Alto’s Adventure is now available on Android [Update]

Update 02/11/16: Alto’s Adventure, one of the best iOS games of last year, is finally available on Android. The game is free to download but comes with in-app purchases at a hefty $5.55 per item. It’s worth pointing out, though, they these microtransactions aren’t necessary to progress in the game.

Original story

Toronto-developed Alto’s Adventure, one of 2015’s best mobile titles, is finally making its way to Android next week on February 11th, for free.

In a recent blog postBuilt by Snowman’s Ryan Cash discusses why it took so long for his small independent studio to bring the critically acclaimed game to Android devices.

“We know many of you have been waiting patiently for Alto to make his debut on Android – we wish it could have come sooner, but the reality is, as a small indie shop, we’ve been a little overwhelmed with things,” writes Cash.

Cash expands on his initial statement, explaining that his studio wanted to make sure the Android version of Alto’s Adventure offered the same quality gaming experience as its iOS counterpart.

Rampant Android piracy, a rarely discussed issue with Google’s mobile operating system, is also a significant reason why Cash, and Saskatchewan-based Noodlecake, the studio handling Alto’s Adventure’s Android port, opted to release the game for free with minor opt-in only free-to-play bonuses.

“After careful consideration, we decided to take the plunge and launch Alto’s Adventure for free, adding a variety of opt-in bonuses for players who might need a little extra help, or otherwise want to show their support. The most important thing to say is that we’ve kept the core gameplay experience intact – it can be enjoyed start to finish, exactly as it can be on iOS,” says Cash.

So while Alto’s Adventure will include microtransactions, according to Cash, the game is not adopting a Clash of Clans style pay-to-win model.

Cash’s title is also far from the first game to go free on Android. Popular puzzle game Threes, for example, made its way to Android for free roughly a year after it launched on iOS.

Alto’s Adventure is available on Apple TV and iOS for $3.99 and Android for free.

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