Following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, Taylor Swift is launching a mobile game


  • mobilesugar

    ”instant game of the year candidate” Yeah, I’ll stop playing Fallout 4 so I can hear about breakups and how much boys are mean.

    • Imagine a Taylor Swift Fallout 4 mod? How glorious would that be!

    • mobilesugar

      Got a nasty chem addiction? Just Shake it Off!
      Deathclaw chasing you across the wasteland? Just Shake It Off!
      ….I knew there was trouble when I walked out (of Vault 111)

  • thorsten garbe

    Whoohoo strip poker. Lol

    • thorsten garbe

      Was my first thought

  • **FacePalm**
    Please, no…

    Soon we’ll see Drake, bieber, and Kanye and other hacks follow suit.

  • Omar

    The real money to be made is in in-app purchases, not selling music. These people are taking advantage of their cult-like fanbases for monetary gain.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Welcome to the business world…