Moto 360 Sport now available at Google Store in Canada


  • Victor Creed



    • awhite2600

      Agreed. SmartWatches still seem like a toy to me. They don’t really offer enough functionality to justify their high cost. This is especially true when you consider that (like most technology) the current offerings will be obsolete in a few years.

  • Dave Courtemanche

    Way too expensive.
    I spend $250 on my LG G watch, and thought even that was a bit much.

  • Steve

    Might want to double check on retail availability. Best Buy only has the 1st and 2nd gen listed, no sight of the sport version.

    • hardy83

      The article only mentions it available in the online Google store (which it is, I checked). No where does it mention retail stores like Best Buy.

    • Steve

      Read again, first paragraph:

      “The Moto 360 Sport has been available at Telus and through big box retailer Best Buy for a few weeks now.”

    • hardy83

      How the heck did I miss that? lol You are correct then.
      Maybe tomorrow though, that’s usually when stores like Best Buy update their website.