The camera with 16 different cameras is now available to pre-order in Canada

Light L16

The Light L16 camera, one of the more unusual products to be unveiled this year, is now available to pre-order in Canada.

Featuring 16 different camera modules — five 35mm ones, five 70mm ones and six 150mm ones — the L16 is capable of capturing the same image at several different apertures and focal lengths, allowing the user to decide on things like depth of field and zoom when they’re back home editing their pictures. The L16 is also capable of stitching together the images it takes into a single 52-megapixel photograph. The essential promise here is to deliver DSLR-level images without the need for multiple (and sometimes bulky) lenses, though obtaining one of these will set you back quite a bit.

Light L16 image sample

A sample of an image taken with the L16

Anyone that preorders the device between now and the end of the month will be able to get it a special early bird price of $1899 CAD (tax included). Pre-ordering between it between December 1st and January 4th. Otherwise, the product will be regularly priced at $2399 CAD.

The L16 is expected to ship sometime next summer.