Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S packaging is actually a Google Cardboard-certified VR headset


  • Victor Creed

    That’s thinking outside the “box”

  • Brad Fortin

    That’s one way to reduce packaging waste. Clever.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Yea right, “accidental” listing on their website. Like those companies expect people to believe that.

    But that idea is actually smart. Like it.

  • Crossed

    for midrange and entry phones, alcatel are pretty sweet.

  • GPman

    While it is not a reason to chose the phone over another it is however a clever idea and nice bonus to purchasers.

  • Niall

    I’m quite happy with my Idol 3, with a few caveats – should never have used the flipcase window feature, it burned part of the display. And I may be the only person who likes the power button where it is, especially in the flipcase – I never hit it by accident, yet I can press it through the flipcase to check time through the case’s window. I have long fingers, though. 🙂
    But its complete lack of upgrade to 6.0 makes me wonder about upgrading, especially with my current display’s problem. Though with the dollar in the tank, it’s likely that it’ll be in the $600 range for the 4S… compare with $312 for the 3 at Koodo (which is the perfect price for it).