Google removes 13 apps from the Play Store that covertly download malware


  • Wilhelm

    Good to see Google taking initiative on this but still proof that Android is a crappy OS when it comes to security and this kind of malware.

    Where are the BB pumpers touting the Priv! After all. This could NEVER affect their phone could it. Oh no. Never Ever. lmao

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Does Blackberry Priv downloads apps directly from the Google App Store or still using Amazon App Store?

    • John Vieira

      It’s full android, so it uses the Google App store. And yeah, they sure won’t be able to root it. If one of these apps can root the priv, then awesome, where can I get them so I can get my priv rooted?

    • John Vieira

      You’re right, BB10 would never be affected by this.

    • jellmoo

      It has less to do with Android as an OS than it has to do with Google’s review policy when apps are submitted to the Play Store. The process is simply to lax with not enough overview.

      One thing Apple has done a better (not perfect, but better) job of is the attention given during the approval process. It is considerably more rigorous and involves greater functionality and compliance testing.

    • gommer strike

      There needs to be a happy medium somewhere in between. While I agree that Apple is doing a better job, the whole Minecraft clone thing on their store which shot up to the top 10 shows that yes it’s better – but definitely still not perfect(how did it pass approvals?).

    • jellmoo

      Absolutely. Like I said, not perfect, but better. The compliance checklist that Apple requires is much, much more involved than the Google one. The submission bounce rate is also a much bigger concern for those submitting an app.

    • Victor Creed

      You need to go outside more

  • cartfan88

    Perhaps why RBC’s banking wallet requires the phone to be in an unrooted state.

    • It’s Me

      Yup. It’s also why it’s funny whenever someone says “you’re only at risk if you use dodgy 3rd party stores. If you stick with Play you are safe”.

    • Michael Yun

      If you use a smartphone all of your data is already not safe lol

    • thereasoner

      I would still say that, you’re as safe as any other anyways and far safer than messing with your phones security settings so you can download outside the Play Store !

      Besides, have you seen that list? These are “popular apps” ?, I think not .

  • robinottawa

    Dots your phone need to be rooted before these can install their software on your phone?