Microsoft finally kills Zune Music

Zune HD

While Microsoft’s Zune and Zune services were viewed by many as ahead of their time in terms of user interface and streaming features, the platform was ultimately crushed by the market’s leader, Apple’s iTunes music platform.

As iTunes continues to be the industry’s dominant music downloading format, Microsoft’s Zune slowly sailed off into obscurity. Yesterday Microsoft finally put Zune out of its misery, killing the service completely.

“As of November 15, 2015, Zune services will be retired. You will no longer be able to stream or download content to your device from the Zune music service.”

Zune media players will continue to function normally and files stored on the devices will not be affected by this closure. However, users will no longer be able to stream or download new content. All Zune subscriptions will be converted to Groove Music Pass subscriptions.

The Zune was introduced in November 2006 and was designed to compete with Apple’s iPod. Microsoft discontinued the Zune in 2011.

Zune Tattoo Guy will surely be very disappointed by this turn of events. He’s likely no longer smiling.