Another HTC One M10 leaked image surfaces, this time in white


  • James

    Looks like an S6…

    • G.P.

      looks like S6 have always copied HTC, they had the designs first.
      Chicken before the egg or egg before the chicken. HTC / Apple have always had the best arguments as who had what first.

  • Ali Farsani

    I am a proud owner of HTC one M7 and M8 and the only thing which I HATE is the ultrapixel camera! OMG this thing is so broken I don’t know where to start. Long story short it is JUST an average camera in night and a very very poor camera in day light. If there is any source of bright light the picture will be blurry and terrible. I have been patiently waiting for HTC to fix the camera since M7 and they have not. This is so disappointing because HTC devices are hands down the most premium and luxury Android devices I have ever seen, if only they could give us a normal camera with decent features like Samsung,LG or even Sony. 🙁

    • Word

      I had the M7 and loved it, and found the only area lacking was the camera. In daylight it worked well for my needs, but it suffered from a purple tinge that got worse with time that is now a known issue with the phone. I have been using the nexus 6P for the last three months and have found it to be a spiritual successor of sorts to the One lineup, as it excels in all the areas the One series did, improves the camera experience and runs stock Android. I can see some not liking it for its size and can understand that. I am really interested to see what they do with the M10 (other than hoping they ditch that unwieldy name as rumoured) and wish they had released the A9 with carrier support.

    • mbowman83

      I also owned the M7, and there were two things I didn’t like about it. The camera, and the battery life. The M8 wasn’t enough for me to upgrade, and I bought a Nexus 6 by the time the M9 came out.
      This year I’ll be looking to buy a smaller phone, so hopefully HTC checks all the boxes for me. I really don’t want them to go out of business.

    • Ali Farsani

      the thing is HTC has the best build quality, attention to details and material they use is far better than others, but insisting on Ultrapixel thing is killing the brand and disappoints loyal customers

  • T Mac

    Looks like a POS

    • Hugh Jorgen

      This from a fecking iphoney user no doubt!