HTC One M9 receiving Marshmallow update January 18th in Canada


  • Theo

    Sweet, I can’t wait for this update for the M9! My wife has had it on her M8 for about a week now.

    • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

      Oh really? Haven’t seen it on my M8….? Weird

    • Theo

      My wife and I are with Rogers, what carrier is your M8 with?

    • Prestige Worldwide

      Still waiting for it on Koodo M8. They keep pushing the date back, it is allegedly supposed to get the update tomorrow, which coincides with the date mentioned in this article.

    • stiguy

      I’m also on koodo waiting hopefully it comes soon!

  • Omar

    So HTC is trying to vastly improve their track record when it comes to updates?

    • DDroid45

      They been doing that like the last 2 yrs… It’s carriers that been making them look bad

    • prusiner

      Not exactly true. Unlocked M9s are still waiting for the update worldwide (Other than US)

    • DDroid45

      Man that thing already got updated

    • prusiner

      I’m afraid not. Unlocked US M9 were updated on Christmas’s Eve, but not in the rest of the regions. Mine is an European unlocked M9 and still on 5.1

    • DDroid45

      Dam buddy well sucks for you…. But help me understand, if HTC can update in one region and not the other , something tells me it’s entirely there fault

    • Theo

      I’m impressed that HTC is releasing updates before much larger companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc!

    • cartfan88

      In Android the whole update process is just a big crapshoot. Don’t know when and sometimes if you will get an update.

    • thereasoner

      As long as you buy flagship quality from an established OEM then you can expect to see updates with delays for modified devices ranging from a few weeks to a few months in most cases. It’s cheap midrange phones that are a crap shoot and in that case you get what you paid for.

  • Gregory Wellman

    Got the update last year and it’s fine. Can’t use one samsung quick charger anymore but the regular chargers are faster and batter life is better.

  • neo905

    What about Telus?

  • Vinicius Gonçalves Do Carmo

    Does anyone know about HTC M8 from koodo?

  • Dkallkck

    Using a Telus M9 which is unlocked, now on Rogers and nothing for me yet. Still on 5.1!