3600mAh battery, like what? Then the micro-sd slot, the camera, IP68 water resistance, the edge/ display, shortcut stuffs like that. I want that winning gem like crazy!

  • GWGuruMan

    its waterproof

  • Audil Jaat

    I like that it is IP68 certified water and dust resistant

  • Ayush Singh

    this phone is the best phone ever its beautiful and flawless and the edge function seperates its from other the phone looks sexy af i love this phone.
    im really looking forward to win the samsung galaxy s7 edge.i want it sooooo bad. i dont have a good phone i have my dads old bb q5 with a cracked screen that too. my dad promised me on my birthday to buy this phone but now he isnt keeping his promise.
    i really want this phone so bad, it means alot to me 🙂
    Ayush Singh

  • Chestboy76

    The wireless fast charging would be amazing!

  • Ngubane Mpume

    Tjoooooo water resistant

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    My fave feature is the front and rear facing camera.

  • The Always-on display is appealing to me.

  • Tram Lam

    The waterproof feature.

  • EstaraLight

    Evoliutionary psychictech upgrades~ magic device opening portals to new ways of being, concepts, direction and spectral intuitive vision~

    Channelling all potentials of launching heartfelt new creative projects and welcoming such a potent tool into life for transformation of consciousness in the clearest ways!

  • Nicolas Bedard-Maltais

    It looks awesome!

  • I liked the bigger screen,SD card and the waterproof

  • I liked the bigger screen,SD card and the waterproof…

  • I liked the bigger screen,SD card and the waterproof..better camera

  • Emilie.


  • It’s Me

    I think I missed your message telling me that I won…can you resend?

  • Juice Box

    Awesome camera for low light. When is the draw happening?

  • George Bishop

    Who wouldn’t want to own the S7 Edge? It’s got a larger battery, it’s waterproof and has the best display going and it is on the quickest network in Canada. Definitely a winning combination!

  • Tisa Knight

    I’ve been wanting a Samsung for a long time. Where do I start the picture quality is awesome, the wireless fast charge and to now Lear that it is water and dust resistant. That to me screams quality and durability

  • Erin Pasieka

    Love the Updated Camera and Samsung BOLD colours

  • Marsh Mcleod

    winning this new phone would be amazing!!!!!

  • Abdullah Al Mamun

    If I’d a chance to win a smartphone in this time, normally I’ll go for samsung galaxy s7 edge beacuse of fastest photo shoot & water resistant.

  • Lynne Schiller

    so glad to see that they brought back the SD slot and water/dust resistance!! It was the lack of those 2 features that stopped me from upgrading to the S6 last year. Can’t wait to check out the S7!! Hopefully I win!!
    Until then, I guess I’ll be limited to playing with the in-store demo’s lol

  • L.M.S

    Definitely water and dust resistance – great protection!

  • Yi

    the perfect phone and best design. I want it!!!

  • djjb204

    I like how it is water resistant

  • Nicole Miller

    water resistant!

  • Setiawan Lim

    Simple yet the best !!!
    1. Water & Dust resistant.

    2. Expandable microsd slot.

    Love to have Edge with me while on the go and in the office.

  • Tenson

    waterproof with a microsd!

  • dino37

    water resistance!

  • Riotmaker

    Waterproof, never had a waterproof phone, sounds handy!

  • Brandon

    It’s tough to pick just one feature but I’m going to have to go with the amazing camera

  • Tim Hunt

    Screen, camera, expandable memory… so many things to choose from, even if we do have to put up with TouchWhiz.

  • Ron Linder

    Love this phone, need this phone! 🙂

  • habanerogal

    I like the water resistance and the long battery life

  • Michael Stensby

    Battery life

  • Cloud09

    That camera…

  • Jason Tom

    Favorite would be water and dust proof

  • Grinfacked

    Likely grabbing this just for the camera.

  • Chase Slater

    I love the screen on the S7 and the design is beautiful!! Would love one!

  • Anthony B


  • AJKahn


  • Jeffrey Nordstrom

    MicroSD! Water resistant! Funky curved screen! Awesome!

  • Astro

    Loving the waterproof goodness! Makes it a great phone for those summer holidays.

  • Yannick Ricard

    micro sd slot is the best feature

  • ger.

    I’m interested in trying out Android and if there is a device I would start with, it would be the Samsung Galaxy 7.

  • Adm

    It would be an awesome birthday present for this end of March bday boy :)… love the camera features… and the water resistance.

  • Daryl Davis

    Would love to have this!!! Always been a Samsung Fan Have the S6 now!!! Need the Exynos 8890 processor which makes this phone great!

  • Vince

    Had mine 2 yrs, like new shiney thanks

  • kunaalj

    Love me some curved edges (heart eyes emoji). Yes, I’m talking about the phone.

  • The curved display!

  • Nilson34

    Perfect phone!

  • jonaldrowards


  • Brandon

    Water resistance is a huge plus and my favourite feature!

  • Djskead

    Dat battery life…

  • marie c

    My favourite feature is that it’s not a BlackBerry as my Q10 is hanging on by a thread… 🙁

  • Karyn

    The Camera!

  • Kevymac

    I’ll say water and dust resistance since I just lost my phone to an unfortunate toilet accident. I’m in need of winning this phone.

  • EvilWalnuts

    The crazy camera is the selling point of this phone for me!

  • Eric

    Double edge

  • Robert Kernaghan

    Water resistant!!!

  • Andrew Stevenson

    Wow!! Really need a new phone and this one is dyyynoooomite!!!! From the curved screen to the 4gb of ram to the impressive camera this phone has it all… Hopefully it will be mine.. ???????? @slimthecanuck

  • Jason Mercier

    It’s the dual pixel on the camera. Samsung has the best cameras and now it’s better

  • Ryan

    definitely camera and display

  • Kulbir Grewal

    need a phone

  • Matthew

    I think the feature that I’m most interested in is the water resistance.

  • grant

    Love the screen resolution and camera

  • Jim Kind

    I like the water resistance…I fish a lot.

  • D. Ramnarine

    Its all about the camera for me!

  • jaylo

    Would love to have this for the battery!

  • Velizar Shibilev

    I love the waterproof feature. It is handy for rainy Vancouver. #galaxyS7rocks

  • rho1

    Would love to win the S7 Edge especially for the water resistance feature and the return of the micro sd card.

  • prybar

    Would be able to get back to Android where I belong!

  • Alan Paone

    i like it because it’s waterproof and has that bottom headphone jack. bummer there’s no usb-c

  • Kush


  • Steve T

    Expandable micro sd slot

  • Warmachine69

    I like the screen and most importantly I could use that beautiful camera to my improve photography skills from my HTC One m9

  • vicw

    Definitely the huge battery!

  • Justin Greek

    Best feature is definitely the camera. I played with a demo in store and I have never seen a camera that was as good as this one

  • Ray

    The battery life is definitely the best feature about this phone! Its life changing!

  • Coldfire

    If I don’t win it, I’ll probably just buy it. This one’s a beauty.

  • Sheldon Campeau

    Went from Note 3 to Galaxy 5. Wasn’t too impressed, went back to Note 3…as sad as it sounds… still using it. RL has me bypassing “The New Thing”, so it would be awesome to win.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Samsung added the SD card that the feature I like the most in Galaxy S7 Edge. @lakhjhajj on Twitter and @Lakhtek on YouTube.

  • Harvinder Singh

    Expandable memory

  • Miguel Turcotte

    waterproof !

  • iZi


  • Puck

    The Always-On feature. Totally underrated. How much I check my phone to see the time – being able to glance down and not move means less distraction in lectures and meetings. But of course I love it being water resistant too.

  • szinck

    love the screen – it us unreal!

  • Bruno Ribeiro

    I’m interested in trying out the much improved TouchWiz. Plus that screen is gorgeous!

  • Wizzy

    I want that water resistance and edge!

  • Frankie Chan

    SD support or edge display – toss up!

  • Sohil Naik

    Favourite Feature has to be the Mega Battery. 3600 mAh! SIGN ME UP. My nexus 4 only gets me through half the day. Time for an upgrade.

  • bbkcal

    The microSD slot

  • Nicole

    the waterproof part without being a “tough” version of the phone would be amazing. Living in a rainy city, this could come in handy!

  • Alexander Mackinnon

    Exynos 8890 processor & 4GB of RAM ???? I can’t wait until I can afford to buy this! Sooo much faster than my s3!

  • Jani

    Definitely the waterproof feature. The specs on this device are excellent! Thanks!

  • Deebs Bruin

    Spec’d out + SD support + waterproof!

  • Zach Murray

    Love the idea of sd card and water resistance 🙂

  • Mark Bailey

    Great to see the micro-sd card slot is back and the phone is water resistant!

  • ArcillaR

    IP68 certification. Oh yes please.

  • Craig Cooper

    I think it is awesome Samsung added a bigger battery for once! That alone makes me want it!

  • Wayne Kushnier

    Love the water proofing seal of approval. Getting electronics wet is daily battle with my Note 4 – would love to win

  • Sodapop

    Favourite feature would be the SD card slot and waterproof feature. Also digging the larger battery

  • Shane Walker

    The return of the SD card!

  • pete_q

    The water resistant feature.

  • D K

    The camera. However, they overpriced the phone.

  • James Kato

    I love the camera on the Samsung s7560.

  • Morgan Donaldson

    I’m most excited for the Vulcan API! Oh, and the camera. Looks like it doesn’t turn yellow in lower lighting like the S6 was bad for.

  • vdonguyen

    Glad expandable memory is back. Waterproofing is a great touch as well. Would like to try out the camera myself.

  • drew

    Would love to win this beauty

  • John M

    Great battery

  • cellophane

    The long lasting battery!

  • Karl Dagenais

    The crazy fast autofocus would alow me to make gorgeous pics of my kids!

  • Canuck5x6

    Finally a company willing to stop the thinnest phone silliness to deliver a larger battery! Waterproof clinches the win…

  • tonytraj17

    Love the water resistance and overall feel. Held one the other day and now i really need it.

  • Lionel Cai

    would love me an S7

  • Earl James

    This phone looks amazing! I’ve been eyeing the edge series their release. Love the added functionality and it just looks drop dead gorgeous with that curved display! Hit my up mobilesyrup. Give this Canadian your sweet sugary goodness!

  • Ray Chan

    By far the best feature of this phone is the water resistant capabilities. Considering no other major phones can promote something like this says a lot! Samsung is leading the way.

  • Jordan

    Could always use a new high end device. Makes not taking a DSLR everywhere easier.

  • Regan Keil

    Love the water resistance!!!

  • Laurie

    Water-resistant. I use my phone outside in the rain a lot.

  • Easton

    Water resistance!

  • Wilson

    Samsung… you had me on waterproof

  • steeephh

    Waterproof and the expandable memory ! Finally back! Missed it

  • Sébastien Bruneau

    Waterproof for sure

  • Jameson Stickle


  • John Robertson


  • Mišel Čupković

    Water and dust resistant, massive battery, fast charging… everything I need. 🙂

  • Grant Spychka

    Beautiful curves and that camera!

  • Whin77

    I like dunking my phones in a tall cold glass of water. And this phone looks like it will do the trick!

  • jesse monroe

    Camera looks great and really digging the all around curves. Big battery just sweetens the pot. Would love to win this, would have to give my Note 5 to my wife.

  • Forgot if I commented or not but its water resistance

  • Amir

    I would say the display.

  • jstynn

    When you have little ones that carry almost anything anywhere at
    anytime, the water resistant and dust proof feature is just perfect

  • SmellyFingr

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • David Popowich

    Would give up my N5 for this…. Waterproofing sounds good!

  • Xellerator2003

    Always my favorite part of owning a Samsung is the micro sd slot. Not a fan of the new battery. I loved a removable battery.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    It has a great camera, and everything else

  • Chris Lee

    Great battery! And I love the screen.

  • Sathira Katugaha

    Man i love that display

  • luvmygadgets

    Battery life, Always On and that gorgeous screen of course!!

  • John Cartmel

    waterproof… just to calm my phone/water nightmares

  • Coveney

    It’s like the s6 without his flaws! Waterproof and sd card slot makes it perfect!

  • MAB

    Great looking phone

  • Jason N

    Water resistance and Samsung KNOX to keep my hardware and data safe!

  • Michael Edwards

    Love the phone would be great to finally win one. If not have to get it on my own 🙂


    My favourite feature is definitely that amazing screen! Though the battery life is great too!

  • David Jeffrey

    Love the expandable memory!

  • Frederic Vachon

    I want this camera!

  • yerallnuts

    I need a new phone, one that runs for more than half a day on a charge!!!! A great camera wouldn’t hurt.

  • Steve Garon

    The camera on this beast is definitely one of its best feature.

  • Christian Artin

    Marshmallow! And also allowing me to pour champagne on it, yolo.


    Love the camera & all that it entails ???? That and it’s the sexiest damn device ever made hands down, I don’t know if it would fit into my pocket with the big hard on I’d have with owning this in that gorgeous metallic finish ???? So Please pick me ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❎????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Aitch

    Would love this! Nice step up over my Moto X Play.

  • Jérôme Bélanger

    Nice phone! With the micro sd and water resistant! I’ll be set for some time

  • Monsieur Real

    that galaxy screen are the best, with slim body… amazing

  • Jamie Olmsted

    That Samsung OLED screen! They always hold the best displays back for their own devices.

  • Philippe Paquet

    The 1440p curved screen !

  • Norm Schwartzman

    Hoping for a better camera. Not happy with my xperia z1

  • GThor

    Beside the edge functionality, the water and dust resistance is awesome, I’d be able to use it on the boat without putting it in a ziplock.

  • Kelly Tunney

    The screen is the best feature

  • runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  • Zul Rizvi

    Always on

  • Car Lev

    The ultra-fast camera is what I am looking forward to most. With the S7 I would be able to retire my 2nd Gen Moto X without question.

  • georgejia

    Very excited about the fantastic camera.

  • Apoorv

    I would love to win this! Time for my Nexus 5 to go!

  • SrKag


  • ian Valo

    expandable memory

  • craig0r

    So hard to pick just one standout feature, although that giant battery would probably be the clincher for me

  • Nicholas Goudreau Weaver

    The Exynos 8890 and 4GB of ram just scream power and being able to do anything on a smart phone effortlessly.

  • ehrratic

    The screen! It’s really amazing seeing it in person.

  • Brent Rolfe

    I like the battery it will last all day

  • Brebu

    waterproof, powerful little machine

  • MarkLastiwka

    Mmmm that sexy edge

    Also, a lot of people in the comments should have gotten a Sony phone ages ago if they wanted the waterproofiness lol

  • Andrew P.

    Camera, toned down TouchWiz, sexy curved screen, awesome battery life, it’s hard to pick just one favorite feature!

  • Howard Chu

    The much larger battery capacity and the best camera in mobile yet

  • ps4rh

    Undoubtedly the camera

  • The phone looks great, seems like they did good with this model

  • Ed Moko

    Definetly the edge cant wait to get my hand on it….

  • MBTechno

    SD card! I need it for music!

  • ehrratic

    Definitely the screen. It’s even more amazing in person!

  • eszklar

    Build quality.

  • Krista Miller

    The water resistant feature is where Samsung is miles ahead. I’m a big fan of this phenomenal brand!

  • bembol

    Loving Samsung.

  • Shezy Khan

    What do I like about the phone? Just about everything.

  • r liong

    shower selfies! waist up obviously.

  • Erik N

    waterproof & SD slot!

  • Ringhawk

    Like the awesome HD screen the best.

  • FakeBibic

    Need a phone, but think the edge is over rated feature. Prove me wrong…

  • Robert Hayder

    I love the water resistance!

  • Byron Mikituk

    I like how it Is water and dust resistant

  • smoraes

    nice phone

  • Gniewko Strozyk

    The new and improved edge panel looks sick. The camera bump is finally reduced. Waterproofing is also a very useful feature. Thank god.

  • cobot

    Waterproof for the win!

  • Chris Donaghey

    Soo pretty! need i say more?

  • guysmiles

    I think for me, the best feature is the battery life. It’s great to see Samsung finally come out with a sexy, powerful phone with an amazing lifespan.

  • rgruia

    Water proof device…

  • Matt Guyatt

    Definitely the camera!

  • Sarthak Kumar Verma

    Nowadays every new launched phone has water resistant but the feature I like the most is
    It include tips and tricks for improving battery life, storage management, working with two apps at once

  • Dom M

    Screen is slick!

  • Sposhal Gamer

    This phone just looks amazing! Plus I haven’t EVER owned a flagship of its time, would love to win this nice phone.

  • Jill

    I love the wireless fast charging capability.

  • Scribler

    Improved camera is is the best feature

  • mytharak

    High resolution screen, Marshmallow, and dust and water resistant? Sounds like my next phone!

  • My favourite feature is the 12MP camera.

  • Wu Ming Shi

    The extended battery…waterproof…microsd slot is ll very promising…

  • I’m a full-time father to an amazing daughter! I can’t begin to tell you how many pictures AND videos I take of her & I together. When I’m at work, I watch her endlessly. Having an amazing camera with micro SD storage is what is most important to me. HOPE 2 WIN! THANKS!!!

  • Spencer Jones

    Where do I start. I love the edge technology and the fact that it’s water resistant. The edge in the bigger size is awesome, I’m a big guy and a big phone has perfect. All around it’s a great phone. I’m a Bell customer for the past couple years and would love to have this phone to replace my LG G4 that fails in comparison to the S7 Edge by a long shot.

  • Sebastien Coulombe

    I’ve got the S7 “classic” and would love to give my GF the edge 😉

  • Ashish Poddar

    Sexy look & hot features

  • Stephen Low

    The water resistance wow.

  • Esdeth Fencer

    I love the capacity of memory!200 GB on memory stick plus the internal…I can’t count how much files I can put on the phone!

  • Carlo Nebo

    The s7 has great looks, aside that it has a larger display, improved camera, an added SD card slot, the edge screen has more functionality, it’s waterproof. just don’t go swimming with it:), and let’s not forget that excellent battery life…

  • Dans Ādminis

    Waterproof feature !!

  • Wini Whitemore

    Oh, the feature “waterproof” just gives me the feels that I’d switch from Apple to Samsung!

  • kapoor

    4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820 and specially two curved edges.

  • mcneilljamesc

    Water resistant,

  • René Vaernewyck

    The S7 just put all the specs you could ever hope for all in one! I especially love the fact that it’s waterproof.

  • Hail Eff

    IP68 and a great camera? I’m all for it.

  • Craig Cook

    Can’t decide between the 4 GB of RAM or the massive battery. Both are pretty awesome.

  • Sunny Moon

    Everybody knows about the specs but I’m excited for how the phone will change my everyday routines. Small things like the battery lasting the whole day so I can interact my loved ones and check Mobilesyrup, the absolutely spectacular camera being able to capture perfectly the beautiful world that we live in, to the revolutionary screen that will inspire the youth of today to dream big and to one day invent something that the world has never seen before. That’s what I’m excited for. Thanks for giving me the chance to experience that, Mobilesyrup.

  • Raven Sherbert

    The camera looks really great.

  • Andy Jas

    Its IP68 certified water and dust resistant

  • Riotmaker


  • Ian

    That camera is what I want!

  • Best feature? Has to be the reintroduction of the microSD slot!

    Smart move for Samsung and their push for VR. Immersive videos take up tons of storage.

    Can’t wait to see it in action!

  • jack jones

    In love with this fone. I would be very lucky if i win this fone.

  • Anupam Chowdhury

    Have the S5 but would love to have the note 5 the best feature for me is the camera my S5 camera is slow and gets lots of blurry pics

  • Josh

    Waterproof for sure.

  • Adrees Jaat

    The large battery that can get me through the day

  • Umar Afaq

    Always On Display

  • Dan Varley

    microSD returns to the S7 Edge

  • Eric Chan

    I like best of all Samsung’s premium metal/glass build

  • Aden Susanto

    camera 12 megapixel and waterproof! IP68

  • Rukhsana Siddique

    Samsung’s amazing sharp, vibrant screen

  • Ayesha Jaat

    The waterproofing capabilities is what I like best

  • Younis Jaat

    The Galaxy S7 Edge features Category 9 LTE

  • Rehana Jaat

    I love the curved edge glass and the features instilled in them

  • LexMcT

    Tested out the camera on this phone at a Rogers kiosk and was blown away by it’s responsiveness. I’ve been moto or nexus since after the s3, but this phone might make me come back to Samsung!

  • ordgo

    The camera and the water resistant case, that’s perfect for hiking.

  • Love the bigger screen, SD card, better and faster camera, finally the bigger battery it’s a must..

  • Love the bigger screen, SD card, better and faster camera, finally the bigger battery it’s a must..//

  • Ahsun Jaat

    My favourite feature is the dramatically larger batter size

  • Sapan Yadav

    the best feature is that it can provide you everything that a IPHONE cant
    water resistant and connect to other smartphones with no trouble


    IP68 certified water and dust resistant
    I like the most

  • Linkhood

    Awesome Phone! Would be a great upgrade!

  • G Nunchuk

    The cam and battery are incredible

  • Brian Sharon

    I like the fact that this phone has an amazing camera and I would take pictures of my current garbage phone if I won. Then I’d burn them, because I never want to see this thing again.

  • Jerry

    I hope its me 🙁

  • It is a gorgeous looking device.

  • Daelen Frechette

    Would absolutely love to win because of the amazing screen quality and beauty of the phone!

  • Liam Fearnley

    Water resistance would be great in rainy Vancouver!

  • mtl_bcer


  • D K

    The camera. Fast focus and better life light shots!

  • Terry Schonauer

    Wireless fast charging

  • Sopeira Jajona


  • Jay Velasquez

    do want 😀

  • jam05

    I love samsung phones and all samsung products. I love the fact that it’s water resistant!

  • kennedymlb

    Water resistent and everything about it

  • Grizzly Beard

    I am ecstatic that the SD card slot is back. My wife and I have thousands of photos that we would love to carry over.

  • Garrett Lester

    The touch screen is my favorite feature.

  • Greg

    Love the curved edge on the phone. I almost went with the S6 Edge because of this. Also, I was not aware that it had SD support, so I’m happy to read that!

  • Anto

    Micro SD card

  • Tony R

    Awesome phone, wish I can win this great S7 Edge! What I like the most is they brought the SD card again and battery life, among other great stuff on this phone. Definitely a winner imo!

  • 5andman

    …it’s new…

  • joe foster

    Any feature is better then the GT5500i i have now the larger screen and memory would be perfect for me tho..

  • brad

    the bigger battery for sure. too keep up on your amazing content and videos

  • Michael Ramalho

    The phone just looks beautiful!!!

  • MarkLastiwka

    Tempted with the edge and Exynos processor

  • digiital

    My S4 is getting old. And it doesn’t like to get wet when I’m out boating.

  • Sergey Wain-Fellowes (My Zest

    Amazing camera and dat huge 3600 amp battery! Great review if the phone btw.

  • salutcemoi

    thank you! And good luck everyone

  • Raman

    Water resistant!

  • QueenDar

    I like the quick charge feature. My current Samsung Galaxy Ace Q takes longer to fully charge than it takes for the battery to actually run out!

  • Jordan Ramler

    Would love to finally give a Galaxy a try

  • drew

    Would love to win this beauty

  • Charlie Edward

    You’re such a tease! My favourite feature is it’s not a Rogers locked phone –lol, (joke) okay, maybe not hun… I like the power! 4 GB rams– seriously! (GOOD THING IT’S WATER RESISTANT, because I’m sweating over this!

  • Suhayra1

    I love the waterproof feature, It’s a huge improvement!

  • Adam Kohn

    The 3600 mAh battery seems much better than the galaxy s6 edge’s 2550 mAh. Wouldn’t have to charge the phone so often with a battery like this.

  • Richard Lane

    Battery! I have an S6 and want that fat battery!

  • alexio92

    The great camera, the SD slot and the waterproof!

  • Jordan Kelly

    Waterproof and a great camera makes its great for me!

  • Jarhog

    Love the waterproof ability with a young kid at home!

  • Alexander Genvarev

    display and camera

  • Jean-Francois Watier

    I really like the design and the display…

  • Neil Naidoo

    The phenomenonal camera – pics are freakin’ awesome!

  • Ryan McKelvie

    Can’t remember if I entered. Waterproof is the best thing.

  • Jake Carman


  • Syed Idris

    the curves.

  • kenny

    I would love this device just for the sdcard support also for the sexyness

  • Cameron Davidson

    Definitely the combination of the water resistance and the return of the SD card.

  • Kimberly Yap

    I can’t not mention the waterproof capabilities of this phone! For someone as clumsy as me, I’d love a water resistant phone.

  • Kelvin Ortega

    Waterproof, I hope I win I have been using a phone that does not even work really well

  • Kelvin Ortega

    If you guys allow me to win I will cry

  • Baron Of Daricus

    Waterproofing is amazing and so is that beauty of a camera! Hoping this tops all the rest!

  • Kevymac

    It’s waterproof. I love that in a phone.

  • Miguel Ángel Verstraete

    Amazing phone and amazing looks… I love the camera the most and the screen is amazing tooo 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

  • Phat Kat

    The best feature I love in this device is the camera resolution. Would love to win this so I can take better quality photos of our wonderful family. I also love Bell and it’s the number one service provider out there.

    Keeping my toes crossed in hopes of winning. =)

  • Alex

    This is what I want – waterproof, expandable memory and amazingly beautiful!

  • Lucys_ma_name

    I’ve been a follower for quite some tim . Thank you for this opportunity. I hope I win. Would love it. Great specs, micro SD slot, water ressistent and beautiful design. Fingers crossed

  • Your Name

    I hope I win!

  • Rob Drummond

    I love the wireless charging! no more fumbling in the dark to connect the usb

  • Bernard


  • Sam Mamelli

    My favourite feature is the waterproof and the edge(life time apple user)

  • Alex L

    The feature I love the most from the s7 edge has to be the amoled screen with the edge display. Pictures and videos look like they’re popping off the screen and it’s amazing.

  • Rodney Felix

    My favorite feature definitely has to be the upgraded battery life from the s6. I wohuld love to win this phone.

  • jr_sams

    Water resisitant. Got to love that feature.

  • limeswift64


  • Brendan Riddell

    I love that it is water proof!

  • kpen

    I love the size of the screen!

  • sai

    i love the camera, waterproof and the micro sd slot can be use as storage or either dual sim.

  • Alfie, Alfie, Alfie!

    The camera is the best feature… and maybe the overall strength of the device

  • Shezy Khan

    Great camera and awesome power.

  • best feature is the edge screen

  • Marc Elias

    Mmmmmm. Wireless charging.

  • Earl James

    All the best with the contest everyone! I love the edge esthetics. Glad Samsung got there act together in the design department!

  • stephenontario

    mmmmm it’s sexiness?

  • Rrekwel

    Really like the IP68 certified water and dust resistant feature

  • DigitalMann

    I like the fact that it can be unlocked and used on any Canadian carrier.

  • gmoney

    Expandable storage, camera and the looks!

  • Kevin Grant

    That beautiful display and the fact that it’s waterproof!

  • steeephh

    SD card and waterproof! Finally back!

  • J S

    The overall design and thought that went into it, just beautiful

  • @smASHtoronto

    The long life battery, and beautiful screen & styling stands out as killer features of the S7 Edge!

  • Chris G

    Loving the screen just looks gorgeous.

  • {JPM}

    Been watchimg some videos of the phone and how the curve makes media viewing look like there is no borders or bezel. Itvlooks so sleek.

  • Ahmed Alkoka

    The camera!

  • Sydney Roo

    Looks like a nice upgrade for my S5!

  • Luiz carlos Gomes

    The new camera of course. but yeah canada only 🙁

  • alvin

    I want

  • Tyontheisland

    Galaxy S7 Edge is probably a bit better than this old BB Curve. Just sayin’. I love that this has a removable battery. All phones should.

  • Zak

    It would be nice to have a phone with a great camera.

  • Kristi C

    I love the sleek design and so much space!

  • Ron Haslett

    Mmmmm…curvy screen!

  • Zul Rizvi

    Love it

  • Gord

    Water resistance.

  • Might be my 3rd posting here but I forget if I entered this contest. Love the water resistance


    I like its Curved Display!

  • Vikas Sonkar

    Everything about the Galaxy S7 Edge

  • syuyu

    Water resistance would be awesome!

  • Trevor Foley

    Would love this to replace my s5

  • Clam Dee

    Dat camera

  • Maninderjit Singh

    Waterproof and camera

  • Rex Chiang

    The beautiful screen

  • Marnel Rodriguez

    The amazing camera and hardware!!!

  • Neha Lad

    Hey Ian! when are you announcing the winner? is this going to be a random draw or who had the best answer? please let us know!

  • Kalen G

    Who won; who won; WHO WON?!

  • Trevor Lobo

    SD card and the heat sync are the 2 features that I love in this device!

  • {JPM}

    Who’s the lucky duck?
    Also, how come all the new contests/giveaways are not being published in the Contests section?

  • Dan Croutch

    Being water resistant is probably the best thing about this phone. It’s about time!

  • Alec Philippe

    IP 68 is all I need and why I need it

  • Would want to win the phone for the camera! Heard it’s going to be a beast!

  • John Trask

    The larger battery and the water resistance.

  • Iz3man

    Would be nice to rip that old bb bold from my mother’s fingers.

  • Wasigold

    Well of course, the every feature of this s7 and s7 edge is just fantastic. Maybe coz its has the best phone camera ever made in any kind of mobile. Maybe coz of its resistibility in water and dust. or the best snapdrogon processor. Maybe coz the every new feature is the best than the past one’s. I don’t know whoever wins but if u would ask me whats the best feautre so i would vote for EVERYTHING !