PayPal will be driving a streetcar around Toronto

The security of mobile commerce is a growing concern, as more and more of our online transactions move to devices we’re using on the go.

While banks are slowly making the transition to mobile services, PayPal has been working hard to grow their business in the mobile space. Specifically, the company has made partnerships with many online retailers to allow customers to pay with PayPal online instead of traditionally less secure payment methods. The streetcar will be running for four weeks on high-traffic Toronto streets in the Yonge and Dundas area.

According to PayPal, the goal of this streetcar is to show people how they can use the “world’s smallest mall,” their phone, to get all their holiday shopping done. A recent survey by Ipsos Reid on behalf of PayPal found that so-called ‘commuter commerce’ is a growing trend in Canada.

In fact, the poll showed that over three-quarters of Canadians using public transit would consider shopping online while commuting.

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