Android 6.0.1 begins rolling out to Canadian HTC One A9 devices


  • MoYeung

    HTC is very fast this time.

  • CrazyCanuck

    Bell/Samsung need to get on this for the S6/Edge.

  • NK

    I’m sure all 20 users are thrilled.

    • neo905

      20 more than Samsung can brag about. They don’t even have 6.0 yet.

  • jellmoo

    Considering that this was sent out to US A9s in late December, this is pretty damn ridiculous. It’s exactly the same device. I converted mine to match up with the US id to get this update already. The device is fantastic, but HTC has dropped the ball when it comes to Canadian support.

    • blzd

      Not just HTC unfortunately.

  • jhnsmth

    So what’s Samsungs problem, both LG and HTC have beat them to MM release in Canada, I’m starting to not believe the carrier excuse and that the problem with slow updates is Samsung itself. Come on mobilesyrup get on their case on why Samsungs track record in Canada is terrible for updates while others are having no problem, plenty of evidence exists.

    • Tornado15550

      Carriers in Canada often have very little say on updates. If Samsung issues an update, the carriers may take at most 2 weeks to test it. All delays are to be blamed on the Manufacturer.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Is this for real, the most notably thing about the new OS version is the emojis?