Apple is reportedly leasing space in Kanata Research Park in Ottawa


  • W. Jurewicz

    That’s great news! Innovation and R&D in Canada have been crippled in the past decade. Some of it because of the Harper government, some of it because of the lack of investments. This news should show other companies out there that Canada is back on the map!

    • espresso

      That was one of the consequences of relying on oil export revenue and destroying other industries such as IT!

  • Andrew English

    Another way to rip off Canadians.

    • It’s Me

      By creating jobs in Canada? Yeah, total rip off.

      It’s often the case that those that think through a thick fog of bitterness don’t tend to make a lot of sense. Carrying that chip on your shoulder must be tiring.

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      If you think for a second that Apple is going to hire a bunch of Canadians, you’re sorely mistaken.

      Apple is a company that hires the best of the best regardless of where they’re from. They are country agnostic much like google.

    • It’s Me

      If they hire them to work in Canada then they are creating Canadian jobs.

    • abc123

      Regardless, they must pay taxes in Canada… there is no way around that unless they are being paid in cash under the table.

    • espresso

      And regardless of whether the employees are Canadian or not, they will pay for rent, food, HST and etc. inside Canada.

  • StA

    Yay Dragonwave. 🙂

    In other news, Apple likes that the CDN dollar is in the doldrums. Maybe they could swing an R&D deal that offsets the recent app store price increase… 😉

  • Ski Baron

    Nice that a possible competition issue makes a story. There is not really any reason to mention Blackberry other create a controversy that doesn’t exist. Apple setting up an office in a Technology park in the nations capital is not really surprising. With the way the dollar is now they can lease and staff this office for peanuts, which is probably the sole reason they are doing this.

    • Frederick The Great

      Unlike Blackberry which totally cannabilzed their foreign presence.

  • Longtin

    It also makes a lot of sense why they would open up a sector like that in Canada. The dollar is so low it’s cheap for Apple to employ Canadians right now. $80,000 Salary would only cost them $56,000.

    • Colton Blumhagen

      It’s not like Apple has cash problems.

  • Colton Blumhagen

    Lol silly commenters. This has nothing to do with the Canadian dollar. Apple has so much cash it’s not even funny.