Samsung has started producing 256GB solid state chips


  • Jason

    Its about time we finally start getting bigger memory in phones. USB sticks and SD cards have been following Moores Law but phones have been stuck in 2010 for too long.

  • Eric M.

    Sorry Igor but I think you messed up the second paragraph, I think you might have meant the read speeds and then writing speed…
    Might be worth it to read proof your articles. 😛

    • Derek Brown

      I was confused, thanks for the clarification there! Still impressive stuff though

    • Igor Bonifacic

      Yes, you’re correct. Thanks, Eric!

  • Derek Brown

    With VR, does the content need to be on the phone memory itself to ensure that there is no lag?? Or can content be stored on expanded SD storage? I’m wondering whether it would be smart to wait for an upgraded memory S7 (or S8, whenever these storage chips are released) that can hold a good amount of content.

    • Eric M.

      I’d say that any content on a micro sd card can lag, depending of the phone and the SD Card you get.
      The more the content requires bandwidth the more likely it is to lag if it is on a SD card.

  • jay

    I have a 128GB iPhone and ok like it however only got it because was used and got a good deal. 16GB for a phone is ok when you use it as a phone or texting only. But putting 4K on a phone with 16/32 GB is just so bad.

    Thank good my next phone has 256GB

    • El Capitan Morgan

      This is why Apple cant have 4K camera because it will contradict what they have been selling… 16GB iPhone. It’s not even enough to shoot a lot of 4K videos.

    • jay

      Hope they will change it

    • Brad Fortin

      If you’re the kind of person who takes a lot photos and videos and regularly fills up 16 GB, you should get more than 16 GB when you buy the phone.

      However, for the people who never switch the video from the default 1080p30 and only take a few photos a year 16 GB could last a decade.

      Not sure how having a 4K option and a 16 GB option are “contradictory”, it’s not like people looking at both those options aren’t going to know what they’re getting themselves into.

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Brad, all i was saying is as long as Apple is offering 16GB phone, it is not wise to offer 4K camera.

      I understand where you are coming from… I don’t shoot a lot of pictures but I opted for 64GB iPhone 6s. For some people, they chose 16GB not because they shoot less picture but it is cheaper for them to get instead of the 64/128GB. So people are stuck with 16GB with no more space to upgrade because they used it all up! I know a lot of people…I’ve guided some by helping them upload their pictures to cloud storage to free up those photo spaces to pave way for OS upgrade.

  • Nachotech

    Unfortunately at current phone memory prices, any phone with 256GB of storage will be $1,000+

    • iPhone is already over that price with only 16GB, prices will go through the roof if they put this in one of their phones. $30 cost for them $600 cost for us. Storage means nothing to me because I will always be charge for it that’s why I like expandable memory that I buy at my price when I want!

  • Andrew English

    Will be nice when Samsung starts using them in affordable devices. 🙂


    Wake me when Samsung or any other company starts producing phones that can get you through 3-5 days on a single charge w/heavy usage. Who really cares about 256GB?!

    • Bray


  • This is great to see but as always any manufacture that puts this in their phone will way over charge us for it and call it a feature. Just give me 32 GB and a SD card slot. I will buy the memory I need at the speed I require at the price I want. They don’t like doing this because it actually makes them the extra money they can over charge for memory, but makes the customer buy the device. I wanted to by my son a tablet for Grade 8 graduation looked at the Nexus and there was no expandable memory. Won’t buy it and never will with out expandable memory. I am not going to be forced to upgrade an entire device just because a ran out of storage, it’s a scam in my opinion and should be illegal. So they did this to make money but really they are losing sales because they made $0 instead of the profits from the device they would have easily made from me. But they want to be greedy and people are voting with their wallets!

    • Ipse

      Not only the external storage is missing from most tablets but Foogle has decided to control and limit the usefulness in those few devices that might have uSD cards.
      WTH is wrong with this company…I used to go ballistic defending Foogle against Apple…now I find more and more reasons to hate them.

    • it has to do something with profit or else they would say..