OnePlus announces limited edition ceramic OnePlus X will launch on November 24

OnePlus X

OnePlus revealed today that it plans to launch a limited edition version its OnePlus X smartphone that features a ceramic build crafted from zirconia or dark glass onyx. The phone is set to release on November 24.

Yesterday OnePlus opened invites for the OnePlus X, allowing those interested in the device to reserve a chance to buy it. The OnePlus 2, the company’s flagship phone, suffered from various shipping delays when it was first released on July 28.

It’s unclear if following the first run of the OnePlus X, future devices will feature different material builds.

OnePlus says that the Zirconia used to construct its OnePlus is sourced from Australia and that the creation process, which involves ceramic being ground into finely-milled sand and then set into an individual mold, takes a total of 25 days.

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