Google Play outpaces iOS App Store in volume, still can’t keep up with revenue


  • neo905

    Google Playstore isn’t in China (yet) but the Android Store is. As a platform Android revenue is greater than IOS but not if you only look at Google Playstore numbers.

    • Lukeiphone

      Ummm what

    • neo905

      The “official” Google Play store isn’t presently in China. They have their own Android store. If you include those sales then Android is higher than IOS overall.

      Google “Android makes more money than iOS (including China)” and you will see what I am talking about.

  • fakejobs

    It’s all about quality than quantity. Apple handpicks their apps; Google doesn’t. This is where the volume counts and where the quality lacks.

    • danbob333

      you didn’t understand the article. It’s about downloads, not app count.

    • Shoey5

      Apple doesn’t hand pick SH-T, they just deny user choices if it potentially cuts into their profits.

    • hardy83

      1. That has nothing to do with the article.

      2. Yeah, there are NO garbage apps on the iOS store. lol It’s TOTALLY about the quality of apps for Apple. Yes sir!

  • GPman

    Ok I never been on apples app store but is it full of “free” games and they rely on iaps heavily like play store or do they have more buy once and done games? Or is it the same?

    • Mo Dabbas

      Well. To begin I’m not sure if this research includes app ad in the revenue part. Tons of Android apps come with advertising unless you pay for the app.
      Second, apps can include things other than games. If more android users exist, it’d be natural to see more android users using banking apps (for example) than iOS. There are many apps that corporates design in order to help their business rather than making profit from the app itself.

    • GPman

      True. Do you know if apple games so heavily rely on ads as well? I haven’t played a game on Android in ages that did have an ad.

  • Me

    The funny part about this article is that I read another article about this report that wasn’t bias with Apple. They pointed out that Apple kept saying 30% of their users came from Android. They were explaining that obviously, these 30% didn’t come from the US since Apple declined there and Google increased.

    Basically, all the numbers mean is Apple makes money now, Google will most likely make money longer. I guess you choose who wins.

  • J.S.Bach

    Well, crApple is the best at sucking money out of their minions.

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