Microsoft Office suite for Android updated with smaller app sizes and new features

Microsoft Office for Android has been available in various forms since January, before being fully released in June of this year. The app still probably won’t cut it as a full-fledged word processor, but it’s useful for working on documents, or collaborating with coworkers, when accessing a PC or Mac isn’t possible.

Improvements to Microsoft Office for Android have been small but consistent, and today brings another round of updates to Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Most importantly, especially for users on devices with limited storage, Microsoft’s Word and Excel apps have both been reduced in size by half, freeing up a significant amount of room on most peoples’ devices.

All of Microsoft’s apps also now feature compliance with Android for Work and Android M for Enterprise, which makes Office for Business easier to use. The sign-in process has been simplified across Microsoft’s entire suite of Android applications, marking the same single sign-on workflow that Google has been boasting for years.

Furthermore, cloud font support is now included, allowing users to download their favourite Office fonts for use on mobile devices.

Download the Android version of Word, Powerpoint and Excel on Google Play.

[source]Android Police[/source]