Apple Music and iTunes Match libraries bumped up to 100,000 songs

Over the last few years, Apple has been making major strides to modernize their music offerings, primarily with the introduction of iTunes Match and, this year, Apple Music. However, until now, diehard music fans have been limited in how much music they can keep in their cloud music libraries, with a hard cap of 25,000 tracks.

Over the last few days, MacRumors received reports indicating Apple finally increased track limits to 100,000 song limit. Eddy Cue, the Apple executive heading Apple’s music services, promised in the fall that the limit would be increased by the end of this year. It looks like Apple will make good on its promise.

Cue confirmed to MacRumors iTunes Match and Apple Music users can expect the feature to roll out to them shortly. Additional tracks likely won’t convince many people to switch to Apple’s cloud services, but it’s a welcome feature for music fans who have been waiting for Apple to raise iTune’s track limit.