Koukoi Games aims to reinvent the endless runner with Crashing Season

Crashing Season

At first glance, relatively unknown Finnish developer Koukoi Games’ Crashing Season looks like every other endless runner mobile title, but the game’s unique physics-based gameplay and PlayStation era inspired polygonal art style make it stand out from the pack.

Instead of sending players down a two dimensional, predetermined path like in titles like Alto’s Adventure, Ski Safari 2, or even the Temple Run series, Crashing Season offers a significant amount of choice thanks to its open, arena style top-down setting.

In Crashing Season, players are able to select exactly what direction they want to move their character in as they hunt down shotgun-wielding turkeys and a variety of other wacky, firearm equipped foes. Since the game falls into the endless runner genre, your character is constantly moving forward, which forces quick decisions and careful maneuvering.

While accomplishing this task might sound easy, it definitely isn’t. The game’s intentional difficult controls seem to take inspiration from Bossa Studios’ developed titles like I Am Bread and Surgeon simulator.

Every stage in Crashing Season revolves around a different chase scenario and features a distinct animal. The coins and stars collected over the course of each chase sequence unlocks new characters and levels in the game.

Koukoi Games is a mobile game startup founded in early 2015 that focuses solely on mobile game development. Crashing Season is available for Android on the Google Play Store for free.