BlackBerry teases an announcement about the Priv’s Marshmallow update


  • Wilhelm

    LOL! Who cares. BTW, has Louks learned how to dress properly when getting up on stage addressing a crowd? Which is to say his shirt is tucked in without grease stains on it? His appearance in Barcelona earlier this year was a disgrace.

    • Effilya De

      Who cares?…..well, geee, lemme see. My first guess would be…..

      Priv owners……surprised you could miss that Wilhelm.

      maybe go back and read it again, couldn’t hurt.

    • Wilhelm

      The phone should’ve been released with Marshmellow in the first place. Especially since the company claims Android was in the works even before Chen took over. Something I think is bûllshît anyways

    • The Stock is up $2 more carries are releasing the device, QNX is all over CES keep winning Missa! Yeah we know it’s you ya troll!

    • Wilhelm

      The stock is worth less today than it was a year ago this time. lol

      Keep pumping Cappy.

    • You said 1 week before the earnings call the stock was going to hit the bottom, earnings call happens and stock went up over 18% in the next 2 weeks. So now your saying it’s worse then last year man you just keep crying and BlackBerry just keeps gaining hahaha it’s so sad sir that you life had been reduced to this. So much for all your stock knowledge. No wonder why you lost all your money and are bitter at BlackBerry because you got caught and lost everything because you didn’t diversify. Hahaha keep changing your name man, who are you hiding from? Yourself Missa ? You don’t even like you?

    • Wilhelm

      Gaining what? The losses from earlier this year going back to May? LMAO. Not sure what you’re bragging about here but seriously buddy it’s nothing worthwhile unless you enjoy coming off like a fool.
      Most are break even at this point if you bothered to look at the chart. It would also tell you that the one year history here is pretty ugly.

      So the stock hasn’t completely tanked but I see the trend heading in that direction. It’s a pump and dump and the latest financials don’t provide any rationale for the increase in price.

    • Always an excuse man always comparing them to a year ago to 2 years ago to 10 years ago, different company man you can’t compare them. And if your pump and dump was right it would have adjusted by now it’s been over 2 week and price is going update not correcting back down as you so predicted. Again your prediction = wrong again and again and again. Here comes CES and nothing but BlackBerry news lol I love you get so mad at BlackBerry fror screwing you over. You fun to watch wine! Boo hoo BlackBerry sucks! Go home ya troll

    • Wilhelm

      CES is a garbage show (tacky as Vegas itself) and what’s truly laughable is how you think this company is so different from 8-9 months ago? LMFAO. What planet are you living on anyways?
      Nothing has changed here. They still can’t turn a profit. Hardware sales are continuing to decline and if it weren’t for juicing the books with Goods revenue the software side would look uglier than it is.

      Gotta love Chens spin and your laughable defence of this operation. Truly hilarious

    • I see were back to no facts and just options and insults lol just so you know you said a year ago now your saying 8-9 months, you know that’s not a year right? Man youre a barely full of monies fun! Why did you change your name again, upset the MobileSyrup deleted all your comments!!

    • Wilhelm

      Who cares about MS? I see you’ve got nothing left to argue with except to get others to do your dirty work because certain truths bother you.
      Do you think I care if this site deletes comments? Grow up man

    • Says the guy who changes his name so he can keep commenting! My name has been the same for over 16 years on the net go find me, I contribute tot the internet you just are a leach on it!

    • Wilhelm

      More sideshow distractions from you. Who cares what you’ve called yourself for 16 years. Geesus. As if that has ANYTHING to do with this company and its failures

    • Because youre a troll is the point!

    • Wilhelm

      And you’re a drone who defends it most likely because you either work for it or have family/friends who do that Chen hasn’t canned yet.

    • Oh no another personal insult, a drone! Oh no! Night troll

    • Wilhelm

      You call me a troll and I’m calling you a drone. What’s good for the good is good for the gander. Take a look in the mirror sometime.

    • You have earned that designation yourself man. The internet has labeled you as one by your own actions not me! if you don’t like that you fall into that category then change!

    • Wilhelm

      Blah, blah, blah…. You know what’s interesting. For someone largely dismissive of my comments here you seem awfully keen to respond at every turn don’t you? And that tells me you have legit worries that what I’m saying is closer to the truth about what’s going on with BB than you want to leave out there without your famous retorts.
      It’s clear my position about this company bothers you. lol

    • Nope you’re just fun to bug, poke the troll. Gives me something to do.

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  • Andrew

    I’m totally fine waiting until the end of this quarter to get Marshmallow, still quicker than some. And at least the Priv will be getting the update unlike most Android phones. I would rather them do it right than release an unstable Marshmallow.

    • Exactly some older Nexus devices are still waiting for the upgrade so this is fast for a 3rd party vendor of Android!