RBC Mobile for iOS receives ‘fresh new design,’ adds ability to check account balances without signing in


  • Farhan Chaudhary

    Any idea when the update will be available for Android?

    • Victor Creed

      3-6 months is my guess

    • I would agree with Victor. 🙂

  • Steve Garon

    They better start on their android app soon because it’s just terrible.

  • Brad Fortin

    Next: NFC payment systems like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

  • Shaun Crawford

    Would love them to update their Android app too. It’s literally the worst.

    • Right in line with the one for BB10, which feels like craigslist.

  • Superb update, RBC Mobile app for iPhone and iPad has been completely overhauled with a clean, blue-and-white colour scheme. The bottom-facing tab features wireframe iconography that is easy to glean and navigate, mirroring many popular apps like Instagram and Twitter.

  • great job RBC. I hope to see the same in the near future for the BB10 version or at least a decent android port.

    Our banking app looks and feels like it was last updated in 2002