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Rdio bids farewell with custom stats page and export tool


With the lights set to go out at Rdio, the once-great streaming service is attempting to leave this world on a slightly positive note.

Between now and whenever new owner Pandora decides to finally pull the plug on it, Rdio users can log into a special farewell page to reminisce about the time they spent with the service. The page notes, among other things, when the user joined Rdio, how much time they spent with the service, as well as their favourite song and album while there.

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“As we announced last month, Rdio is being acquired. As part of the acquisition, the Rdio service will be shutting down worldwide in the coming weeks,” says the page. “We’re honored to have connected you with the music you love. We know you want to find a home for that music, so we’re providing ways for you to take it with you.”

For existing users looking to retain their collection and other metadata, Rdio has provided an export tool that generates a number of folders and files specific to each person. In it, one will find Rdio Favourites, Downloads, Playlists and Comments, the first three of which are set up to import into other services like Spotify. The company says that it will email customers directly about the export tool, and provide more information about importing it into competing products.

Rdio laid out its initial closure plans late last month. While former subscribers can still use the service, they’re only able to listen to ad-supported playlists.