Telus now offering pre-owned iPhone 6s at $300 on contract


  • The Weekday

    Lol now Telus is getting 2 contracts out of 1 phone. A suckers born every minute.

    • Word

      The ‘sucker’ would be the person that returned their phone without having their contract reversed.. That’s not 2 contracts out of one phone… Try again..

    • Mo Dabbas

      It’s probably returned within the 15 days satisfaction guarantee that carries offer. You keep the plan and you pay the difference between the two handsets (or something like that)

    • Mo Dabbas

      Those devices are probably returned within the 15 days satisfaction guarantee that carries offer. The buyer just switches phones, pays the price difference while keeping the contract running without voiding it (something like that, haven’t done it before). But the main point is that they don’t need to make a new contract.

  • Mo Dabbas

    It shows that a lot are returning their iphone 6S, which proves a point I mentioned before about the sales of the iphone 6S (and 6S plus) and how desired it is. Probably those who returned the phone opted for a 6 instead to save some money.

    • Anaron

      Phones are getting faster and faster. We’re reaching a point where most are good enough and you don’t need the latest and greatest. I know people that returned the 6S for a 6 because they didn’t notice a difference in everyday usage (calling, texting, emailing).

    • gommer strike

      Also the 3D Touch feature wouldn’t have fully taken off in terms of app support, so people wouldn’t have really noticed really any difference in that respect.

      The 6S is quite a bit faster than the 6, but for the everyday Joe/Jane? Doubtful if they’d appreciate the difference or care.

    • It’s Me

      That might be the case, at least in Canada because of our crap dollar right now.

      But elsewhere, without increasing the price of their phones, Apple’s ASP went up this past quarter, which actually implies a stronger mix of the current flagships.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Australia and Europe also witnessed increase in prices. IPhone are prices globally based on the USD and when the USD is up globally compared to other currencies apple increase in prices in those regions.

    • It’s Me

      Indeed. But ASP is determined by the price in USD. And since the USD prices have remained unchanged, the only thing that can account for the higher ASP is a higher mix of customers opting for more expensive models, which strongly implies a higher mix choosing the newest model.

  • Fogman

    Geez MS, you’re late… they already started that promo 2 weeks ago (and it comes back on and off). I noted in the last months that MS doesn’t provide news often about change of phone plans as they were doing in the past…

  • Pigs Can Fly

    $300 on contract for a used phone…

    • Orage42

      Yep.. almost half a year old phone, used, for $300.

      Half a year old top tier Android phones, new? $0 to $99.

      We can look at it whatever way we want, Apple is able to ask for premium and people just don’t seem to care.

    • CheeseAvatar

      Hey guys,

      Im not an Apple user, nor and I a big fan of them. But i will admit one thing, their stuff (iPhone, iPad etc) just works. People like that.

      I will also admit that their support is second to none if you have an apple store around your area. The only other company that gives as excellent after sale service is Microsoft (again if you have a store around your area). neither Samsung, nor Sony had such excellent after service care.

      People are willing to pay a premium for their stuff things like and apple is able to ask a premium for it.

      Plus the way I see it, its not your money so does it really matter.

      The world would be a very boring place if everyone like the same thing

    • Brad Fortin

      “Half a year old top tier Android phones, new? $0 to $99.”

      Not sure which country you live in, but here in Canada the Galaxy S6 Edge, a 10-month old top-tier Android phone, new, goes for $350 at Telus and Rogers and $300 at Bell. Top tier phones are still expensive, at least from companies whose margins are still in the black.

    • Orage42

      The S6 was $99 at Rogers in November (black Friday).
      The G4 was $0.

      I did use an extreme exemple of sale prices but yeah, I know they’re not this price right now. Regardless, half year old phones could be had for $0-99..

    • Brad Fortin

      During Boxing Week the iPhone 6S went down to $99, too. If we’re using extreme examples we might as well use them for all devices.

  • John

    Wow! Only $300 for a 16 GB phone with a 2 year contract starting at $80 a month. Better hurry before they’re all gone.

  • Omis

    I would buy it if it wasn’t preowned and on a contract.

  • Alain Lafond

    Maybe I can’t read well… But where’s the deal?

  • Christian

    Still get screwed on contract phones!! Better to buy it outright!!! Small immediate discount but u pay double In the end! It’s only a little discount but u do end up paying full price by the end of 2 years !! Canadian contracts and plans are horrible

  • Christian

    If consumers were to stop going on contract phones the companies would lower prices on plans!! 2 years contract ruined all!! I pay 54 $ for unlimited minutes and 6gb old 3 year contract I can’t upgrade or I’ll need to pay 50$ extra a month!!! I now buy phones outright !!

  • Christian

    Been over 3 years and I’m still paying for the same phone!!! Why haven’t they lowered my plan price 15 $ of it goes to the phone that’s been paid off !! Money grab by bell