BlackBerry exploring alternatives to WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 and BBOS, points users to BBM


  • so sad. I guess I will just have to stick to texting

    • Raj Brar

      Whatsapp APK will still work.

    • gommer strike

      Well it’s not the same thing, because unless there is some way for the Whatsapp notifications to update the BB Hub, you have to manually go into Whatsapp everytime in BB10 just to check if you have messages there.

      That’s not what an instant messaging experience is supposed to be. It’s supposed to alert you, or how is it better than classic email?

    • Raj Brar

      I’m getting notification from Android apps even when they are closed. I haven’t tried Whatsapp yet. Whatsapp is free now that means selling ads. The new features of Whatsapp will include tracking your location, reading your chats for key words and displaying notification based on your location and chats. I hate ads on the Internet because they collect and mine data.

    • Adam Reinhardt

      Whatsapp has specifically said multiple times “We do not plan to sell ads”

    • Raj Brar

      They were purchased by Facebook for billions and don’t charge a fee. You think Facebook is a charity to get Whatsapp for billions and not charge a cent. Everything is a rich man’s trick in this world. I seen it.

    • Raj Brar

      I used IMO which is an Android app and you got notifications. It is a work around.

  • Techguru86

    What’s App is overrated , there’s better messaging App’s out their and far more secured. Even BBM has grown beyond typical messaging

    • El Capitan Morgan

      It is not all about being overrated or not… it is all about the number of people using the apps. Maybe BBM is better than WhatsApp but you’ll probably have only 10 people using BBM versus 100 in WhatsApp.

    • gommer strike

      Ain’t that the truth. Remember back in the day when BB was the king, and iPhones didn’t exist yet? Everyone who had a BB, was on BBM. And due to that mostly managers, sales reps, Business Analysts, and well if you were on your boss’ good side you got a BB…it spawned a kinda elite circle where people formed a BBM social bubble.

      Couple this with how incredibly expensive data plans were back then(not to mention, even trying to use an Internet browser on a phone was nigh unthinkable), BBM was the indisputed god on the throne.

      It wasn’t until iPhone/Android and WhatsApp came around that people started to transition from BBM to WhatAapp in large numbers. By the time even I got a smartphone? My contacts list were filled with people who were already long on WhatsApp before I came along. It really speaks to the kind of mass migration made possible.

      Sure there might be maybe the one guy or two who insists on using some more obscure message client, but then you have everyone else on WhatsApp.

    • Andrew English

      There are far more people using WeChat than WhatsApp and or BBM. So yes WhatsApp is overrated. If people really want to hang onto their BB10 devices for more than a year, well that’s good for them but I would recommend they upgrade to the next device or to the Priv if they are set on BlackBerry.

    • gommer strike

      Look at WeChat – I think the app is terrible and it was even a victim of malware at some point last year(until it was fixed, but anyways).

      But guess what. WeChat is the biggest chat client in China. Similarly with how LINE is huge in Japan. I think WeChat is outright awful, but guess what? I can’t convince my family members to not use it. Ever since they discovered that they can talk to their far-off family using it…now some of them are using it between each other, here locally.

      It kinda goes to show that once a certain audience decides to start using something – they’re just gonna use it. They won’t be convinced otherwise.

  • Stephie

    If BB10 played nice with Google hangouts, I probably would have kept my passport. Such a nice piece of tech and that keyboard is awesome.

    But I have a priv now so best of both worlds, but the passport keyboard was still the best.

  • Adil Butt

    does anyone know if there is still a possibility to sideload the application onto BB10 considering the support for android APKs?

    • Raj Brar


    • gommer strike

      What you aren’t being told by sideloading it is – your WhatsApp notifications will not be appearing in the BB Hub. That means you’d have to manually launch WhatsApp just to see check if you’re gotten any new messages.

      If you are fine with that, then by all means. But the point of Instant Messaging is…well…being notified by the device that you’ve got pending messages. Otherwise what’s the point, if you have to check just to see if there’s any messages?

  • Keng Long

    BB Android and BBM will be back big times,
    Buckle up.

  • PreferredGeoff

    BBM is great but unfortunalty it was case of Blackberry being late to the party agian. They hummed and hawed about dealing for ever to other platforms. Then when they do everybody on those other platforms has found something else to use. Most people I know still text and don’t use WhatsApp so it’s not a huge deal.

  • Brad Fortin

    Wait, are we sure BlackBerry can’t do like they used to and offer the developers thousands of dollars to make the app? It worked so well in the past…

  • St. Misery

    Maybe they can beg to get the Android version in the Amazon appstore, problem solved.

  • Pankaj Singh

    I feel comfortable with BBM because BBM was there when WhatsApp wasn’t. BBM preserves privacy at the same time its availability for other platform can make it a SM point for Blackberry.

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  • Matt

    It only makes sense all these blackberry 10 app developers pull out as Blackberry is transissioning over to Android from now on. Even Blackberry themselves are dumping BB10 and gonna stick to Android cause they know no one wants BB10 devices and all consumers want either Android or IOS only.

  • Dear BB owners: this iPhone user does want to talk to you and another alternative you should look into is Viber: based on the last stats I saw, it is right behind WeChat and FB Messenger in number of active users and my (subjective) experience is that it is a strong market leader among Europeans.

    • Ski Baron

      Who says anyone wants to talk to you either?

    • Did you perhaps misread my post?

    • BBRY Is For Losers 10.3.4

      You’re one who just can’t deal with reality. BB10 is finished as an OS and pretty much was DOA when it was released. This story is further confirmation so stop acting so deluded

  • BBRY Is For Losers 10.3.4

    Who cares about this joke company. They have been so inconsistent on the future of hardware and BB10 in the past it’s no wonder the platform never took hold and what’s left is pulling out for good.


      Welcome to GoogleBerry

    • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

      And this clown is back stirring the anti-BBRY pot. SMFH



    • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

      Your life?


    LackBerry has the best cross platform stickers on the market..

    People will just migrate to BBM.

    • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

      And you’re still pressed as fuq…



    • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

      Your life?