Apple Music for Android now lets you save music to an SD card


  • ianberg

    Not good enough. I’m still waiting for the ability to link my no-subscription iTunes account to Apple Music for Android and stream just my iTunes purchases in the app. I’m uninterested in paying for a subscription to Apple Music.

    • MassDeduction

      You can put your music collection on OneDrive and stream it to most devices from there. 1TB of OneDrive costs only $70 CAD per year as just one of the benefits of an Office365 subscription (less if you wait for sales, right now it’s on sale for $62). Unless your music collection is a full terabyte, you might get more value out of that cloud storage.

  • mahoganyheart

    This is so satiric, while most flagship phones are being released with no SD card support. What’s the benefit here?

    • MassDeduction

      A minority of Android devices are flagships. Many older flagships did support microSD, and there are suggestions that some of the newer flagships might as well (rumours that at least the Note 6 might, for example). I suspect a majority of Android devices support expansion via microSD.