New Apple TV gets top grossing, top free and top paid app charts

Apple TV top charts list

Yesterday we reported that while Apple TV’s top app categories weren’t accessible yet, an inventive developer discovered a way to access the data directly through Apple’s web charts.

Apple has officially launched tvOS’ App Store top charts, making application discovery a considerably less painful task with the company’s new set-top box.

The addition of top charts divides apps into top paid, top free and top grossing categories. The new Apple TV store sections also confirm earlier data indicating games are dominating the device’s sales charts.

Canadian Top paid apps include Cueist, Beat Sports, Air Video HD and Earthlapse TV, an app that displays time-lapse views of earth from the International Space Station. Top free apps are The Weather Network, Rayman Adventures, CBC News and Crossy Road.

Adding ranking charts helps prevent lesser known applications from being buried in tvOS’ App Store, as well as shines a spotlight on Apple TV’s best early apps.

If these new categories aren’t showing up on your Apple TV a restart is likely required for the charts to be pushed to your device. Only some Canadian users are currently able to access Apple TV’s chart section, likely indicating that the update is being pushed out regionally.

Yesterday Plex, a popular multi-platform DLNA streaming application, launched on the Apple TV.

Update: Top Apple TV app lists seem to have rolled out to all Canadians

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