Samsung is launching an eSIM variant of the Gear S2 in March


  • St. Misery

    Remember how awful it was to switch devices on a cdma network, always having to call the carrier, pay swap fees, program the device? This sounds like a return to that.

    • Sandro


    • Victor Creed

      This is Apple’s next venture. Guaranteed, .3 inches thick with a 1650mAh battery.

      Cause everyone prefers thin over battery life.

    • It’s Me

      Very likely. Especially since there were reports 5-7 years ago that Apple was going to do exactly this and had patents around it but the carriers balked at the idea. The carriers said customers needed to deal with them to buy a SIM instead of just activating service on the fly.

    • It’s Me

      It wouldn’t be like CDMA at all really. With CDMA you were really prevented from switching unless you went through lots of work around. This is still fully under the GSMA SIM based standard. The only real limitation is that it would require the carriers to get on board with the OEM in order for that device to work with their carrier. But with any carriers that are on board, it would be trivial to switch between them without having to buy and activate a SIM.

    • Mr Dog

      Take a look at how the iPad uses the eSim, it can actually be very nice to use.

    • It’s Me

      Is the iPad using an esim or a multi carrier sim?

    • Mr Dog

      I believe it is a multi carrier sim but Ideally an e-sim would work similarly to Apples implementation.

  • Erik Tyler

    Can this be used as a bluetooth only watch, yet still make and receive calls via the bluetooth connection? That’s how I’m currently using the regular Gear S2 3G. I’m assuming that’s the case, so network compatibility is irrelevant in my case.