Fido is sending text messages to Mobilicity customers asking them to switch

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Rogers purchased Mobilicity last June for $465 million, and spent the better part of the past year moving the company’s 150,000 wireless customers onto its own network. Since the telecom’s network operates on different frequencies than Mobilicity’s AWS-based network, Rogers offered discounted handsets to customer’s whose phones were incompatible with its 3G network.

With 2016 firmly underway, and Mobilicity’s handset line dwindling, it seems that Rogers’ sub-brand Fido at some of the people still on the discount carrier and attempting to move them under its own wing. A recent text message promotion was sent to Mobilicity customers encouraging them to switch out of their discounted monthly plan and hop on over to a similar offering at Fido.

The text message states, “Mobilicity msg: Our friends at Fido have a great deal we think you may be interested in based on your current plan. Get $5 off your monthly service fee for 9 months on any Fido plan with invoice starting at $25/month. Plus get a great smartphone starting at $0 with a 2-year agreement on select plans. Visit a Fido store to make the switch today. Offer ends Mar 31 2016. Reply STOP to opt out.”

While it’s quick to think this move is the start of Rogers transitioning from four wireless brands to three, a statement to us noted, “Mobilicity is now part of the Rogers family and we want these customers to be able to take advantage of great offers from our other brands. Messages like this aren’t unique and offers are frequently shared with our Rogers, Fido and chatr customers as well.”

According to its most recent financial numbers, Rogers is still the leading wireless carrier in Canada with 9.88 million subscribers.

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