Samsung Galaxy S7 teaser video shows off wireless charging and waterproof casing


  • St. Misery

    Seems like SS may have righted some of their wrongs this time with bringing back waterproofing and microSD. Now they just have to work on their software updates. For the biggest mover of Androids and none of their flagships to have 6.0+ is discouraging, for those techy people who care.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, they are among the slowest Android OEMs to roll out updates. That said, in their defense they do have more phone versions to update than any other OEM. That and MM is already out in Korea and parts of Europe with the rest of the world rolling out in increments starting yesterday according to a recent Samsung announcement.

    • Mr_Smoosh

      That they have so many versions is their own doing and do not deserve a by on that basis.

    • thereasoner

      Still it’s a lot more work than other OEMs have and it explains why they are usually beat by them when it comes to updates.

      To be fair I suppose that one could argue that Samsung has the resources necessary to improve regardless but they aren’t that far behind some ofthe others anyways.

      No matter who it is you are waiting 3-4 months or more for new Android OS updates unless you go with Nexus or a shorter wait than the others if you go Motorola.

    • jeneral

      After 3 years with an S3, I upgraded to an S6 last year. This phone is very enticing. The larger battery and the SD card return are the most tempting features for me.

  • Sean-Paul

    Upgrading to the S7 Edge and hopefully keeping it for awhile. The Note 5 was great for what it was but I never used it to half JTS potential (ahem SPen)
    Can’t wait for this. Just praying they fixed the Ram Management

    • Ipse

      Same here…glad I waited. Shut up and take my money Sammy (again…).
      Not like we have a ton of options out there in this class.
      But as a BYOP promoter, boy, we are going to get massively shafted in Canada…expect 1000+ CAD for the Edge.

    • Sean-Paul

      Yeah we are going to get hosed on the price. But if I will keep this phone for the actual 3 year cycle of upgrades then I’m okay with it. Sort of okay with it.

  • Brad Fortin

    Did anyone else find it hilarious to see such a huge phone strapped to someone’s arm?

    • Sean-Paul

      Lol the phone was as big as her arm. She should have strapped it tobher quad. Would have looked small there.

  • GPman

    Can you wirelessly charge in the rain?

  • Doc noahbody

    who cares..ñobody cares about mobile devices anymore..its called saturation..all these companies are dum dums..bye bye apple and samsuhg if they dont invent other things that are real..

    • Sean-Paul

      Why don’t you invent a phone then. Tell us how that goes for you.