Fido is sending text messages to Mobilicity customers asking them to switch


  • El Capitan Morgan

    Customers who fall for this are stupid.

    • Ron S


    • hardy83

      Sure, if you want to wash the deceptive tactics and language these companies use to fool people. Not everyone has deep knowledge of the plans and devices in this country.

      Saying that it’s the customers fault by calling them stupid contributes to the problem, it doesn’t help.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Of course, it won’t help calling them stupid, that I know but do you think these companies will write a pamphlet and educate these customers when they are the one that is ripping off the customers in the first place?

      I think this is pure common sense which isn’t that common especially now a day.

    • hardy83

      There’s A LOT of things that should be common sense but isn’t. This is one of them.
      lol I honestly think there should be a course (or at the very least a lesson) in deceptive marketing tactics. FAR too many people don’t know all the slimy (why are they legal) tactics companies use.

      That’s why I don’t immediately blame consumers and jump to their defense, cause I know this isn’t common knowledge but it REALLY should be, as well as there really being a need for better ad standard and regulations.
      Like why the HECK are telecom companies allowed to promote theoretical speeds of their data plans (wireless or otherwise) that are literally impossible to attain in the real world? I don’t know how that’s not labeled as false advertising. It should be no more than the provincial/municipal average (determined by a third party like CRTC or someone else) or something being the fastest speed they can market.

  • deltatux

    I would think they would want to merge Mobilicity customers to chatr instead since the two are so similar…

    • Gloomfrost

      It’s an admininistrative issue actually: Chatr is a corporate reseller, whereas Fido is a carrier/mvno. For all intents and purposes, chatr is also an mvno but not in the Rogers back-end it’s not.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    “it seems that Rogers’ sub-brand Fido at some of the people still on the discount carrier”????????????

  • Stevert

    They should just head over to Wind. Hopefully they last longer over there before Shaw starts fingering around.

    • fruvous

      At least Mobi can still hold a call without dropping.

    • hardy83

      At least with Wind, Shaw doesn’t have an overpriced parent cell company they can sneakily push people to.

      Just jack up the prices over time. 😛

  • fruvous

    Hmmm, doing the math on this appears to make the Fido plan more expensive. Rogers math once again.

    • Gloomfrost

      “Math, our only weakness!”
      -Rogers Communications

  • Matt

    I left Fido and switched to mobilicity cause Fido was way overpriced so why would I want to switch from my $35 per month plan for a $70-80 plan which I get the exact same calling texting and get unlimited data on mobilicity. No need for me to switch for a plan that’s triple the cost since calling and texting and data is the same.

    • Haris Aazar

      hey do u have zones with mobilicity or is it nationwide since rogers bought them out now ?

  • hoo dat

    I think your headline is a tad alarmist, Rogers does this between all their brands not just Mobilicity.

  • RambleMan

    I believe Rogers has the Government of Canada’s mobile account (unless Rogers doesn’t operate in their area). Does that count as one customer, or every federal civil servant mandated to that carrier individually, or maybe every tax payer whose actually paying those bills?

    • Baron Of Daricus

      Its not a direct sale. The different sectors of different levels of the government have contracts with certain distributors. These distributors or resellers carry plans from the big 3 that are customized for enterprise use. Meaning, they focus highly on data and calling. Many government employees are free to chose whichever they want to go with. As a result, everyone counts as an individual subscriber.

  • Hello Moto

    I doubt any Mobilicity customer will be attracted to that offer.

  • Conception

    This is spam and there are laws and fines for this kind of stuff in Canada. I would fully expect anyone who got this to go and raise a little hell and put the dog down!

    • Abel

      It’s not spam because we are their customers. The news article is not accurate, since the message didn’t come from Fido but from Mobilicity (it was even the same number they have sent other promotional messages in the past, like a year or even longer ago).

    • disqus_vPnVddwEMi

      There’s an opt out and any Rogers customer who hasn’t yet done so is receiving the message legally. Take it down a notch.

  • Makkahn Mack

    Mobilicity at this point, is pretty much OOS, and Mr. Rogers is giving Mobi the Dip

  • Gonzogre

    Is this not a breach of the new Canadian Anti Spam legislation?

  • Ipse

    Yeeey…healthy competition! Oh wait….

  • Jason Hills

    Fido is just looking for a few good friends.

  • Everyone switch to Public Mobile before it’s too late!

  • Jay

    I am with Mobilicity, and got the message, encouraging me to sign up to Fido. I called the competition bureau and the CRTC/other agency (forgot the name), who told me that Rogers is not violating any rules and not attempting to snuff out Mobilicity. I could not argue with the people who I spoke with. After all, they are the ones in suits, with the University education. Today (May 11, 2016) Rogers is shutting down Mobilicity. So much for independent competition.